Friday, November 27, 2009

Victorian Lace Pillows and Padded Hangers

Hi everyone and welcome !!!!!!! It's good to have you visiting and I hope to visit you as well on my Pink Saturday travels.
Hugs and a big thank you to Beverly for being our gracious hostess. She's a lovely lady that takes the time to gather us all together each week for our pink day. So please, take the time to visit Beverly and all the participants in Pink Saturday. You will meet some really lovely people and see many gorgeous things. So scamper and skedaddle on over to Howsweetthesound to see all the pinkies and their pretty pinks... :). Happy Pinks Saturday everyone...

I love these sweet ,lacy pillows....
I would love to make some, just can't decide what fabric to use. I have tons of lace and ribbons, but what should be my background fabric???? It's a fun decision to make though..I get to go through all my pretty fabrics trying to decide. I just love looking at gorgeous fabrics.. And, it's also time to get out the satins and velvets..chenilles etc. for my fabric ornaments. I should still have time to make cones and tussie mussies...

Pretty, pretty padded hangers.............
I've made these gorgeous padded hangers before..and they came out so pretty. My sister thought so as well because she took them for herself and said to make some more for myself. :).
Actually, I had made them for her, but they came out so pretty,I started to keep them for myself.
Happy Pink Saturday everyone... Have a great weekend.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Peanut Butter BonBons .... Tis the Season

Blend until smooth:

3 sticks butter
1 3/4 cups peanut butter..(crunchy)
Add and mix well:
2 boxes powdered sugar
3 Tablespoons vanilla

Form into balls and let set on waxed paper. In a double boiler, melt one (12 ounce)package chocolate chips and a 2 ounce bar of paraffin. With a toohpick or a slender skewer, dip the balls into the chocolate paraffin mixture. Return to wax paper a let set up... Yummmmmmmmmm

Helloooooo Dollies .... Tis the Season

In a 9" x 13" pan, melt 1 stick of butter

And in layers in pad..add:
1 cup graham cracker crumbs
1 cup coconut
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup pecans
1 can Eagle Brand Milk

Pour Eagle Brand Milk over the other ingredients. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Millionaires .... Tis the Season

One (14 ounce) pkg, caramel candies
3 to 4 Tablespoons of milk
2 cups chopped pecans
1/4 bar paraffin
One (12 ounce) pkg. chocolate chips
Buttered wax paper set on cookie sheet
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Melt caramels in milk over low heat; add pecans. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto buttered waxed paper. Chill. Melt paraffin and chocolate chips in top of double boiler. Dip candy into chocolate mix and return to buttered waxed paper set on cookie sheet...Chill..

Martha Washington Balls .... Tis the Season

2 boxes powdered sugar
1 stick butter, melted
1 can Eagle Brand Milk
1 can coconut
2 cups chopped pecans

1 bar paraffin
Two (6 ounce) pkgs. of chocolate chips

Mix first five ingredients together. Shape into small balls..let set for 1 hour to dry. In a double boiler, mely papaffin and chocolate chips together. With a toothpick ot a small skewer, dip balls in chocolate. Place on wax paper until chocolate sets up.

Chinese Noodle Candy .... Tis the Season

1/2 cup peanut butter
One (6 ounce) pkg. caramel tidbits
3 cups mini marshmallows
1 can Chinese noodles
1 small can Planters Cocktail peanuts
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dissolve peanut butter and caramel chips. Pour over other ingredients,,,Pour into a buttered pan and chill.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pinks,Pinks,Pinks,Cups and a Bowl

Hi everyone...It's that great day of the week..Pink Saturday. Do, a big thank you to
Beverly this is a great day for all us Pinkies. Scoot on over to check out all the pink pretties..

I love these little cups/mugs I found recently at a local thrift store. I love everything about them..

The have pink strawberries,oeaches and pears..with more strawberries...and a pretty pink trim around the bottom.
And, I love the shape of them. The little mugs were a mere 50 cents each and I got all four. They're a pattern called Sweet Country Harvest and they're by Avon..

