Saturday, January 30, 2010

And The Winner Is....... Apron GiveAway

Tonight was the name drawing of the vintage red organdy half apron. After I had spent a good part of the day,both working and looking at Pink Saturday posts,...................
I set myself in with a notebook, a pen, a Pepsi and started to work on the participants to be added to the "drawing" basket. I hadn't realized there was so many sweet ladies,and I want to thank everyone for allowing me to have so much fun. Not only did I reread sweet comments,but I wrote names as I went along,,,and I wrote,and I wrote, then I cut them all apart..and started folding. I hadn't realized that I would pause and think of each lady as I went along, but I did...and I wanted to thank everyone that has ever taken the time to leave me a comment. What an honor,that someone likes you enough to leave a few sweet words..they really make my day so happy.
Then,after all the names were folded and in the basket, I gathered 1 husband,1 pink flying pig and 1 mouse..and we set about the setting up of the picture taking. Suri and Oscar was so excited..and my husband was warned to get it together and to get in the act. At that I smiled. :). So out cam a name..drum roll please ........rollllllllllllllllllllllllllll and the winner of the apron is............
Sherry of Alabama... A Happy Valentine. I think she's kinda new in Pink Saturday,and I wanted to thank her for her comments. And again, I thank you all. This has been more fun than 1 Texas woman should be allowed to have. And I want to have another I will let my fingers rest,after writing down all those names, and I will do another. And I already have that very something in mind..Suri and Oscar have promised not to whisper the secret out loud, well, not very loud anyway...So in 2 weeks, I will be ready again. Thank you all again, for letting me have so much fun.
Love and hugs from Texas.... CC, Suri and Oscar the pink flying pig....


  1. WHAT LUCK!Sherry wins your apron and is having a giveaway of her own and its a apron.One chance in a million of that happening.

  2. Yay! Congrats to Sherry! Oscar and Suri are so cute! ;)

  3. Congratulations to the winner and to CC for her successful first ever gaveaway. The flying pig is so cute. I have many pink pigs but none could fly.

  4. Congrats to Sherry!
    Have a blessed day.

  5. Congratulations to Sherry!

    Now, I have news for you!!! You were chosen to receive the custom header by Susie at 1st Floor Flat. This is my giveaway and I will contact Susie for you first. If you can email me, so I can send the info on to her, she will do a new header just for you!

    Can't wait to hear from you. There is an Email me button at the top of my blog.

  6. This was fun just following along! Congrats to Sherry. Great job, CC!

  7. Congrats to Sherry! How fun is a giveaway!! I loved having my first giveaway and plan to do another soon. Oscar and Suri can whisper in my ear and I promise not to tell!

  8. G'morn ~ Congrats to that lucky Sherry!

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  9. Hi CC! I can't believe I won your beautiful apron! I'm so excited! I sent you an email with my mailing address, but there must be a problem with it going through. Please email me personally instead of leaving a comment on my blog and let's see if that clears it up, because I sure want to receive that cute apron! Who knows, maybe I can wear it for Valentine's day, I don't have a red one!

    Thanks again,

    parkersherry21(at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Hurray for Sherry! I am sure she will love the apron. You are just such a blessing!!

  11. Congrats on winning the blog makeover! Thanks for the question on where to purchase the "Quick WAter" I edited and added the answer in my posting. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby in the floral dept next to the glass vases, but I've seen it too I believe at Michael's craft store! I'm glad you want to make these, just be careful to not let kids near the fake water product, it is toxic if ingested! Suzie

  12. now that the contest is over, I can admit I did not enter because I think my hubby will kill me if I bring another apron into the house!

    Did you ever consider making an apron from a thrifted skirt? All you need to do is cut the skirt in half and you'll have material for two aprons!


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