Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sweet Sunbonnet Sue Off To Market

Here we find our sweet Sue getting ready for the market.. Mother needs quite a few things and it's been decided that little Sue can go to the store all by herself. However, Sue wants her friend May to come along with they will meet at the corner. Sue has dresses in one of her cutest outfits for the trip..she feels quite like a big girl going to the store alone.
"Let's see" she says.."what all Mother has on her list". She checks with Mother to make sure she can tell what all to get, and then starts for the door. Then she hears Mother singing...
"Sweet little Sue..where are your shoes??? Did you forget them??". Sue giggles, she always goes barefoot and has forgotten that for the trip to store, she will need shoes. She finishes dressing..and out the door she hurries. She knows that when she returns with the sugar, Mother will make her wonderful 3 layer coconut cake. It's one of her favorites and she just can't wait.........
* Note: This sweet little Sue was done by Do as a starter block for the baby Sue quilt. This is one of the blocks she decided aginst using. I thought it was so cute, I just had to show and share it.


  1. She is so dear :) Just love the combination of colors! well done!

  2. Hi CC! I've always loved Sunbonnet Sue, and I loved this story about her trip to the market! She really is beautiful in her pinks and purples!.. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! I have just finished baking three homemade apple pies and a big batch of homemade chili! My sense of smell was never good, and I can't quite imagine what that mixture of aromas must make my house smell like right now! (0; I hope it doesn't smell bad, when by gosh, it SHOULD be smelling DIVINE after all the work I put into it all! LOL! ~tina

  3. Hi CC,
    She is really cute in her purple dress, what a better way to show her than giving her a first trip to the market, perfect sunbonnet sue voice!

  4. I think that block is sweet too. I am sure you will com up with something wonderful to do with her. Happy Belated Pink Saturday.

  5. Hi, CC! I'd be happy to send you some castoff linens if you really want them! I'm having comment/e-mail trouble, but e-mail me at brstith (at) and give me your address. All the best, Barbara

  6. Sunbonnet Sue is so pretty. Nice job.

  7. That is one of the prettiest Sweet Bonnet Sue I have seen!


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