Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Because... ...Pink Saturday

It's time again..for all our Pretty Pinks. To see all the lovely things.. just click on our lovely hostess Beverly at HowSweetTheSound. You'll find all the pinky participants here...
just follow the Pretty Pink Road...See ya'll there..
I realize this being Pink Saturday..there should be some bit of pink..perhaps just a touch. However, in the first picture..there is no pink,no way,no pink. But if you look close,it's filled with pink..cause that's gotta be the color of happiness. Happy dance happiness. Package's from friends in the mail happiness.. New friends happiness.. A hug from blogging friends happiness...
Can't you see the glow of pink begin..I can..and it's filled the screen with sparkly,pretty,pink hugs and love....
The first package in the mail was from Charlotte @ Yard Sales & Crochet Oh My!
She wrote to say she wanted to send me a pretty crochet piece her mother had made. I thought it so sweet that she wanted to share something so special with me and as you can see, her mother crochet's beautifully. There are stitches in this sweet doily that are called picot..and all my life I've loved that stitch and hated to make's not an easy one to make look right...and her mother has managed to make it so pretty. I will treasure this sweet gift forever.. Now,I need to help her mother with some more Sunbonnet Sue applique patterns. I've not been able to print them off for printer is out of ink and I haven't gotten any yet..but I've scanned some in and emailed them so Charlotte can run them off. I can't wait to see what pretty thing she makes.

The next package is from our own sweet LaVoice from Thoughts From MeMe's Corner.She wrote and wanted my address and knowing from her picture,she has that beautiful twinkle in her eye..I just knew she was up to something. And sure enough..she was. As her pretty note said, this was a "Just Because" gift..because that was the best kind...and she's right. When I got the little package, she should have been able to hear me squeal/scream/felt the ground shake from my jumping up and down.. (I'm too old to jump that way anymore :)......look,just look what was in the package...
Sweet Sunbonnet Sue potholders...beautiful vintage,quilted Sue potholders...,not one, but two of the little cuties. Can ya'll tell I'm smiling?? The color of smiles is pink.. I promise is.

My wishes for everyone today are that someone special sends them a "Just Because" gift...There is nothing like them. There has been so many health issues in my family lately..and "Just Because" makes it better. We all need those kinds of hugs..
and I have been so privledged and honored to meet such wonderful blogger friends..
I care about so many of you..and each day,I make new friends.. I am blessed..
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yayyyyyy....................... More Pyrex .... Shenandoah Pattern

We're back to my favorite day again..Vintage Things Thursday. I love visiting around and looking at all the pretty things everyone has. Come join in the fun... click on ColoradoLady and follow the vintage brick road. Make sure you stop to look at all the vintage pretties, and make double sure to leave a comment, so everyone knows you've been there.
Monday, whilst out and about...I decided to check a Goodwill store to see if they had anything's a larger store and I was hoping for something kinda good.
*sighs... I found a few patterns, an older Hallmark box of greeting cards,and it had so many extras,the top didn't fit down..a couple of aprons and a few vintage cookbooks.. nothing great...
But before going home, I stopped at a smaller one and did what I always do. I go straight for the dishes, next the shadow boxes, next apron searching...and next patterns. Going down the third little glassware aisle, I saw it..yessssssss!!
Pyrex...and a pattern that I hadn't seen. It's a sweet little 1.5 quart casserole dish with it's cover, is a soft yellow with a brighter green pattern. When I finally found some information on stated that..."the pattern has daisy like flowers on trailing stems with smaller flowers". "It's green on yellow covered casserole dish in the Shenandoah pattern". This is one of a set of three..hmmmmm, I wonder where the other pieces are. I'll settle for one,if I have to, till I can find some matching pieces...p.s. The infoe said this pattern is 70's...It gives me another pattern to search for.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jiffy Mixes Recipes Booklet

This is just the best little recipe booklet..featuring one of our all time favorites..........Jiffy mixes.
Jiffy makes everything from cake mix,baking mix,muffin mix,frosting, pizza crust and pie crust mix..they make it all. I didn't realize the company made that many products..I knew cornbread,cake and frosting mixes..the others were new to me.
The recipe booklet was free,you only had to leave your name and address... and I can't remember where I found it. I do wish I could remember,for I know there are others that might like to have a copy. There are some wonderful sounding recipes here..everything from Bee Hives to Camper Twists, Canoes and Kamper Ropes.
Their website is :
Maybe the little booklet is available there... **I just checked their site and you can still order the little booklet there. All they need is name and address..

