Friday, January 29, 2010

Pink Saturday Give-Away .... Pink Saturday

It's that time again..Pink Saturday.Ms. Beverly will have the names of all the participants for us to visit and to admire their beautiful pinks. I always enjoy this time to enjoy all the pretty pink's seems we never run out of pretty pinks.. So everyone, let's scoot on over to Beverly's at
HowSweetTheSound to see what everyone has posted for us to see. Thank you so much for hosting us all Beverly..I know it's a big job,somehow you keep track of us all, and I thank you so much..

In case you've forgotten, this is Suri the mouse and Oscar the flying pig. Suri came to live with me, having been sent to Texas by one of my favorite bloggers,Beansie. Oscar flew in one day, liked it here and decided to stay..which is okay with me. I love the little guy..and one just has to love the adorable Suri. The two are the best of friends..and sit on my desk to keep me company. They also have encouraged me to clean my desk, but that's for another day.
Saturday night, around 10 or 11,the two little ones with my help, will have all the names of the participants for the apron give-away in a basket and I will help them draw a name. This has been ever so much fun..I should have done this sooner, but I have hesitated cause I don't know how to do the random generator thingy..and then Suri and Oscar whispered to me.."CC, what did people do before that thing?" And I was quite taken aback..the answer was so simple. We would draw the old fashioned way. Suri and Oscar were very happy to have helped me, and they were more happy when they saw what fun I was having...they can't wait to have another give-away.
We will have the winners name up on a Sunday post, and we will notify the winner on their blog, or via email also.
Beverly has asked that we do something "in my words ..Valentiney" if we want to,in my case, due to working.I just hafta post something pink. it's..get ready..ta da...
It's Suri and Oscar. They're so adorable and loveable with their tiny pink features.
Right at the moment,Oscar has his little cheeks all puffy, he's so anxious to tell what the next giveaway is going to be. Suri,(the voice of reason) is saying, "Not yet Oscar,not yet".
Now, let's be off to go visit the Pink Saturdayer's.. is that a real word?


  1. How cute are they! Looking forward to the naming of the winner.

  2. I'm glad those little guys are helping you. I'm sure they will pick a nice winner.
    Don't feel bad, I don't know how to that random thingee either. I like the good old fashioned way.
    Throw the names in a hat and pick one. Works for me.


  3. CC, you have such a happy blog! I love stopping by. I am eagerly awaiting the giveaway! You are such a character with your desk top friends,I really love them! I am with you on the random thingy! I just put all my entries on hot pink strips of paper and had my gorgeous daughter Hannah pick one! Worked like a charm!

  4. They are adorable, I love Oscar, but Shirley is so sweet, can't make up my mind, I want them both!! Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  5. Awesome and too cute! Hope you found your chocolate: )

    Hugs and Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Super super cute! How sweet of you to offer!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. Suri and Oscar are right, I don't know how to do that Random thingie either! I just write out the names, the old fashioned way! Happy Pink to you and Oscar and Suri!

  8. How sweet! Congratulations to the winner, whoever it's going to be.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Wow, what good friends they are, giving you advice and all, LOL.
    Thanks for coming by and leaving such sweet comments. Glad you liked me crafts. Happy PS


  10. The pink ears are the best and I love the button nose. They so sooooo cute.


  11. I can't wait to the giveaway! Happy Pink Saturday...Random thingees don't like me! LOL! Grace

  12. Happy Pink Saturday!

    These creatures are fun!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  13. Hello Ms. CC

    Aren't these two critters just a picture of pink cheer! As for the random number generator, I find it to be a little impersonal. I do my drawings live on video. I write the names and show each one to the camera as I fold it and put it in my basket or jar. There is a little more excitement about doing it the old fashioned way but that's just my opinion. ;)

    Fairy wishes for a
    .•*˙˙*•.HaPPy PiNk SaTuRdaY!.•*˙˙*•.

    Cheers! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie

  14. Happy Pink Saturday CC.. how CUTE are your sweet little friends!! :)
    Have a GREAT day!!!

  15. How cute CC!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!

  16. I don't know about that number generator either, like that you are using the old fashioned way and took the advice of Suri and Oscar...good going girl.

  17. Hi, CC,
    Suri and Oscar are the sweetest little companions, and I am so glad they have come to live with you!! We are anxiously awaiting to hear the winner of that fabulous apron!! Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend! Vicki p.s. I drew my names the old fashioned way, too.

  18. Thanks for stopping by and I will let the Dee-vine Ms. Bo-vine know what you said! BTW "we" just thought that 'random generator' was a 'new-fangled-word' for 'drawing out of a hat', or bowl, or something. Ha. Enjoyed your story-telling post. Jenn

  19. Thanks for stopping by and I will let the Dee-vine Ms. Bo-vine know what you said! BTW "we" just thought that 'random generator' was a 'new-fangled-word' for 'drawing out of a hat', or bowl, or something. Ha. Enjoyed your story-telling post. Jenn

  20. They are so cute. I'm sure they'll be real good name pickers!

  21. Cute, very cute. You couldn't have picked a sweeter pair.

  22. Oh, Suri and Oscar are so cute. Glad they're such good helpers, too. lol. Good old fashion pull the name from a hat has always worked. Rosie

  23. Suri and Oscar are just adorable!
    I always do the names in a hat ( or bag) thing too. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Mary :)

  24. awwwww so sweet!!!! hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  25. I do believe you have some mighty fine help with your giveaway! You guys are handling things just like I have.....there's just something COLD about the random number thing! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Pink Sat!! Dana

  26. Hi CC, thanks for stoppin by today! Suri and Oscar are adorable and seem like such good helpers! Glad you have such fine companions! Chat later have a great week!

  27. I am crazy in ♥ with that little mousie. Would you share the pattern, please, pretty please☺

    I ♥ to come here on Pink Saturday. Your blog is always so sweet and comforting. Cold and gloomy winter up here this year so Pink Saturday is one day I can always count on for a little pink ray of sunshine.

    Thanks for being my pink sunshine today☺

    Wishing you the comfort and warmth of those you love this weekend.

  28. Pink Saturday takes me to the other side of the pond to share with you.
    Happy PS

  29. Suri and Oscar are awfully cute :-). It's always such fun to visit here. I hope you had a wonderful Pink Saturday, CC. Take care. Blessings...Mary


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