Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the Winner Is.... For a Blog Header Makeover

 I am so happy and so excited. Nancy from La Chambre Rose left me a message this morning telling me I had won the blog header makeover. Well, dear should have heard me squealing with excitement all the was to London. Yippitydoooo, Yippitydooooo...blowing whistles and happy dancing.
 You see..I am not very good with computer goings ons. I keep trying to improve the look of my blog and make it pop..instead it's still slightly bland. Ideally, well..ideally..I know how I want it.. Others blogs are just gorgeous and it's always such a pleasure to go and visit...I juust don't want to be bland...and now, yippitydooooo, the most important thing will be done for me. Ohhh, thank you,thank you Nancy. I just can't wait...what a lovely lady you are and what a lovely giveaway...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

And The Winner Is....... Apron GiveAway

Tonight was the name drawing of the vintage red organdy half apron. After I had spent a good part of the day,both working and looking at Pink Saturday posts,...................
I set myself in with a notebook, a pen, a Pepsi and started to work on the participants to be added to the "drawing" basket. I hadn't realized there was so many sweet ladies,and I want to thank everyone for allowing me to have so much fun. Not only did I reread sweet comments,but I wrote names as I went along,,,and I wrote,and I wrote, then I cut them all apart..and started folding. I hadn't realized that I would pause and think of each lady as I went along, but I did...and I wanted to thank everyone that has ever taken the time to leave me a comment. What an honor,that someone likes you enough to leave a few sweet words..they really make my day so happy.
Then,after all the names were folded and in the basket, I gathered 1 husband,1 pink flying pig and 1 mouse..and we set about the setting up of the picture taking. Suri and Oscar was so excited..and my husband was warned to get it together and to get in the act. At that I smiled. :). So out cam a name..drum roll please ........rollllllllllllllllllllllllllll and the winner of the apron is............
Sherry of Alabama... A Happy Valentine. I think she's kinda new in Pink Saturday,and I wanted to thank her for her comments. And again, I thank you all. This has been more fun than 1 Texas woman should be allowed to have. And I want to have another I will let my fingers rest,after writing down all those names, and I will do another. And I already have that very something in mind..Suri and Oscar have promised not to whisper the secret out loud, well, not very loud anyway...So in 2 weeks, I will be ready again. Thank you all again, for letting me have so much fun.
Love and hugs from Texas.... CC, Suri and Oscar the pink flying pig....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pink Saturday Give-Away .... Pink Saturday

It's that time again..Pink Saturday.Ms. Beverly will have the names of all the participants for us to visit and to admire their beautiful pinks. I always enjoy this time to enjoy all the pretty pink's seems we never run out of pretty pinks.. So everyone, let's scoot on over to Beverly's at
HowSweetTheSound to see what everyone has posted for us to see. Thank you so much for hosting us all Beverly..I know it's a big job,somehow you keep track of us all, and I thank you so much..

In case you've forgotten, this is Suri the mouse and Oscar the flying pig. Suri came to live with me, having been sent to Texas by one of my favorite bloggers,Beansie. Oscar flew in one day, liked it here and decided to stay..which is okay with me. I love the little guy..and one just has to love the adorable Suri. The two are the best of friends..and sit on my desk to keep me company. They also have encouraged me to clean my desk, but that's for another day.
Saturday night, around 10 or 11,the two little ones with my help, will have all the names of the participants for the apron give-away in a basket and I will help them draw a name. This has been ever so much fun..I should have done this sooner, but I have hesitated cause I don't know how to do the random generator thingy..and then Suri and Oscar whispered to me.."CC, what did people do before that thing?" And I was quite taken aback..the answer was so simple. We would draw the old fashioned way. Suri and Oscar were very happy to have helped me, and they were more happy when they saw what fun I was having...they can't wait to have another give-away.
We will have the winners name up on a Sunday post, and we will notify the winner on their blog, or via email also.
Beverly has asked that we do something "in my words ..Valentiney" if we want to,in my case, due to working.I just hafta post something pink. it's..get ready..ta da...
It's Suri and Oscar. They're so adorable and loveable with their tiny pink features.
Right at the moment,Oscar has his little cheeks all puffy, he's so anxious to tell what the next giveaway is going to be. Suri,(the voice of reason) is saying, "Not yet Oscar,not yet".
Now, let's be off to go visit the Pink Saturdayer's.. is that a real word?