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Apron Making .... Pink Saturday

It's Pretty Pink time again. Our lovely hostess Beverly and all the sweet pink princess'es (is that even a word??) will be waiting for us to visit. So,put on your prettiest pink outfit and your pink magic skipping shoes and lets go visiting........ Just click on Beverly's place
HowSweetTheSound and you'll be taken to all the participants..See you there

{ **** Would you believe I did this pattern mine own self... it's only an armhole cutout and a pocket.. }
This is first of many planned aprons. Not only do I love making and collecting pincushions, I love collecting maybe it's time I tried making some. I have many ideas, however, the very best is the old apron patterns I've collected through the years. I've never been able to bring myself to cut into them..I've always saved them for "someday". Well !!! someday is now..and so I begin.
The simplest of aprons is this...a piece of fabric held up to yourself to make sure it fits..and then cut out an armhole. Take bias tape, go all around edges..and leave long endings for apron's that simple.... : ).......p.s. this is also the way bottle aprons are made...
I really like this fabric..tho inexpensive at 1.99 per yard, it has Sue and Sam gardening..and I just had to have it. I have the same pattern in other colors....can't wait to begin on them as well.

It's nor showing up well,but the pincushion and the wire flower are both shades of pink.
I'm running way behind this week,so this is a repost.. I'll do better next time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Friend Friday

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This week for New Friend Friday....we were asked to leave our favorite TV show in the comments..... and I must admit,the Housewives are mine. Whether they are the Atlanta, the NYC, the Orange County or the New Jersey Housewives. I have to admit to being addicted to these shows..I've no clue why. :).. P;ease don't judge
What's your favorite?? I would love to know...Leave me a comment with your favorite.
Now, I'm away to go visiting for NFF... Come join in the fun.. Click on the New Friend Friday button to see all the participants..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pattern Books To Play With ..... Vintage Things Thursday

Tis my favorite day of the week again...time to visit about and see all the beautiful vintage things that will be shown. To see all the pretties click on Suzannes name at ColoradoLady and let's go visiting....
A few of the pattern books I found on my last thrifting excursion. I must have gotten there after everyone had gone through the good things..cause these books, a few more,and 1 Pyrex casserole was all that's left. There was a couple more pattern books, but they,along with a Sunbonnet Sue needle case is making it's way to England to Do. Little pattern books range from 1974 to 1990.. the pattern below for the little chicks..I think is as cute as can be..and it doesn't get any easier. I have to find some styrofoam eggs and make some..I should have found this pattern while the Easter supplies were out and about.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Straw or Raffia Dolls

I hope that you are able to see the picture and read the pattern. I enlarged it as much as possible...hmmmmm,maybe I can drop ir into paint,make it bigger..and get it back on here. I'll see how it works.

I've seen these dolls back in the day,tho I've never made any..I've made cornhusk dolls and really like them.

When we were little,my mother made corn husk dolls for us..and my grandmother made corn cob dolls for us, tho I have'nt a clue how she did them. Thise little pages of pattern was in a sort of folder in that box of patterns that I'm still looking through and trying to sort.. I hope someone might be able to use them..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pink Pretties That I Wish I Had

Hello Pinkies..and how are you all? And if you're not a Pink Saturday participant, Hi and welcome just the same. I treasure each visit and really makes me happy and can turn a rainy day to one filled with sunshine.
Come join in the Pink fun..there are lots of participants and you will see most everything in's wonderful. All you have to do is click on sweet Beverly #
HowSweetTheSound and see the list of all the participants. I promise you..that you'll have fun and meet so many lovely people along the way. let's go visiting...
This is one hurried put together pink post. These are some pretty things I wish I had..alas,they're to be found in catalogues...and are not mine as yet. But I can dream... Plus....if I don't get crafting,or finding some pretty pinks in my thrifting/other shopping trips, I'm just about out of pinks. *sighs
My internet has been down off and on all day, so let's hope I get this post done before the next outage. I've inquired as to the problem..and the lady at the other end of the phone says.."I don't know", I leave it at has been a rough day at best. I'm ready to sit with a coffee,with lots of cream and sugar.... and a wonderful lemon pastry..., and go visiting all the sweet pink ladies. I always look forward to this time, thank you again Beverly,for hosting us all.
*** I did not mean to imply that I visit each and every one of the pink ladies every Saturday, I've only been able to visit everyone just one time...alas,now each week,I just run out of time,but I visit as many as I can.

