Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sweet Sunbonnet Sue Off To Market

Here we find our sweet Sue getting ready for the market.. Mother needs quite a few things and it's been decided that little Sue can go to the store all by herself. However, Sue wants her friend May to come along with they will meet at the corner. Sue has dresses in one of her cutest outfits for the trip..she feels quite like a big girl going to the store alone.
"Let's see" she says.."what all Mother has on her list". She checks with Mother to make sure she can tell what all to get, and then starts for the door. Then she hears Mother singing...
"Sweet little Sue..where are your shoes??? Did you forget them??". Sue giggles, she always goes barefoot and has forgotten that for the trip to store, she will need shoes. She finishes dressing..and out the door she hurries. She knows that when she returns with the sugar, Mother will make her wonderful 3 layer coconut cake. It's one of her favorites and she just can't wait.........
* Note: This sweet little Sue was done by Do as a starter block for the baby Sue quilt. This is one of the blocks she decided aginst using. I thought it was so cute, I just had to show and share it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pinks .... Pink Saturday

It's that time again. That pink day of the week...yayyyyy, it's Pink Saturday. So scoot on over to
Beverly at at HowSweetTheSound and see all the wonderful pinks. Come on and join the fun... See you out visiting...

This is Suri the Mouse and Oscar the flying pig...coming to share with you what CC has been stressing over. It's the perfect pink for a Sunbonnet Sue block and CC goes back and forth..trying to perfectly match fabric for a perfect little dress for Sue and her friends.

There are small stacks of pinks.......................................
middle sized stacks of pinks
and lastly...the larger stack of pink. Ummmm, there are more pinks still to go through. Personally, we like purple and blue. We think those colors are pretty.
* Suri and Oscar sigh deeply. Oh well !!!!, we sorta like playing in all this pretty fabric. If we get losted..this is where to find us.
Happy Pink Saturday everyone...

Attitude of Gratitude Award

This is the Attitude of Gratitude Award.... given to me by sweet Tina of Beansie Babbles. Tina is one of the sweetest bloggers out there, and I so enjoy her blog. Thank you so much for this sweet award...I love it and will pass it along.
There is so much I am thankful for. From the love of my two sons and daughters in grandchildren;.... to the doctors in a cancer hospital and a clinical trial, they have given me so much time to be with the people I love; there is so much beauty to enjoy and photograph... ohhh, life is wonderful. It can be stressful when I am sick, as I often am, but it only serves to strengthen me and helps me find the inner strength that God has given me. I am so blessed with the riches of love and family and I am truly grateful. Yes, there is so much to be thankful for.
I can't believe how many people have visited me since I've started blogging. Some who like crochet patterns..and of course the Sunbonnet Sue patterns, and some that have been sweet enough to visit and leave me a comment. I love it when that happens.. comments just make my day. Aren't bloggers the sweetest ladies going? There are some I visit most every day..there's always something new and exciting going on. Blogging and sharing crafts,tutorials..and patterns is ever so much fun....I so enjoy it...
I've been working hard on a Sunbonnet Sue quilt block...the pattern done by Do in England. Just as soon as I finish my sample block, I will post the pattern for any and everyone who wishes to use it. This is gonna be ever so much fun.. I only have 5 days to finish my block. Sure hadn't counted on being in hospital for 9 days, but all is okay now. Just have to rush my little Sue block a bit.
I would like to pass this award on to....

Alice of SingaporeMyHome

LaVoice ofThoughts from Meme's Corner

Debbie of Dining with Debbie

Mickie of 3 Poodles and a Nana

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Not My Day..Pink Saturday

I have to apologize for not having a Pink Saturday post up and going. I knew I was not feeling well, but didn't realize till a couple of hours ago, that I had sorta somehow lost a day. *sighs.. now, it's bad enough to lose a day..but a pink just awful. I do apologize and will just go about as if I actually had a brain..and visit all the pinky participants.\
Happy Pinks everyone and to our sweet hostess
Beverly, you are such a sweetheart to gather all us pinkies together. So a big hug and even bigger passel of pretty pink roses for you..

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tiny Faerie .... Happy Pink Saturday

It's that pinkest of pink days's Pink Saturday time. A favorite day of mine, I love going about seeing all the lovely blogs..all done up in their finest shades of pink. I tried very hard last week to get around to everyone..but I didn't get to everyone..I shall try harder this week. So...let's us all scamper on over to Beverly's to see all the pinky participants. Simply go to
HowSweetTheSound , check all the names and let's get visiting.

Isn't she the sweetest,most beautiful faerie of them all. Her name is Ashley Elizabeth and she is one of 12 faeries, on a quilt of Do's and I think this is one of her most gorgeous quilts. The tiny faeries have been embroidered by machine, and then backed and quilted by hand. It's a sweet,gorgeous quilt.. and isn't it sweet for Pink Saturday? A very big thank you and a hug for allowing me to use it.....thank you Do.
Happy Pink Saturday everyone..and I hope your weekend is a lovely and safe one.

Lovely Award

Today..I was given the honor of receiving a beautiful award...It's a gorgeous award, passed on to those that you feel are sweet, kind hearted and that visit other blogs often, always leaving comments. This award comes from Tina of Beansieleigh... Tina is a real sweetie and I think she has a heart bigger than she is. She visits me often,always leaving sweet comments... and she is also the creator of Suri..the lovliest mouse in all of Texas.
Now,I must choose 6 bloggers that I feel has the sweet standards of visiting,leaving sweet comments..encouragement...and friendship among sister bloggers.
So, I choose ....
1. Alice 2. Bea 3. Dawn 4. Suzanne 5. LaVoice 6. Marian

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No Post for Vintage Things Thursday....* sighs

As always,this is my favorite day of the's Thursday....and that means it's..................
Vintage Things Thursday. I love all things vintage, maybe I was born a bit too late,but I like the long dresses of the "old west".......and I love the kitchen tools, crocheted,knitted,tatted pieces and edgings..vintage linens..old quilts, and Pyrex. I think I mean,if it's vintage,I probably like it.
Even if it's my favorite day..I'm having problems trying to get my pics loaded on, sooooo, I've decided to go and look at what everyone else has posted, no matter if I can post or not. I always enjoy looking at all the wonderful things off I Suzanne at Colorado Lady and beginning there, see what all the vintage goodies are this week....