Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunbonnet Girl in Pantaloons

Included in that one large box of patterns, there was this sweet pattern of a young Sunbonnet girl doing some of her chores in her sweet,ruffly pantaloons. (Am I spelling that correctly?). I'm sure there was a little series of maybe 7 "days of the week" chores, but I only have this one and one more....and then one little farm girl Sue with her favorite scarecrow. I wish there had been lots more Sue patterns in the box, but I'll take whatever happens to come my way.
 If you decide to embroider our sweet girl..all you need do is to run off a copy here...Then I use tracing paper and trace the pattern in a red Dritz transfer pencil. Then all I need to do, is place the traced pattern transfer side down on my fabric, and iron the transfer on. Then the project is all ready to embroidery. This is also how I do my vintage patterns to keep them intact. I simply trace them off and then use that pattern as my iron on.
I sure wish there were more hours in the day..embroidery stitching goes so slow and easy, and it just takes time to complete...but you know, somehow with my fabric in a little hoop...and beautifully colored threads spilling out of my embroidery basket,in my mind I wander back to softer,sweeter times..somehow, the stitches are so soothing that it's next to impossible to stress and's just a gentle,calming way to spend some quiet time with yourself. I love to embroidery..I love the beautiful colors..and I love the different patterns and stitches. Thank you granny, for taking the time to teach a little girl..the patience to be still long enough to thread a needle...and to pull that gorgeous color through the fabric..sweet stitch after sweet stitch. Each time I pick up my work, I think of you..and sitting on your bed with all the beautiful silk thread and those boxes and tins of buttons.Somehow,I know you're watching the stitching, smiling and nodding approval..and you're in your sweet apron,with your hair in a bun and a brooch or a pin on your dress...thank you granny..I remember you..and I love and miss you..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Winner of Many Love In Beautiful Things .... Pink Saturday

It's time again for our own pinkies to come out dressed in all their pink finery..and show off all all their wonderous pinks.. I am so pleased this week to show you all these pretties... Everyone, come join the on..
HowSweetTheSound and we'll all go visit our lovely hostess Beverly..and see all the pretty pinks... It's such great fun..

I was absolutely stunned to win Josette's Love In Giveaway. There was so many gorgeous,beautiful things..I couldn't wait to see them all in person. As all of you know, Josette's area is, and she has one of the most gorgeous blogs out there. Each picture is a mini work of art..she is most talented.
When the package arrived..I grasped my camera firmly in hand and found a suitable place for opening and picture taking...
Upon opening the little package, and peering down inside..I saw all these wonderfully wrapped little packages. (I must tell you here that I sighed..)..and so,one by one..out came the tiny packages... Look what was inside...
First,I picked up a small square and was amazed at the most lovely's a tiny square of the sweetest smell you can's just's special place is a pretty soap dish sitting on my little counter..
Next, came a tiny book..Inner Simplicity...
Next came..the sweetest tiny little journal with a jeweled locking cover...
Next came...another tiny beige leather looking mini journal,with a gold filigree bookplate and with eyelet looking lace edged paper...
Next..came... a golden cherub book clip..
Next came.....a tiny standing beautiful clip with which to hold a favorite picture...
And next.......... there were the gorgeous handmade cards. They're the most beautiful I've ever seen... Just look, aren't they gorgeous?????
 There are sweet hearts, pretty many wonderful things in this little package. This is something I will never forget. When Josette set out to do a giveaway...she worked overtime on this one.
 I am amazed at all the wonderful, beautiful things and truly are one talented,sweet lady, and I thank you so much for all these beautiful things. I will cherish them always..
P.S. If I can get unselfish enough to share, I will pass along your love and send one of the beautiful cards in the package when I send Dawn her Sunbonnet Sue needle case.. Please forgive me Dawn..I haven't sent it out yet, I still can't get to feeling good. This miserable weather is not helping, but I will get your sweet Sue in the mail Monday.. She's very anxious to come meet you..I know she will just love you..
I must tell happy it has made me to have so many comments for my giveaways..though they are not large ones, they are offered with love..and might I add, they are so much fun. They're as much fun to have as they are to win. So if you've never tried a give away or entered one, please do. You don't know what fun you're missing.. Thank you again sweet JO..I love and cherish everything..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

And TheNeedlecase Winner Is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was time for my husband to choose a name from the little wire bowl. Suri and Oscar was there to make sure all was done correctly..... And without furthur ado....let's see the name.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And look who was's Ms. Dawn at CandGDesign.....Congratulations Dawn..Sue will soon be on her way to your home
And don't forget can choose the Sue you would like. Either the little Marine Sue..(her hat is not padded)....or a sweet purple gingham Sue with her little market basket swinging on her arm. Her hat is softly padded to be used as a tiny pincushion.
Whichever ever you choose, I hope you love her. She will be bringing hugs from Texas to you..and knows she will be very happy with your family and your sweet dolls

Friday, February 19, 2010

The winner of the Sunbonnet Sue Needlecase will be announced after midnight Pink Saturday night....and I will post the winning name Sunday morning...This is ever so much fun...