This sweet little pink with white polka dots on a little stem...was bought at the same time. I loved it as well and paid the huge sum of $1.00 for it. On the bottom is the name J. Godinger & Co.
I have to go looking to see what I can find about this sweet little dish..

Happy Pinks Saturday everyone..have a wonderful weekend...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giant Chocolate Kiss

You will need these things:

1 bag milk chocolate chips
a round funnel
a coffee mug or a tall cup
non-stick spray
aluminum foil
First, put the aluminum foil over the small end of the funnel
Spray the funnel with the non-stick spray and stand upright in the tall cup
Melt the chocolate chips in your double boiler, when completely melted, pour into your funnel.
Place the funnel in the freezer for 40 to 45 minutes, ot till completely hardened.
Remove the chocolate from the funnel and wrap it in foil.
Take a narrow piece of paper and write a message. Tuck the end into the foil at the point of the kiss....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vintage Things Thursday

This week I won't be able to join in the fun of Vintage Things Thursday.. my husband is in the hospital and I am kinda running about, trying to take care of everything. It feels really good to just sit and rest awhile..and to visit all the ladies of Vintage Thursdays. It's my very favorite day of the week..I just love all the wonderful vintage things.. Vintage hugs to everyone...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chocolate Kiss Roses

You will need:
a bag of Hershey's Kisses
Red,Pink or Yellow plastic or cello wrap
double sided sticky tape
green tape(floral tape)
green pipe cleaners
green tissue paper

The little rose bud is made by using the sticky tape, and taping 2 kisses together, end to end.
Cut a 5" square of the colored plastic wrap, and drape it over the point of the top kiss..... gather the edges,twisting into a tail at the point of the bottom kiss.
Twist the top of a green pipe cleaner around the tail to form a stem.
Add leaves by twisting the pipe cleaner once around the center of a green strip of tissue.
Cut each end of the tissue paper strip so that the tissue paper resembles rose leaves.
Repeat all the above several times to make your bouquet of chocolate roses..
** Note:
Use different colored wraps for a bouquet of assorted roses..
And use the many different types of kisses for different colored wrappers.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chocolate Fudge Cocoa

This is made with 3 different chocolates....Yummmmm

1/2 gallon white milk
2/3 cups milk chocolate chips
6 Tablespoons cocoa powder
1/3 cup sugar
1 quart chocolate milk
Mix 1 cup of the white milk, chocolate chips, cocoa and sugar together in a large saucepan. Cook over low heat till the sugar dissolves. Add the rest of the white milk and all of the chocolate milk. Stir the mixture until it just begins to steam.
DO NOT LET THE COCOA BOIL!!!!!!!!!!! Pour into cups and serve.
Top with miniature marshmallows..or whipped cream..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pink Cats & Pink Dishes

It's that wonderful day of the week again..Pink Saturday. Come join in the fun..see all the pretty pinks and have loads of fun. Just click on.... HowSweettheSound and see all the wonderful pink participants. Thank you to our lovely hostess with the mostess,Beverly ..for hosting us.

Part of my offerings today..ane these three kitties. I personally think they have just a hint of a smirk, possibly because I looked and looked for a fourth kitty. Thinking I could possibly do a small quilt, I searched and searched through the box of fabrics for just one more. Alas..there was just the three...., so that means pillows instead of a little quilt. Kitty #1 appears to have a door or a wall holding him up..or perhaps he's just leaning and resting.
Kitty #2 has quite a look of satisfaction,happiness and contentment on his little face. hmmmmm,
wonder what he's been up to??
Kitties #'s 3 and 4..I think they are so cute. Just look at that look on the guy kittie. You know he's a guy, cause he's got that guy look on his face. And just look !!!! She's falling for his line and flirting back. I mean..really!!!!!!!!! Does her mother know she's out with this guy???? :).
The same day I found the little kitties..I found two of these sweet deep pink and white plates They're about 5" around their sweet little fluted edges. Just underneath the scallops is a scroll going round.... The little pattern is of leaves and grapes with a deeper pink round the center.
The back says the J and G Meakin Company. And then underneath, it has England..then Sterling, and the pattern name is.. Pink Vine.
Alas, though I would love to have a set of these sweet, pretty dishes, or ar least enough cups and saucers for a small coffee get-together, I was only able to find 2 little plates or saucers. I really like this sweet pattern and will look for more when I'm out...