A Morning Prayer

 Now I wake to see the light
As God has kept me through the night....
And now I lift my voice to pray..
That He will keep me through the day........

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vintage Apron Give-Away .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's that wonderful day of the week again..Vintage Things Thursday. Oh, how I love looking at all the vintage things..doesn't seem to matter what it is, I love the older,vintage things...Aprons, utensils,embroidered linens and tablecloths..I think things were prettier back then, or maybe it was the love surrounding everything that brings the soft,sweet memories back to me.
 Join in the fun..come see all the beautiful vintage things..Suzanne at
ColoradoLady is where you want to visit.
My offering this week, is to show my vintage apron giveaway again..Saturday night,I will put all the names in a basket and choose one name. This has been so much fun, I have to do another one soon..and I know just what the giveaway will be.
Lean over and I will whisper to you what the giveaway will be...
sshhhh, don't tell yet!!!!

 Be sure and start to leave a comment..starting now (January 22ond) and going till the end of next Pink Saturday (January 30th)..I will be having a vintage apron give-away.
This is my first ever give-away, and I'm hoping lots join in.
It's a beautiful,vintage organdy apron..lined with another layer of crisp organdy..and the bottom on beautifully scalloped slanting upward. towards the ties. The ties are long enough for a sweet tie in the back..and just in time for Valentines''s a beautiful shade of red.
Come join in and leave a comment for 1 entry..if you're a follower, or become a follower..just let me know for a second entry.  Help me have a great give-away. All comments will be an entry...
 Happy Vintage Things Thursday everyone..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pot Roast .... Slow Cookery/CrockPot

It's time for recipes again..this time with the wonders of slow cookery..I've put this on my and my two friends little cooking site(sueskitchen), but I thought to add it here also. This is really quite good..hurry over to Debbie's to see who else is cookin'.. DiningwithDebbie.

2 medium carrots, thinly sliced..about 1 cup
1 medium turnip,coarsly chopped..about 1/2 cup
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup sliced celery
One   3 pound boneless beef pot roast
1 clove garlic,halved
2 Tablespoons snipped parsley
1/4 cup all purpose flour

Place first five ingredients in slow cooker crock. Trim excess fat from meat..cut meat into 6 portions. Rub meat with cut surface of garlic, season meat with salt and pepper. Place the meat on top of the vegetables in the crock. Add 1/4 cup water; sprinkle with parsley.
Cover and cook on low heat setting for 8 to 10 hours.
For Grave:
 Remove the meat and vegetables...cover them to keep warm. Measure meat juices and add water if need be to make 1 1/2 cups. Slowly blend 1/2 cup cold water into flour. Turn into medium saucepan along with meat juices. Cook and stir over medium heat until thickened and bubbly. Cook 1 minute more.
 makes 6 individual servings

*.... I have never used turnip..I always use potato..that's what we like, but it gives you some idea of how to do. This is from one of my cookbooks..the slow cooking section..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank You Sweet Jeanne .... Apron Give-Away .... Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday ladies..and to my apron give-away..To see more pinkies, simply click on
 HowSweetTheSound and join in the fun.