Farm Girls Sue and Hannah with Their New Friends .... Pink Saturday

Guess what time it is again..that wonderful day of soft,sweet..the color of pink. Hosted by our own dear, sweet  Beverly..please everyone,come and join in the fun...Click on the link below... HowSweetTheSound and follow the pretty pink path... You will see amazing and beautiful pinks...

...........It appears that sweet Sue and Hannah have met and made new friends..
The girls awakened one winters morning to falling snow..and more snow..and still more snow... They had never before seen such big flakes of snow and from inside the warm house, the whole outdoors looked like swirling and twirling and dancing snow. They were so excited and couldn't wait to go outdoors, but Mother said " girls have to have a nice hot breakfast", and she made them nice buttered oatmeal , and cinnamon toast and orange juice. They tried to calm down long enough to have their food..and help Mother clear the table. Finally !!!!!!!!! Mother said they could go out..and that when they were finished playing,they would all gather some fresh wonderful snow,and they would make ice cream and maybe some maple candy. Mother helped the girls dress warmly and then opened the door and out the girls ran,into that beautiful fluffy snow.
 Thet ran,they played,they jumped into snow banks..they squealed from the pure joy of having hugs snowflakes fall on you..and you trying to catch them on your tongue...and then............... what's this

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tiny tracks....................................

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a teensy pink her tiny snow home under the ivy............................................................. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh,don't scare her....isn't she beautiful????? Look at her tiny flowers on her ankle. Look at the tiny flowers she's showing you in the snow..
The girls are having such fun playing with their new friend..and when their sweet friend told them.."Get your little wagon"..they quickly ranto get it. She instructed them to add some snow into the wagon and make it a whooooooooooole lot of snow..and when they did that, she twinkled her magic wand..and ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!
another new friend.Their new friend quickly introduced himself to the little group...his name was Wooly,...and for a long time, they all laughed and played..and then finally, it was time to go in. They were tired and cold and a bit hungry... but oh my!!!! the fun the little ones had. They had laughed and danced and jumped..and played ring around the rosie with their new friends. Inside the warm house..was a big fireplace,so warm and chocolate and whipped cream.... and later a supper of chicken and dumplings. *sighs...we leave our little friends till next time and their next're always invited to join us..and join in their fun...and you're always invited to dinner...

P.S. Sue wanted me to make sure you saw the touch of pink in her outfit..and she also wanted to thank Ms. Do for her wonderful selection of fabric and as always, her gorgeous work..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Patterns for Vintage Things Thursday

It's the most wonderful day of the week again..Vintage Things Thursday over at ColoradoLady's place. This is such a fun day,and we get to see so many sweet things..I always enjoy it so much. Thank you Suzanne for hosting us all. If you would like to participate,just scoot over to
ColoradoLady and join in the fun. See you there.......
My offerings this week for Vintage Things Thursday will be these patterns..and their wrappers. I think the patterns pretty much speak for themselves...they're vintage,but I'm not sure how vintage....
If I were guessing,I would think perhaps the Superior transfer #183 is perhaps the older of little patterns shown, with the Sunbonnet young lady pillowcase transfer being next in line with age. That pattern is an American Weekly Transfer Pattern..#3084....and I think it's just gorgeous.The fabric for her skirt is embroidered with the flowers,then make the ruffles,and add to the pillowcase. I had always wondered how they did that..I know my mother and grandmother had made some,but I couldn't remember how. This little pattern pretty much goes step by step.
The other two little patterns I just threw in because I thought they were cute.
This group and the rest of the zip loc gallon bag patterns, well these I bought. I just couldn't leave them there,I had to have I began the bidding on ebay..
and I won the bid with almost nothing. No one else bid at all...I am quite happy to have all these sweet patterns..there are lots and lots of them. When I'm 110 years old,I will still be embroidering,I hope. Who knows..I may get back to fabric painting. I've done some of that with the paint in a tube..I can't remember what those paints were called. And we used to somehow be able to color in sections with crayons..and I don't remember how we did that either..hmmmmm. Maybe it's time I get back to the basics..the back in the day crafts. I may just try..
I hope you liked the patterns..and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue with Large Hat and Basket ,High Heels...Playing Dress-Up

