Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue with Large Hat and Basket ,High Heels...Playing Dress-Up

In the box of old patterns my friend brought to me, I couldn't help but go...oooooo,
when I saw this transfer. I'm not sure who did the wrtiting on the pattern,it's okay tho. When I trace this off,I will just ignore the writing,but I will leave it on the pattern.
I'm sure you know how to make a transfer of this pattern, but just in case..this is
my way of doing.
First,make a copy of the pattern... next,
take your transfer pencil (mine is a red Dritz pencil) and trace the design onto tracing paper..
To Transfer..simply lay the pattern on the cloth and iron on as you would any transfer.
This little pattern would also be sweet as applique..I think though, I will get pretty pillow cases with a lace edging and embroider her..but you know,I was just thinking..wouldn't she be a sweetie on a tea towel..or "cuptowel" as mama used to say..
I hope you enjoy this pattern..I know I will......


  1. Oh CC! Love this little pattern and definitely want to save it. I just have to decide how to use it myself! Would I want to frame it, or maybe make a dresser scarf of it???.. I don't know!.. I just know I LOVE it! Your new blog header is GORGEOUS!! This is my first time seeing it! VERY nice!!! ((hugs)) ~tina

  2. I agree about my blogs new look..and it's all because of a wonderful giveaway of Nancy's...and then Susie Jefferson coming in to make it pretty..I just love it.
    You know..this pattern would be cute
    embroidered and set in a frame. What a wonderful idea Tina...I just may do a Sue like that... Yippee,I have a new project.

  3. Aww, she is so cute! I don't think I've ever seen her with high heels before.
    I didn't notice your sign off at the end of the post, that's just adorable.

  4. What a super cute the design...

    Enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight while doing a little blog hopping. Hope you will stop by mine. This is my ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary and prizes everyday....


  5. Too cute! Come read my last post about my finds.

  6. She is so cute in those little heels. Yes she would look lovely on just about anything. How about a card? :)


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