For my Pink post, I have to tell you a bit of background.
Years ago, when I was little, I had a mother,grandmother and a very large group of their friends (the ladies),and they all believed that young ladies should be able to do everything. From sewing, cooking, baking..etc..all the needleworks, from embroidery to quilting and all in between. One of my favorite things to do was crochet and to embroidery with the beautiful silk thread my grandmother had. Ahhh,those beautiful colors. I can see them still. There was certain things like..making small quilting stitches, even tension crocheting..etc, and to this day,I can hear their gentle voices and almost feel their gentle touch on my hands, always guiding me and cheering me on. There came a time, when I could crochet well enough and close enough to my mothers work, that we began a tablecloth out of crochet cotton thread..not the fine tatting thread, just regular crochet cotton .. but after several hours of crocheting, you would almost have to put it down for awhile, just to "rest your eyes". One or the other would then when they had time, pick up the work and keep going..round after round. The tablecloth was a very large one..big enough for a large farm style older table..and it took a long while. I always loved the tablecloth...and later, after I was married..I was given the tablecloth..and since my hope chest was also full..and a cedar chest of pretty things that we had all made through the years..was passed to me..given to me. Now, comes the time when I get a bit more personal..and ummmm, maybe I shouldn't, but I will anyway. Many years later, when my first husband and I was in the process of getting a divorce..yes, that dreaded word, I was very thoughtless..maybe careless, maybe just not thinking...and until I could get settled in my new apartment, I left my cedar hope chest, filled with all those wonderful and beautiful things from all those ladies I loved, I had to leave them in the care of my soon to be former husband. It was a very,very serious mistake. It was the last I saw of my things...from crochet books and patterns, my grandmothers applique, my silk embroidered pillowcases, my tablecloth..quilt tops...well you probably know the rest. They were hacked up, cut up, sold, given away, burned..whatever he could do to them and with them, he did. I was heartbroken..and I mean heartbroken for so long and then slowly, I began collecting slowly..slowly, the things I remembered. From vintage crochet patterns, aprons..pretty embroidered near to what I remembered as I could. But in all that time, I could never find a piece of the crochet, nor a tablecloth nor a pattern for a crocheted spiderweb anything. That is, until Pink Saturday and a post of sweet Jeanne's of Backyard Neighbors. Jeanne was showing a picture of herself and her sisters..and as I enlarged the picture to see all the pretty things she was showing, I had to look again and again..for there in the picture was a small piece of spiderweb crochet..and I almost cried. I was taken instantly back to my mother and myself, crocheting away on that tablecloth. I left a comment for Jeanne, telling her it was like a cloth my mother and I had crocheted, and she replied instantly..then you should have it. It belongs with you.
And so ladies of Pink Saturday.... a sweet lovely angel lady named Jeanne set about sending me this pretty piece. I just got it today, and had to sit down and open it..and look..look !!!! It was wrapped in hot pink paper with some glitz and glitter..and in that pretty paper, was the two pieces of crochet you see below. The longer one with those pretty points is the spiderweb..and Jeanne thought that the other might be a spider web also..and she's right. Both are beautiful..and will never leave me.
I can never thank Jeanne enough..she has to be one of the sweetest ladies out there and I will always love her dearly. I have found a new friend and that's so special and I wanted everyone to know just how special she is. So, I dedicate my Pink Saturday to Jeanne of Backyard Neighbors. If you haven't visited my new friend, you should. You're missing somone special and kind and gentle.

Is this not the sweetest little doily you've ever seen?? If you look closely at the stitching, you can see a bit of a Spiderweb stitch...and look carefully at the sweet picot edging.I love this sweet piece..

 Thank you Jeanne and thank all you Pink ladies. You've welcomed me into your group and I have such great fun with you all.
 Now, I know it isn't pink, but my vintage apron give-away is a deeper shade of pink..ummmm, o.k. it's red. And I wat to give it away. So all you have to do is comment..that's 1 entry. If you follow me or already a follower, just let me know and I will enter you twice. I will choose a winner next Pink Saturday at 11 p.m. and post the winner on Sunday. I've never done a give-away, and I hope I'm doing it right..and that lots of people join in..
Hugs to you all..

Apron Give-Away

 Be sure and start to leave a comment..starting now and going till the end of next Pink Saturday..I will be having an apron give-away. This is my first ever give-away, and I'm hoping lots join in. It's a beautiful,vintage organdy apron..lined with another layer of crisp organdy..and the bottom on beautifully scalloped slanting upward. towards the ties. The ties are long enough for a sweet tie in the back..and just in time for Valentines''s a beautiful shade of red. Pictures of the apron will be posted later today or tomorrow for Pink Saturday.
Come join in and leave a comment for 1 entry..if you're a follower, or become a follower..just let me know for a second entry.  Help me have a great give-away. All comments will be an entry...

New Look

 I have wanted a new look for my blog..and finally found this that works with my header. I tried it in blue butterflies, but uhhhhh noooo. You see, I'm not that great at re-doing backgrounds,headers..etc, have no idea how to make buttons...etc. I am a computer mess. So when I got the last background on..some of the print went off to the left and was very,very difficult to see the typed words. It was hard for me to read and I knew what I had typed..
 so when I found this one at 1st Floof Flats, and it was so easy..this was the background I chose.
 I sure hope this won't be a problem, cause I just visited Sue at Collectin in Texas and she has the same background.  Sue..I didn't mean to be a copycat, and if it's a problem..let me know and I will find something else. tho your blog is most certainly gorgeous enough to copy..., that's not what I meant to do. I still think it's time for a major re-do of my blog by someone that knows what the heck they're doing.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Evening Time

A day..almost done. I am thankful for the quiet and the beauty.... I am at peace and happy..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue Joins for Pink Saturday

Hello to everyone and welcome from CC and Sunbonnet Sue. This is that pink perky party bonnet time..a day when all pinkies gather to show the sweet pink pretties. Sunbonnet Sue loves this day..and she will be visiting along when CC comes to see all the pretty things you display. She hopes that lots and lots of people come to see her and visit awhile. To join in the fun, all you hafta do is to visit
Come join the fun..we'll see you there..