In the box of old patterns my friend brought to me, I couldn't help but go...oooooo,
when I saw this transfer. I'm not sure who did the wrtiting on the pattern,it's okay tho. When I trace this off,I will just ignore the writing,but I will leave it on the pattern.
I'm sure you know how to make a transfer of this pattern, but just in case..this is
my way of doing.
First,make a copy of the pattern... next,
take your transfer pencil (mine is a red Dritz pencil) and trace the design onto tracing paper..
To Transfer..simply lay the pattern on the cloth and iron on as you would any transfer.
This little pattern would also be sweet as applique..I think though, I will get pretty pillow cases with a lace edging and embroider her..but you know,I was just thinking..wouldn't she be a sweetie on a tea towel..or "cuptowel" as mama used to say..
I hope you enjoy this pattern..I know I will......

The Farm Girls, Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah...Off To Go Caroling...( Late Edition )

I'm just now getting to posting some of Do's laterst projects.
This was one of the series of her little quilt blocks..and it was for December. Little Sunbonnet Sue and her bestest ever friend Hannah were out caroling at Christmas time.  Sue carried the little songbook and Hannah carried a lantern that Father had fixed for them to light their way. Their little dog,Peanut Butter and little KittyKitty went with the girls to safeguard them. Do said that Sue told her...there came a magical time for them. All the stars were out on this snowy night,almost enough to light their way..when suddenly a little bird friend joined them. Little bird apparently was a baby and the girls immediately loved him...and named him Robbie because he looked so robin like. They wondered, where he was from and how he had found them.. but then,they decided he was a Christmas miracle,and they asked him to join in the caroling..... and so they began their treck to different houses...and each time their little animal friends joind them..all lifting their voices to Heaven..and singing as only sweet innocents can sing. I would have loved for them to visit my home...and I would have loved to have heard them sing....and I mother always told the story,that at midnight on Christmas Eve, all the animals could talk and sing their praises to the highest..and I wonder, did the girls hear them??? Oh,I hope they did.. How magical and wonderful...
 As we leave our girls to the part whereas they and their little friends were invited in to warm,and to enjoy hot chocolate and fresh made whipped cream on top..wonderful german sweet chocolate cake, their little friend were also given snacks of warm milk...and treats..and little Robbie was given some of the very best baby bird food... and magically,he began to sing and chirp and sing even more.
 As we leave our little friends in the kitchen of a loving home..I can only wish I was there. In that lovely sweet time, when all was well...and safe....oh,the sweetness...
The girls and all their little friends wish for you a safe,loving home..ahere all is warm and good and filled with hugs. May your days be wonderous....and filled with love.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Look

Thank you Susie,of 1st Floor Flats for my new new header. My background came from you as well,and I just love the look together.
As everyone must by now be aware,the Sunbonnet girls are my favorites. Sue,Hannah,May,Molly..Sarah....all of the little ones,with their tiny aprons and pouffy hats are just adorable. The Sunbonnet babies of Ms. Bertha Corbetts are my favorite..,and Susie has captured them well.
If you need a makeover, a re-do..a whole new look, take yourself to Susie Jefferson. She's an amazing lady and is so wonderful to work with. All you do is just mention some of your favorite things,and Susie puts them into beautiful things.
Thank you Susie for the header re-do and thank you Nancy,for choosing my name in your give-away. Love both you sweet ladies...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vintage Valentines and a Sunbonnet Sue Needlecase Giveaway

