Friday, March 28, 2008

Yellow and Green Apron

Blue & Green Apron

Sunbonnet Sue Apron

Ruffles Apron

Red, White & Blue Apron

Red & White Cross Stitch & Smocked Apron

Gingham and Lace Apron

Pink Embroidered Rose

Embroidered Bib Apron

Pink Cross Stitch & Smocked Apron

Green and Gingham Apron

Apron with Clothespins Pockets

Bib Apron

Gold Apron

Blue & White Smocked Cross Stitch Apron

Blue & White Cross Stitch Gingham Apron

Black & White Cross Stitch Apron

Bib Apron

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Apron Collection

One of my favorite aprons..tho it does have a stain, that thus far, I've not been able to remove. This is such a sweet dainty apron..and the work done for decoration,while it may look simple, is quite intricate. Someone put a lot of time in this..

Clothespin Dress

This tiny dress is made so that a hanger will slip through top..and hang..the clothespins are held in the little dress..and slip through an opening when used.

Apron Collection

Apron Collection

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My New Helper

This is my new little helper in my craft/sewing/puter area. I try hard to organize my craft area, my books, patterns,aprons..and sewing.
*sighs...I am failing miserably.... I think it's because I stop for various projects. The sewing bear is one..when little bear is all will have a place for thimble, a pincushion...(bear can be used for pincushion) and a ribbon holding my small scissors.... Will post pic when all done...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Handkerchief Apron

This is all that was in the tiny package..this little insrtucts card and the handkerchiefs...
the handkerchiefs are of a very dainty, thin fabric..with tiny roses scattered overall...
This is a "Do It Yourself" kit..and originally sold for 59 cents. There is no company name, no manufacturer's name..and no copyright of any kind...

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Crazy Patches Quilt *1

This has been my first attempt in quite a few years of a crazy quilt. Tho it's not a true crazy quilt..just my version. I have the backing, the batting and the sew, add a piece and flip and carry on with the next piece. Sorry for the blurriness of photos.. If I do say so myself, it's coming along nicely and is quite pretty..all in calicos, ginghams, ribbons and lace...

My Crazy Patches Quilt *2

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hors d' oeuvre Set

I'm not sure of the age of this really doesn't matter, cause I simply love it. The colors are brilliant and beautiful.I'm not sure, without taking everything apart..but this may be bakelite ??? ceramic ??????

Ruffled Doilies

Ruffled Doilies
Coats & Clark's O.N.T. Threads
Book No. 107
Copyright 1959
Second Edition
Originally sold for 29 cents
Review: * * * * *
This little book is filled with beautiful ruffled doilies..most I remember so well, they were in our home..having been crocheted by my mother and grandmother..All but one patterns are crocheted..the other is a beautiful knitted doily.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tablecloths..Heirlooms of Tomorrow

Tablecloths..heirlooms of tomorrow
Clarks O.N.T. J. & P. Coats
The Spool Cotton Company
Book No. 251
Copyright 1949
Originally sold for 10 cents
Review: * * * * *
Book is filled with beautiful motifs to make tablecloths...made up, the tablecloths are wonderful..

Spreads that are different

Spreads that are different
The American Thread Company
Star Book No. 68
Copyright 1949
Originally sold for 10 cents...
* as you can see on the sticker..I paid $1.00 for the book,and went happily on my way. I do love these older crochet books...
Review: * * * *
This is a wonderful book for spreads with motifs of pansies, shells,, a raised flower..and edgings...

Sparkling White Doilies

Sparkling White Doilies
The American Thread Company
Star Doily Book No. 91
Copyright 1952
Review: * * * *
This is nice book with knitted, and tatted doilies as well as crochet. I really like these pineapple doilies.....
Originally sold for 10 cents

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites
Coats & Clark
Book No. 285
Copyright 1980
Review: * * * *
There are some really pretty doilies..and a placemat in this book..but the pattern I really like is the pineapple tablecloth.
So many little time !!!!!

Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn Collection

The American Thread Company
Star Books
Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn Collection
Book No. 225
Originally sold for 39 cents
Review: * * * * *
This is one of the best little books. Included are patterns for knitted pillows and an afghan, boots and slippers, bathroom sets..and a tissue cover,a cover for tennis racquet and a mirror cover, also a holder for a remember those poodles.They were made on any and every size and kind of bottle...and in every color. I really like this book..


The American Thread Company
Star Doily
Doilies Book No. 163
Originally sold for 29 cents
Review: * * * * *
There are many beautiful doilies in this the cover shows. Also included in the book, are tatted and knitted doilies, that are lovely..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crocheted Rag Rug...Another Size

I have made a few of these rugs and they make up really pretty.. I'm not sure where the original pattern comes was copied down for me a few years ago...
The measurments are about a 20 x35" rug
You will need....
15 yards of various solids and prints..(if fabric is 45" wide)
Size Q crochet hook
sewing thread that will blend in..
How To:
First, measure and then tear the fabric into 2" wide strips. Sew together the narrow ends of the strips of same color to form 1 long strip of each color...roll into a loose ball..
Rug is worked in rows with half the rows worked on each side of the foundation chain. Work one side..and then the other side.
When crocheting the fabric strips, work in the back loop of stitches throughout.
Leave 3" of each strip unworked at each end of row for fringe....additinal fringe will be worked after crocheting is completed.
Change the fabric color for each row...
For the center foundation chain...begin 3" from the end of first strip and chain 51; fasten off leaving a 3" tail...
Row 1
Beginning 3" from end of a different color strip, work 2 sc in first ch , sc in each sc across, 2 sc in last ch; fasten off leaving a 3" tail...
Row 2:
Beginning 3" from end of a different color strip, work 2 sc in back loop of first sc of previous row, sc in back loop of each sc across, 2 sc in back loop of last sc; fasten off leaving a 3" tail..
Rows 3 thru 10
Repeat Row 2
*** Turn crocheted piece and work across remaining side of foundation chain..
Rows 11 thru 20:
Repeat Rows 1 thru 10
Make the fringe:
** Fringe is attached with a larkshead knot...( I'm not sure how to best discribe this knot, I just know how to make them ...but thats what the pattern has )
For fringe...cut remaining fabric strips into 7" strips. For narrow ends of rug, hold 2 strips together as 1 and make a 2-strip knot in each end stitch of each row. In the same way, make two..2-strip knots in each corner stitch.
Starting at one corner, and working across one long side of rug, make one 2-strip knot in stitch next to corner stitch. * In each of the next two stitches, make a 1-strip knot. In each of the next two stitches, ,make one 2-strip knot. * Repeat between *'s across side.
Attach fringe to remaining long side in the same manner...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Blues and Cream Crochet Rug

A favorite pastime for awhile, was crocheting these rag rugs...these are so easy to make and are so soft underfoot...
Just a closeup of stitches

Brown and Beige Crocheted Rug

One of the last few crocheted rugs I kept for myself......maybe it"s time to do a few more..

Mini Apron

A tiny white apron, I think the fabric was called has tiny pockets edged with lace and lace on bottom...

Mini Apron

This is the most colorful of the four tiny aprons..and probably has the most work of any of the little aprons. Much of the sewinh on thos one has been done by hand. Little apron is done in two fabrics with lace and tiny trim sewn on by hand..and on back is turned and hand hemmed..

Mini Apron

This is the largest of the four little aprons and is a sparkling crisp white.... There is no lace nor doesn't need it to be pretty...

Mini Apron

This is a little mini's organdy fabric with ribbon stripes and a ribbon waistband..with lace on bottom.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunbonnet Sue Scarf

I am assuming this is a scarf of some kind..I've just not seen another like it. The middle part is a very soft towel like fabric, not so much a terry cloth as a very close chenille...and very, very soft..with an applique of my favorite pattern, Little Sunbonnet Sue...and a wide crocheted edging all around.

Dresser Scarf Set

I couldn't believe my good luck when I found this set...the embroidery is just beautifully done...

Counted Cross Stitch Napkins

This is a set of 8 some of the prettiest counted cross stitch ever. The stitching has been done perfectly.. and the colors are still sharp and I wish I had a tablecloth to match....