Sweet Sunbonnet Sue has come visiting for Pink Saturday. She had not planned to visit today, but sensing CC's panic at the photos not turning out well,(the pictures are too dark), she thought she had better step in. She is visiting from England and would like for you to know that her sweet outfit was made by CC's close friend, Do. From the ruffles on her little bonnet, to the ribbon and lace on her dress ties, Sue feels like she is well dressed for the finest tea party. She wants you to notice the flowers that are scattered about on her outfit and on her little bag. Her sweet outfit is of course,hand appliqued and I think Do has done so wonderfully well in designing Sue's dress and bonnet.
Sue wishes everyone a Happy Pink Saturday..and she will be joining the party and that she can't wait to see what everyone is showing. She says she doesn't know how to spell, so CC will be writing the comments, and she says hugs to everybody.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage Kitchen Things That I wish Were MIne .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's that most wonderful day of the week again..Vintage Things Thursday. To see all the wonderful things we all collect, or in the process of searching for..or just hoping to stumble across such a wonderful find at a thrift or antique shop.
Click on Suzanne at ColoradoLady to see all the pretty things.
Down below....are some vintage kitchen tools that I wish were mine.
The old strainers..those I remember well. They were not only used for straining tea..but also as a makeshift flour sifter if the need arose. The old can openers I don't know how anyone made them work. I have difficulty with the ones that are todays models.
And last..but certainly not least is this wonderful canister.I just somehow know this has my name written on the bottom. I love the vegetable graphics..they're so bright and pretty.I much flour has been scooped outta that canister????
You know, if anyone had told our mothers or grandmothers that there would be a day, when women actually collected their kitchen utensils,canisters, bread pans..etc, can you imaging them laughing. We collect their ironing boards, their irons..wash tubs..crocks and canning jars..we collect feed and flour sacks, quilts,samplers..linens..crochet...we collect embroidered tea towels, dresser scarves...and the list goes on and on.. I can just hear my mother.."You're gonna hang what on the wall?????? That thing is rusty..throw it away. :). And yet, to remember those past times,those sweet times..the times when the world was a gentler place and we were young and safe...that's why we collect. To remember and to honor our past. To pay tribute to the ones that came before us..and to hopefully pass along some of the past to the ones that will follow us. And in doing so, we each touch the fingers and hold hands with the women and men that made us who we are. We touch the past and pray for the future. We collect and save memories...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretty In Pink Egg Cups .... Pink Saturday

 It's that ever charming day of the week again, Pink Saturday. Isn't it fun, scampering around to visit all the pinkies and to see the pretties they're showing. So..come along with all of us to visit all the pinkies and leave comments. Click on
HowSweetTheSound. That will take you to all the pinkies. See you there...

 Pretty in pink egg cups..on my want list for any event coming up in which a gift is in order. I have no idea why I want the little egg cups, Certainly not to I;m asking myself why. And self says "Because they're little and cute and I just want them" I never argue with self. It's hopeless and futile. So I just accept that most likely egg cups will be the focus of my next collecting frenzy. Well, not really a frenzy. It can't be called that yet..I hope I can find some this pretty. I have one thats gorgeous and 2 plain new egg cups will have a good home. And pretty pink ones will have center stage..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pretty Ginghams .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's my favorite day of the week again..and 3 of my favorite aprons. Ever'body, come join in the fun at Vintage Things Thursday. Suzanne is our lovely hostess with the mostess every week..and carries on each week without fail. So Suzanne, thank you so much for this fun day. If it should ever go away, I would truly be sad.. Click on ColoradoLady to take you straight to the vintage pretties.
I share with you three pink ginghams that I love..quite possibly of all the ginghams involving gingham stitch or chicken scratch, pink is probably my favorite color. The look is dainty,delicate and has the look of lace when embroidered. I do so want to do a small teacloth and napkins in pink..but I want to do so much, there's not enough for now, the gingham embroidery will not be done for awhile..whilst I finish my other embroideries.
I am happy to say,that I really think aprons are making a comeback. I so hope so.
Show me a kitchen where an apron lives and I will show you a good cook. She may not be all that much a fancy cook, but she will be able to cook and invent as she goes along. Hopefully, along with her apron, she will have the kitchen of her dreams..
and there will be somewhere to hang an apron at the end of the day.
Hope you have as much fun on vintage day as I do..and now I'm away to visit the other participants. I can't wait to see what everyone has to show.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce ,,,, Dining With Debbie ... Crockpot Wednesday