Happy Valentines Day everyone.. It's that wonderful day when we all gather to celebrate our love for all things pink. This week,it's supposed to be about Valentines and all things sweet..and I think these are really cute. I sorta wish the valentines were still like this..I know things can't stay the same,it's just I miss the Valentines of back in the day.....
I so hope Beverly is feeling some better now and wish her a speedy recovery. I've had the surgery and my recovery went well. I pray the same for you Beverly.. We all join you with the best wishes and so many hugs..Take care and listen to the Dr. and please,please,be good to yourself whilst you recup.
To join Beverly click on..
HowSweetTheSound ...
we'll all go visiting to look at all the sweet things.. Let's be off....
And here is my giveaway..It's a sweet Sunbonnet Sue needlecase and pincushion. Her little dress and underslip is the needlecase and her little hat is a softly stuffed pincushion. (Though I can't stand to put pins in her hat..I don't want to hurt her). You may choose this one or I have a purple gingham one if you had rather. If you win,and don't like either,then I will make one just for you..and hope I can get as close as possible to your chosen colors. It may take a bit to get another one done..I just can't shake this bug..and we got a blanket of snow,8 to 10" for us,and in Texas,we're just not used to that. It was pretty,but cold and now it's kind of a mess. Due to the snow and this bug I can't shake,I still haven't gotten Sherry's apron mailed to her. She won the last giveaway,and when we finally did get in touch,then this bug and the snow..Sherry,don't give up on me. Come Monday,your apron will be mailed..and there will be a few surprises in the've waited so're a real sweetie,and I'm so proud to know you.
To sign up for the giveaway..just leave a comment for 1 entry, for another entry ..either follow,or tell me if you're already a follower,for another chance. I can't believe how much fun giveaways are. It's absolutely as much fun as thank you to you all,for commenting and letting me have so much fun.
p.s. I thought little Sue worked well for a Valentine giveaway, since she is such a little "sweetheart"....and she's ever so proud to be dressed in her Marine outfit. She's so proud of all our military, and is so filled with pride when our flag goes by..she stands at attention with her little hand over her heart..and she knows you do also.
Happy Valentines Day everyone..I hope it's filled with everyone and everything you love..
And a quick p.s. Thank you everyone for their concern and for the get well wishes..That alone made me feel better and has kept me going.....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thrifted Vintage Patterns

I told ya'll I wasn't feeling well,but this is kinda ummmmm, how shall we say CC has lost it. See,I thought today was Wednesday and I hurried to get my post ready for Vintage Things Thursday.. Well, I guess I'm a day early to post..but I will leave it up and link to Suzanne tomorrow. If you have a spare brain cell, might I borrow it till I feel better??? :)

 I almost forgot..that it's time to post for my favorite day of the week. Please everyone, join Suzanne and all the vintage beauties in Vintage Things Thursday. It's always so much fun.. just click on the link...ColoradoLady,  you will have such great fun looking at all the wonderful vintage pretties..

Today,I feel like a very fortunate woman, Though I'm not rich with money,now will I ever be,I am rich in the love of family and friends.
All around us, there has been a sort of a bug going round..a sore throat,a cough and a general feeling of oh my gosh!!!!!,if only I could breath well. It's a miserable bug...
now,having said that..sick or not,I had a wonderful happening this afternoon. A friend had gone to an estate sale??? house sale??? a whatever the heck it was, it took place inside a rather large house with stuff piled everywhere..and being ever alert..she said she saw some stacks of fabrics,some sewing things..some patterns stacks of boxes,ribbons..etc.Obviously there had been a sewer in the household and they were getting rid of all her stuff. In any case,the lady running the sale allowed my friend to make herself a little stack of things she wanted..and when she was almost through with what she wanted and going through boxes of craft things..she opened one large box..and there before was a sort of Heaven to me.. she collects vintage sewing things and patterns, I also collect vintage sewing things,apron patterns..etc, I also collect vintage embroidery and craft transfer patterns..and she was sweet enough to grab that box for for all her things, and bring that sweet box straight to me. If I had not been feeling so miserable,I would have hugged her and happy danced..but you know my heart I happy danced.
I'm not sure what the patterns are supposed to be for,..but they will be great for embroidery. Just run a copy off,trace the pattern with your trusty red Dritz transfer pen, and you're good to go with the pattern. After you have traced the pattern with the red transfer pen,lay the image face down of the linen, pillowcase,apron..whatever you're going to embroidery,iron the transfer on...and embroidery away..I hope you have fun with the patterns, I know I'm going to. There's enough embroidery and craft things to keep us all busy for awhile.
p.s. At the moment,while trying to survive this virus misery and the cold weather, I have tried to busy myself a bit with some quiet time embroidery. I have pillowcases with transfers of Sunbonnet Sue..and some of Raggedy Ann. I'm having fun working on Ann for awhile ,I normally do all embroidery with Sue,but it's time for new things for awhile....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update On Email Problem

 Hi to everyone listening to my plea of help. We have success !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!
And it only took a week of hitting send buttons and messages left for each other in the comments section of our blogs. Through it all, Sherry, bless her sweet Alabama heart, has not given up on me..and my repeated messages of.".I didn't get it Sherry, try again"., She's just a real sweetie,and I'm so happy to finally be able to get her apron in the mail...