Happy Pink Saturday everyone...I hope you like my post as much as I enjoy looking at all the other pretty pinks. So happy Pinks and have a wonderful weekend...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chocolate Nut Clusters and Cream Cheese Kolachy .... November Recipe Swap

Please join Karri and the other participants in the Recipe Swap..It's sure to be lots of fun
This will be my first time to participate and I'm so excited to share these two recipes. I've made these and two more favorites for so many years now,that my family would march in protest if at holiday times gatherings, these and a couple other goodies didn't appear. I hope you try them..I know if you do, you will enjoy them.
So everyone, come join in the fun with Karri and the other participants. Let's all go visiting and sharing recipes..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Cream Cheese Kolachy

1....... 3 ounce package softened cream cheese
1/2 cups softened butter
1 cup sifted flour
4 ounces raspberry or apricot jam
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Combine the cream cheese, butter and flour. Divide the dough in half and chill.
Roll out 1/2 at the time...approximately 1/4" thick. Cut with small diamond shaped cookie cutter..or cut with knife into squares....or cut with biscuit cutter.. Place 1/2 teaspoon jam in center of each kolachy. Bring up the 2 sides of the kolachy to meet in the middle and crimp.
Bake on ungreased cookie sheets at 350 degrees for 20 minutes...or until lightly browned.
Cool on racks...sprinkle with powdered sugar....
makes 2 dozen.....
Note: Recipe may be doubled using 8 ounces cream cheese....add 3 Tablespoons sugar and 1/4 teaspoon salt....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nut Clusters
* * * * * *
These are absolutely the best ever..I've been making these for years. I've sold some at my store, and I've also wrapped them all pretty and given as gifts.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nut Clusters
* * * * * *
2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips = that's one 12 ounce package
2 cups butterscotch chips = one 12 ounce package
3 cups pecan coarsly chopped
3 cups Spanish salted peanuts
Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.....then in top of double boiler...over hot water,melt the chips and stir till they are smooth. Add the nuts...coat them well.
Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper...chill till set

Quick Tip For Working With Beads

For those that already work with may already know this tip. However, quite by accident, I discovered an easier way than a bead tray. While working on a felt project and using clear beads, I spilled some of the beads onto a felt piece. I just used the beads off the felt,rather than trying to move them further...and the beads are so easy to pick up with my needle. I may never use a bead tray again... I just had to share this quick case someone might not know..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There's a Mouse In The House

What you will need:
pink felt for ears
Hershey's Kisses
wiggly eyes
small pieces of ribbon
double sided sticky tape
a small bit of red yarn or yarn "fuzz" for nose
small amount of glue

Cut out the tiny ears from pink felt...
Remove the little "tails" from the kisses
With the double stick tape, add the ears and join the two sides together..
add a pair of eyes with a dab of glue..even better are the self stick eyes, if you can find them
Either glue little tail or, or using a curly ribbon, slide the little tail under the foil
Now, add a bit of red yarn or yarn "fuzz" on as a nose..
Watch him hang about.. :).
He can either sit about or hang about..he can be hung from the tree by a ribbon or clear thread.

Look,Look,Look What Came In The Mail Today !!!!