  It's time to share recipes again..this time with Debbie. Hurry on over to her place for a list of all the other participants,and see what they're cooking up.  Debbie at Dining With Debbie is the place to go..

 This recipe comes from a well worn,very used to the falling apart stages little cookbook.. It's been well used and well loved.. We enjoy this recipe whenever we want spaghetti..I do leave out the olives sometimes..

  Crockpot Olive Spaghetti Sauce

1 pound lean ground beef
1/2 pound bulk Italian sausage
One 1 pound 12 ounce can tomatoes,cut up
Two 6 ounce cans tomato paste
One 6 ounce can sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup Burgundy
1/2 cup water
1 large onion,chopped
1 large green pepper chopped
1/2 cup slices pimento stuffed green olives
2 bay leaves
2 cloves garlic minced
1 1/2 teaspoonWorcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
2 Tablespoons water
2 Tablespoons cornstarch

Hot cooked spaghetti
Grated Parmesan cheese
 In skillet,brown ground beed and sausage, drain off fat. Add meat and sausage to the slow cooker. Add undrained tomatoes, tomato paste, mushrooms,Burgundy, and 1/2 cup water. Stir in onion, green pepper,olives, bay leaves, garlic, Worcestershire, sugar, chili powder, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon pepper. Cover and cook on low 10 to 12 hours. To serve, turn to high heat..and heat till bubbly. Blend 2 tablespoons water into cornstarch, stir into the meat mixture. Cover and cook 10 minutes longer.
Serve over spaghetti and pass the cheese.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Want To......

 Well, that the holidays are over...the decorations are down, I find myself exhausted. With my work at the store, some family's taken a toll on me..However, I don't stay down for long. I know I will get rested and my schedule will get revamped..and I will get recharged.
 One of the things that keeps me this new love of blogging. When I first started,I was so scared to actually put words, thought out there for everyone to see......but amazingly,when I did, people responded in such a sweet way. It was a wonderful feeling..I love to share and have others share with me.
 I haven't made any resolutions this year..they always seem doomed to failure anyway..but I have set some goals for myself. There is so much I want to do,so many more crafts that I want to learn. Anyway, to that effect, I've made lists for myself..and then the list got longer and longer..and I began to wonder, are there enough hours in the day?? But I think there will be.

Some of the Things I Want to Do
1. Finish my small crazy quilt..embroidery and all
2..Continue my blocks of Sunbonnet Sue
3. Start the redwork embroidery blocks of Baby Sunbonnet Sue
4. Start my log cabin quilt top in shades of pinks, cremes, and sage greens
5. Continue on with embroidering pillowcases I've already made the pattern on
6. Do my embroidered dish towels and finish them with the vintage lace
7. Do my crocheted baskets on the bath towels and add the vintage lace
8. I want to learn to do the beautiful tags that people are making
9. To finish my birdhouses and shadowboxes with tole painting
10. Take stock of all my craft supplies...organize them and re do my craft area
11. Seriously think about and check into a booth in my favorite antique shop
12. Re-organize my store so I will have a fairly large area for my selling area..a booth in my own store,so to speak
13. To go through and list all my craft supplies,so that I don't repeat buying the same thing over and over
14. Make list of the vintage books and patterns that I have....
15. Make list of all my cookbooks..those that I will part with and those that I won't
16. To get my sewing machine out..and get ready to do some serious sewing. I have vintage apron patterns that have already been used, so I won't have a problem using them.I enjoy sewing and I love aprons, so it's a win win thing.
17. To chosse some soft,soft snuggly yarn..enough to do another crocheted afghan. I so love to crochet and it's so relaxing..I need to take more time to crochet. And I also want to make some scarves..