First, we have a sweet little pink recipe book. Isn't it sweet?? Perhaps special recipes should go in this one..Maybe recipes from your mother or grandmother..
And a sweet chef outfit for your ever ready dish detergent. You must admit this much cuter than a box of dishwasher detergent. Accckkkkk. Try dressing one of those if you're really crafty. gulp and sighs. I'll probably have 3 emails showing me how to dress a box o dishwasher detergent. LOL..It might be fun,cause there are some crafty ladies out there..
Then next, we have some pretty in pale pink cookware..It's pretty, but I still like the set I found with the flowers better. I just know I could cook like a French chef with that set.
And, lastly..there is a microwave set..again..pretty in pink.
Well, we are to the end of my post and the internet has stayed on for a full 20 minutes now..maybe it's finally repaired.. Crosses fingers and hopes...

New Friend Friday

It's time for a Friday Friend Party. It's a really fun time to go along and see blogs you haven't seen before...Who knows how many new friends you may make..and this may not be the week that you actually follow someones blog..but you meet so many sweet bloggers anyway. Come join the fun and go Friday visiting.... I'll see you out there..
I think one of the best things to have happen to me this week..well,there are many...
One was opening the envelope from Suzanne and discovering all the sweet Sunbonnet Sues in the package. It was an unexpected gift..and it made me so happy.. I love my surprise in the mail...
And another wonderful find at a thrift store..a stack of 25 pattern books of both old and new crafts...some patterns to send to England to share with Do. She's wanted to make some little animals again, and these are just such patterns. I scanned them in to show her,and she can't wait to get them and get started. That makes me very happy to be able to share with her. It's been a wonderful week..
The Girl Creative

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looks Like I'm Rich Now

This is the third one today of almost identical emails...except the sender is supposedly a different person. Who are these dingbats..????
Though I must admit..I'm a little hurt. I only have a 6 million dollar stack of money waiting on me to claim. Yesterday or the day before, someone posted that a dingbat had emailed her,saying her stack o' money was 10 or 11 million 5 hundred I'm a tad miffed at my "deceased" at a mere 6 million.
Here is my email,hmmmmmmm, does this mean I no longer need to work??? *sighs...
This was sent by a Mr, Miles this time, I've received almost the identical one from a Mr. Edwards and a Mr. Johns. I am informed that I'm not answering the emails...don't they know I'm waiting to give all my personal information till the money goes up?? lol I hope they're holding their breath till I answer.. :)

Good Day,
Be informed that my previous mail was not responded and I am not sure
if it did get to you since I have not heard from you.
We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a beneficiary to
the total sum of 6,000,000.00 GBP (Six Million British Pounds) in the
codicil and last testament of the deceased. (Name now withheld since
this is our second letter to you).

We contacted you because you bear the surname identity and therefore
can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance.
We therefore reckoned that you could receive these funds as you are
qualified by your name identity. All the legal papers will be processed
upon your acceptance.
Upon your acceptance of this deal, we request that you kindly forward
to us your letter of acceptance, your current telephone and fax numbers
and a forwarding address to enable us file necessary LEGAL documents in
your name at our high court probate division for the release of the
fund in question.
Contact me immediately so that we can get this done.
Kind regards,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Suzanne Sent Sunbonnet Sue For A Visit

It's time for the best day of the week again..and thanks to our lovely and gracious hostess,Suzanne...we will again this week get to visit and see so many beautiful things. I love this seems I love everything vintage and I really enjoy it. Come join in the something vintage and link up with our Colorado see all the participants. It's ever so much fun. Just click on our lovely and gracious hostess Suzanne at
ColoradoLady Come join in the fun....Let's go visiting..
Will you just look at these adorable little sweeties that I got in the mail today.
I saw that the mail was from none other than our own lovely Colorado was marked "Do Not Bends Please", and I couldn't imagine what it was. Needless to say,I hurried to open it..and you could have heard me squeal for a mile..and then the happy dance began. These little ones are so sweet and adorable and can you tell I love them. Ohhh,I do,I do love them. Suzanne said the lady she bought them from said they were old, so Little Sunbonnet Sue,with the splendid help of Suzanne, is going to be my Vintage Things.
Sweet Suzanne, I can never thank you more than made my day. I'll be smiling every time I look at the little Sue's you sent. I'm doing to find a little frame they will fit in,frame them and sit them on my desk so I can see them every day.I will treasure them always...thank you,thank you..and many hugs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue and the MOUSE