Here is the wonderful box that came today in the mail... I was so excited to see it, for I knew what it was. However, Suri the mouse and Oscar the pink flying pig didn't know. It was hard to calm them down for they were so excited and had little paws and hoofies everywhere trying to see. Well !!!!!!!!! Look what was inside.....
Maybe it was the New friends... Yayyyyyy !! It was new friends from far,far, far away and Suri and Oscar thought they heard noises, so they looked inside the box...and WOWEEEEEE !!!!!!
It was a new block with a most beautiful red haired girl's picture. And then, well then..there was squeals of delight as Andy popped up and said hello to his new friends...
And then, there was the beautiful Ann with her lovely red hair. They were all so happy to see and meet each other..and the talk was so fast and the new friends hugged each other, and vowed to be friends forever and forever. Suri and Oscar showed them around their new home..and then Ann and Andy chose their very own homes of honor. They all sit very closely together on CC's desk and all chatter away quite happily as CC types away.
Thank you to our sweet friend Dawn @ CandGdesigns, Ann and Andy have come to live with us. We promise to keep them safe and happy in their new home for forever and forever. Thank you Dawn..all the little ones send their love , a big hello from Texas and a big hug from each of them...

Friday, November 6, 2009

More Quilt Blocks .... Pinks for Pink Saturday

It's that time of the week again..where the pinks in all their beautiful shades have a special day. I love to go visiting about and looking at all the wonderful things we all share. Come and join the fun...visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for a list of all the pinky participants. They're all wonderful and such sweeties to visit..I just love Saturdays.
Beverly challenged us to choose a different blog each week to visit..and then to give the link to it. I must admit,I am the worlds worst at attempting to link to a blog, so I will just ask you all to be sure and visit the blog... BubblingOver and the sweet lady that's there..Claudie.."the other CC".
She's one of the sweetest ladies of the blogging world.. and when you visit, let her know the "other CC" sent you..:). Happy Pinks to everyone....

I have some more of the little quilt blocks to show you.... these are some of the blocks that I got..10 blocks for 10 cents. I was and still am, simply amazed that anyone would ever let them go. Thanks to Roslyn that said it looked like a smaller version of the Lone Star pattern and Sandy who looked the pattern up..I agree with Sandy, that it's a variation of the Blazing Star pattern.
There's something rather strange about the little blocks though. They are not all the same size, some are pieced at the sides..and I do wish that someone more knowledgeable than myself could see them up close. All the the outside edges..have been stitched and the stitching removed. So either someone has taken apart a quilt top, or I have a feed sack or flour sack pieces.
In any case...I love the little quilt blocks..and am sharing the pinks and the "near" pinks. maybe they're a tiny bit more toward being a soft peack..but peaches are kinda fuzzy pink as well..doncha agree??? :)

I've had ever so much fun with Beverly and all the pinkies. Thanks again Beverly, for all the hard work you do in gathering our group together. You are an amazing lady and you do an amazing job..we all love you...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quilt Blocks .... Vintage Things Thursday

Hi's that wonderful,magical day again..Thursday, and we all know what Thursday is.'s Vintage Things Thursday,,absolutely my favorite day of the week. Thanks to Suzanne at ColoradoLady, we all get to view all the wonderous vintage things. Thanks Suzanne, you a real sweetie !!!!!!
Today..while out looking thru a thrift store..look what I found.. Quilt blocks..wonderful quilt blocks. They were lying there waiting for me to come long...all wrapped in their plastic bag..10 per package. Written on the package..was 10 for $3.00. I was almost happy dancing in said store, and then I saw a swcond package..again, 10 for $3.00. I looked and looked..apparently there was no more. I get to the checkout, lay all my new found goodies on the counter, and upon arriving at the quilt blocks, said hmmmmm, 10 for $3.00 and you have 2, so that that will be 10 cents each..20 cents. Does that sound ok to you..and I said..oh yes, that sounds I have 20 of the prettiest star quilt blocks for 20 cents. Quite a bargin..
I'm not sure what this star pattern is called, but it's put together with machine stitching..and all the corners..etc. are so sharp and precise. I'm not sure of the age of the fabric..but I think it's older..the patterns are really pretty, most are smaller and not so vibrant as the yellow and the red..and the blocks are set in with muslin. I'm so thrilled with my new found blocks...can't wait to lay them all out to see how the arranging should go.
I know there are some wonderful quilters out there..if you know what the pattern is, will you let me know. It will take me days and days to go through all my quilt patterns to see which pattern this is. It's such a pretty pattern, even my husband went wow at this red block. He said"now that's the quilt you should make".