 Not on that list, but at the top if it was, is the need for a way to store lace..both new and vintage. Just before Christmas, whilst out thrifting..I stumbled/tripped over a large bag sticking somewhat out in the aisle. I leaned down to move it back out of the way..and ta da !!!!!!!!, it was a large a huge one..ummm, it was the most ganormeous bag I have ever seen....and it was filled with lace. Lace of every kind,style,small,large..lace to put ribbon through..ruffled,,older and vintage.. It was so stuffed with lace,I had trouble picking it up,taking it to the checkout and handing them the five dollars. A very kind gentleman helped me to my Explorer with the bag..and I went back to shop more. Now that I have the lace...great grief, I am trying to think of ways to store it. There is some of the most gorgeous lace in there and some that is "heavier" and more ornate. It's all just lace heaven. Now,if I could only find buttons like that.

 Do you see the problem running through here.. So much to do, and not enough time. So, I need to learn to budget my time and use it wisely. I intend to do as much as possible....

Red Hearts for Valentine

This pattern in time for Valentines Day....
 a vintage gingham cross stitch for whatever you choose. I have all the different colors of gingham..., but my preference is the palest pastels, Then the cross stitch looks like lace. I think napkins with a heart done in one corner would be so pretty.. Maybe a small tea cloth with the hearts only in the center...
My favorite apron, (well ok,they're all my favorites) is done in white thread on pink gingham..I just love it...but I don't wear it as I do so many of my aprons. I may not wear it, but it's hung so that it can be seen.
 I hope you enjoy the little pattern..and that you make something with the pattern. The cross stitch on the gingham squares is so easy..I used to love the counted cross stitch on aida eyes have gotten to where I can only do small amounts at a time.., but the squares on gingham are so much more easily seen, that's what I need to use for awhile.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Beautiful Little Book .... Pink Saturday

It's that Pinkest of Pink days again..Pink Saturday. That pink day when we join our hostess Beverly..and go visit all the pinkies. It gets to be more and more fun..and each week,it seems the pinks get pinker and p[rettier. So, everyone join in and visit
Beverly. Be sure and leave a comment when you's everyone will know they got a nice visitor.

Argggggghhhh, I keep trying to write about this beautiful Pink Moss Rose Cookware. You know, the one if I had it I would never use, just look at it. *sighs..I want it, I want it...It's so pretty and pink...

This little book I won was made by Ruth. Isn't it the sweetest little book?? The little book was made in England and came to me all the way in Texas.. Isn't it pink and perfect??????

Just look at the sweet,pretty pink pages of the little book. I love it all..the colors are perfect for me and I love the colors and the pattern of the paper......and did you notice, that tiny sweet bird on the cover?? Is that not the sweetest???
So, even tho I thanked Ruth on her blog, I wanted to wait to thank her in public till I could actually get the pictures to load. And, so here they are. Isn't the book sweet?? I love everything about it..Ruth is a very talented lady..I am a follower of her blog and I love reading through her writings..
Happy Pink Saturday everyone..and Happy New Year. May this New Year bring each of us untold blessings, strength to face challenges and the wisdom to love and cherish our family and friends.

Happy New Year

 I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.
I've so enjoyed meeting new people through their wonderful blogs and feel like I've made some real friends. It's a bit strange I suppose, I will never meet these ladies for real, yet I feel like I've known them for ages. I've found some wonderful and informative blogs on most everything..if we love it, we blog about it and it's such great fun to visit and read along.
 I've only made a couple of resolutions this year..and I mean to follow through. One is to either open a booth in a shop...or take a small corner of my store..for my vintage finds. The ones I'm willing to part with. I have so many different collections, I need to trim back some.And while it will be a major chore, this is the year I plan on getting it done. And I plan on some me do nothing for a couple of hours but have fun. To grab my camera and run away to relax and take pictures, to go go thrifting. Great grief, how I love to go thrifting and also fabric shopping.
Ahhh, the fabric stash. I have to pare that down and use some up..if only to make room for more. That's another get busy appliquing and working on some small lap quilts. They will be more managable for me to quilt..The larger quilts,I will have to have done.But, I love to piece the quilt tops and that will be pure pleasure to choose fabrics for the wonderful patterns I have saved up.
 With all that said, I will stop rambling on. For each of my sweet visitors, thank you for stopping by. I treasure you all...and I love to visit you. I love reading the comments you leave..they make my day all happy.
 Happy New Year to everyone. May the New Year bring love,and hope..happiness and good health. May all your wonderful dreams come true..and tha bad fade away to dust. May we learn to love and live with each other so that no mothers son nor daughter knows the meaning of war..may God Bless Us One and All..