There is a story goes something like this...
See Sue
See the tray
See the tea set
See Sue's cute pantaloons
See the tray in Sue's hands
See the tea set on the tray in Sue's hands
See the MOUSE
See Sue see the MOUSE
See Sue's mouth after she see's the MOUSE
See Sue run
See the MOUSE giggle as he eats the snack and drinks the tea from the tea set on the tray that Sue held in her hands.
The End...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Awards

A complete surprise and honor came to me Thursday from a lovely blogger,Xmas Dolly.
She was awarded three sweet awards and she passed all three of them along to her friends. I am honored that she thinks of me as a blogging friend..and thought it was so sweet of her to think of me. I'll add them to my sidebar in the little slideshow. Finally figured out how to do the slideshow..but I,for some reason,can't get the captions showing who the awards were from...just can't get that to work for me. *sighs..I am not computer smart. Seems like I learn something new every day..and still I want to know more and more.
Below are the three awards...aren't they sweet. Two of them, the One Lovely Blogger,and the Humanity awards,I had already received from other sweet blogging friends..but the cute Sugar Doll is a new one... I want the ladies below to have all three awards if they don't already have them.

Also, I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself... I'm not sure I know 10 things about myself. Let's see...maybe that would 1 thing...#10..I really don't know myself

1. I'm a cancer survivor,and it's helped me to find an inner strength I never realized I had. I learned that each day is a gift,and sometimes a sunset..specially the beauty of a sunset,or a soft falling spring's like I just fill up with the wonders and beauty of our Maker..and I whisper Thank You..
2. I'm the mother of two sons..I have 4 grandchildren,1 daughter in love, and a former daughter in love that I'm still best friends with.
3. I'm a crafter,but I don't have much time now to play,but I so enjoy crocheting,a bit of knitting,embroidery,a bit of painting,applique work,trying my hand at quilting.
4. I love collecting vintage embroidered linens and pillowcases,vintage patterns..specially my favorite girl,Sunbonnet Sue and her little friends, vintage crochet, pretty handkerchiefs with embroidery,and crocheted or tatted edges, and embroidery and craft patterns.
5. I admit to being addicted to fabric.Turning me loose in a fabric store is the very best thing ever..I want a yard of everything..And all the trims and laces that match the fabric.
6. As a fabric addict,I admit to having 5 huge containers filled with beautiful fabrics.And trims to go with, and now that my husband is not well,and I work my store,there's little time to play and craft.. *sighs,but I will again soon.
7. I love my blogging visiting,meeting and making new friends. There are so many wonderful people blogging..,it's just lots of fun visiting.
8. I love gardening,though I'm only good with vegetables. I can't grow flowers,they just don't do well, but give me green beans,blackeyed peas..tomatoes and onions..I gown wonderful vegetable gardens. It's reached the time though,that I'm going to need raised's really hard for me to bend over as much as a veggie garden requires. But it's one of my favorite things to do..I just love playing in the dirt and watching things grow.

Now I'm supposed to present these awards to 10 lovely ladies.. Some are award and tag free, so I'll just send them along a hug.