Having Email Problems .... Anyone Have Ideas?

Hello everyone...
 I come to you with a major not sure of what's happening.
You see, Sherry from Alabama..(A Happy Valentine) won the red organdy apron in my giveaway. You would think that I could email her, she could email back with her information so I can get the apron in the mail...
I mean, does it get any simpler. Now enter .....perhaps an evvvil grinch that keeps stealing Sherry's emails, cause I'm not getting them., and I can't get the apron in the mail with no home address.
 We've tried two different yahoo email no avail. I'm just not getting her emails. Emails are working with everyone else, just not with Sherry. I've thought maybe her mail was somehow going into the spam area, but I've's not there. I've set the spam filter to let everything in...I just don't know what else to do. Can it be because she is using gmail and I'm using a yahoo account? Does anyone know? We've tried both my yahoo accounts, the regular one that I use here..the one Beverly uses..and I get her mail..
And the one I use for my genealogy..the one my nieces use.. and I get their mail..
So what are we doing wrong?  I want Sherry to have her pretty red apron,.... Help me to get it to her.
Don't give up on me Sherry..Somehow,I will get it to you..

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pinks,Pinks,and Pinks .... Pink Saturday

It's that time again..Pink Saturday. I always love this time when everyone shows their pretty pinks.Though I love all soft sweet pastel shades,soft pink is probably my let's all go looking at the pretty blogs and the pretties everyone is showing. All you have to do is to visit Beverly and see the list of pinkies.
HowSweetTheSound is where you go...the list is there. Be sure and visit as many participants as possible and leave comments. We all love comments..they just make my day.
And while you're out visiting, go by CandGdesign..and say hi to Dawn. She's is such a sweetie ..

As sweet as spring..nothing can be prettier nor more springlike than pretty pink hyacinth, nor can pink be found anywhere that's more dainty, sweet and snuggly,as is pink chenille. I love,love pretty pink flowers..and I love,love chenille, most specially pink chenille. I wish I had a sweet throw made with squares of the softest chenille, one of each pink..wouldn't that be gorgeous. I think to myself,haven't you yet learned your lesson with chenille??? And still you want more?????
You see, there is a small story with me and chenille. *deep sighs... It's far enough in the past now,so that I don't sob..well,not so much anymore when I think of it. You see, once upon a time, maybe 3 years ago...I discovered ebay. Not only did I discover ebay,I fell in love with all the wonders just at my fingertips. Oh, what a silly innocent I was back then..* insert a weak smile here..for you see...*sighs again, there came a time when I thought I had a small need for I loved the texture,just everything about it..and after all, wasn't I in possession of a really sweet pattern showing me how to make the cutest chenille animals?? You can see, I had to have some. As luck or fate would have was also a long 3 day holiday weekend..when I decided on the day to buy, and since it was a holiday, I assumed that most everyone would be home doing family things..etc. I tell you this because in my warpedness,my thinking made sense to me at the time.
So..I enetered ebay with debit card in hand and some sort of inkling of the cute chenille I wanted..and then I thought..(that's where I screwed up),since it's a holiday..I had better bid on a lot so I will get at least some chenille. And with that,I set about bidding on most all the chenille I found..and I found a lot. *sobs guessed the rest. I bid on everything I saw, nobody else was all!!!!!, and I won it all. Over a three day weekend, I watched my bank account go lower and lower, I won bid after bid after bid. I was shocked, then stunned, then horrified..then giggly, then a squalling mess.It was a horrible 3 days,as I won bid after bid after bid and I prayed for someone to come along and bid higher than me. *sighs... It didn't happen folks..Just me winning,winning,winning. All different colors of chenille.
I've told you'all this for one reason see,I have a need for pink chenille..but I will try to find pieces at JoAnn's or more auctions for me., but aren't these pinks pretty??? I wish they were mine..
Nope CC, no more auctions for you and chenille.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vintage Baby Sue with her Valentine

 This is part of a series of little quilt blocks that was put out by Stitch and Sew magazine in 1988. When I began to get interested in applique again,and was going though all my patterns,I came across the magazine with all the sweet Sues in it. There are 12 Sue's,each one a different month. I thought this would be so sweet for Valentines day... and I hope it's okay to post this. If not,I will take it away immediately.
 I didn't have time to get posted for Vintage Things Thursday,but I wish I had. That's always one of my favorite times. I love seeing all the vintage things that everyone posts... Be sure and go visit Suzanne at Coloradolady to see more vintage wonders...