I would like to pass all three of these awards on to the following.....
1. Susie of First Floor Flats...Susie is the sweetest,most generous and gracious lovely lady...Hugs from Texas sweet Susie..
2. Jeanne of Backyard Neighbor...There is no sweeter lady out there. Jeanne is so gracious and caring, she deserves 10 awards..
3. Alice of Singapore My Home... Alice and I,along with Do,have been friends for maybe 4 years. We share 2 blogs's such fun to be friends with these two ladies.We can chat for hours on messenger about our families and our love of crafting..whatever crosses our minds. She is such a sweet lady..She was my mentor when we first started blogging and was such a patient teacher, never faltering with her teachings,..she's an inspiration.
4. Tina of Beansie Babbles.. Tina is so sweet, just to know her through her blog..she just makes you smile with her sweet blog. The little friend that she crocheted,Little Suri the Mouse,sits as we speak on my desk..watching to make sure I do things right.
5. Dawn of Cand G Design.. another sweetie. She loves doll making,and Raggedy Ann and Andy,the way I love Sunbonnet Sue..
6. LaVoice of Thoughts From Meme's Corner,... a sweet,gracious lovely lady with so much class and grace. It's an honor and pleasure to know her.
7. Sherry of A Happy Valentine..another sweetie. She always leaves the nicest comments..and her pretty sweet blog makes me smile when I visit.
8. Dianne of The Thrifty Groove.... Diann is such a sweet lady. She visits and leaves the sweetest comments. I love to visit her and see what she's making or doing next.
9. Barbara of The Purple Goat Lady... this lady will keep you laughing with her sweet blog. The tale of Mr. Tom T. and the loss of his lady friend.. well, it was just so sad..but Barbara made it all ok for poor Mr.Tom T... go visit and read..
You will certainly leave smiling.
10. Anne of PhamilyBlog...Anne is another new friend and just as sweet and caring as can be. Anne shows her love for everyone..and it shows how much she cares for us all..
I hope you go visit these sweet blogs and meet these ladies,if you haven't already met them. You will be happy that you visited..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Precious and Pretty Pink Tea Sets. .... Pink Saturday

It's the weekend again..and I'm so happy that it is....,for it means we can all have a pink party with so many lovely ladies joining in. We can go walking through blogland,and stop at each house that has the pink banner waving. You will know the banner for it will have Beverly's dolls on it. When you see that banner,stop for a visit,look at all the wonderful things..and don't forget to leave a comment. I, myself, love getting and reading comments. Each and every one that takes the time to leave a sweet message makes my day so much brighter,specially if I'm tired or's like a small hug from a faraway friend..., and I appreciate them.
Let's all take ourselves over now to the Pink Party Headquarters to see the pink list for this week Then we can go visiting to our hearts content.. Click on
HowSweetTheSound and we'll get started. Thank you so much sweet Beverly,for hosting the party..we loves you..
Perhaps this would be the pink post to scream out to the rafters.."I want all these tea sets". Whew,that took all my energy,cause I really yelled it out. Will you just look at these little gorgeous sets..are they not beautiful?? And does CC not want them all?? Yes,CC does. I would settle for one..I think. Maybe not,because I wouldn't be able to choose. *sighs. These are for the younger girl tea sets anyway..and I passed the younger girl a few years back. But I still want these tea sets. They're not mine,but ohhh how I wish they were.
I would have a small beautiful table,set with one of these sets,tiny cups and dessert plates with our silver service. We would have the finest napkins with tatted edgings from back in the day..and I would invite all of you.
We would have tea and crumpets and strawberries and clotted cream. Do would come from England and tell me I was doing it wrong,and I would hug her and hug her,cause she is a dear,dear,sweet,loving friend that I will probably never get to meet in person.But I love her dearly even if we never get to meet for real.
 Our tables would be laid with the finest cloths and we would have beautiful vases with my favorite hyacanith (sp),peonies and the palest pink tea roses.
Our Princess of the tea party would be our lovely hostess Beverly and she would wear a beautiful diamond tiara in honor of all the work she does to keep our Pink Party going. P.S. We love you Beverly..
There would be lovely ladies in waiting for the lovely Princess..they would all have beautiful,but smaller pink diamond tiaras..there would be the lovely lady Jeanne from Backyard Neighbor, the lovely lady Claudie from Bubblin Over, lovely lady Tina from Beansleigh Babbles, the lovely lady Dawn from C and G Designs, the lovely lady Alice from Singapore My Home. the lovely lady Diann from Thrifty Groove,the ever so lovely and gracious lady Susie from First Floor Flats, lovely lady Nancy from Le Chambre Rose..,lovely lady Sherry from A happy Valentine, there's lovely lady Anne from AnnesPhamily...and so many other lovely ladies..
Oh my..the dresses and ruffles,lace,silks and satins,ribbons and bows,hoops for the skirts,flowers in hats and wound in some of the ladies hair...
 We would all gather, and talk, and laugh....we would sip our tea and have refreshments and the party would go on for hours and hours with all the pretty pink participants from Pink Saturday there.
 And then..we would all call for the footmen and the carriages to be whisked back to our wonderful life in our beautiful castles.. and we would all live happily ever and ever after... The End..