Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Having a Problem Posting

I haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong posting..I've had 3 posts eaten?????????, or gone to internet heaven..and now I find the text slashed through. I give...the biggedly bugs win..I'm leaving this post up take that you stupid bug in my text..

Vintage Things Thursday

My presentation this week will have to be very short.I wanted to participate this week..and, so very simply, I have tiny blue booties planter, a little bee and hive cup? a mug?..whichever it it,I just had to have it. It's summery,and sweet..and just perfect with that sweet little bee. Next are Superior Transfers #'s 141 and 213.
Happy Vintage Things Thursday everyone...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Click on Picture and All of Pattern Will Show

I've made the Sue and Sam as large as possible for redwork or hand embroidery. Part of the pattern is not showing...just click on the picture and the whole pattern will show. I will correct it tomorrow...

Sweet Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam with a Heart and Flowers for Redwork or Hand Embroidery

Here we have sweet,shy Sam offering flowers to his favorite friend,Sunbonnet Sue. He wishes he could tell her how much he likes her, but he is so shy. shhhh,don't tell hin,but our sweet girl Sue already knows...and she likes him too. So we leave our two shy little ones to go about and play and have lunch and play some more. They say hi to everybody..and great big hugs..

Monday, June 28, 2010

An American Sampler .... 1995 Quilt Pattern Calendar

This All American Sampler is in actuality a 1995 Quilt Pattern Calendar.When I found the calendar I had no idea what I was going to do with it,and still don't.
But I know there might be quilters out there that might like it, so I bought it.
and now it needs a home.So..if you're a quilter,or want to try your hand..I'm giving it away. In the back is a page of General Instructions, a Stitch Glossary,
Applique Instructions,.......and then begins the list of quilt patterns and their names...They are as follows:
January pattern is Spools
February pattern is Mosaic Jewels
March pattern is Tea Time
April pattern is Delft Tulips
May pattern is Country Lambs
June pattern is Nursery Nine Patch
July pattern is Star Spangled Chevrons
August pattern is Bucking Bronco
September pattern is Garden Glory
October pattern is Blackbird Village
November pattern is Victorian Strings
December pattern is Homestead Holiday
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I think my two favorites are Tea Time and Victorian Strings... I love those two, but I know I'll never make I want to pass it along to someone that will.
All you have to to is leave a comment from now till next Monday. Tuesday I will get my husband to draw a name...and post the winner. Each and ever comment will count as one chance and if you choose to follow or already a follower, just let me know and that's another two chances. I will also include a tiny surprise..maybe two. :)
hmmmmm, what can I add to the package???? hmmmmmm
I'm also gonna post this on the site I share with Do and Alice, that's and yes, the Sue part of the name is for our girl Sunbonnet Sue.. hehehehe..we all love that sweet girl and her cute outfits...
I will give them a chance to play along as well...
Hugs to everyone...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pretty In Pink Tea Sets .... Pink Saturday

It's that magical and wonderful time of the week again..the day Ms. Beverly rings that beautiful pink bell that's decorated with tulle,roses,ribbon, sweet crochet and lace...oh,it's such a beautiful bell and it just shimmers in pinkness. Each time a new pinkie joins the group, magic pink sprinkles are sent to someone, and the sweet faeries that pouf the magic pink sprinkles of love and happiness..they never know it was the pink sprinkles that helped them. But all the pinkies know, the more pink you have, the better it is. Lets all get out and about visiting all the pinkies we can. Just scamper on over to Beverly's place at...................
HowSweetTheSound and visit as many as you can.
My special sing out blog this week is one of the sweetest,most gentle and loving ladies..she's Debbie of IAmSimplyDebbie. And I did say sing out instead of shout out,because she is such a sweetie. If you haven't met need to. You really do,for she truly is a blessing to know. Thank you Debbie, for being the loving lady that you are. You always make me feel so special..and I thank you..
Something happened to the rest of the post I worked so hard went somewhere..who knows where. In any case, I an just showing some of the most beautiful little tea sets I've ever seen..and yes, of course I want them all.
They go from the very expensive all the way to verrrrrry inexpensive, but they're all pink and I love them. Hoe I wish they were mine........*sighs
Happy Pink Saturday to everyone..see you out visiting..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Superior Design #167 Transfer Designs for the Kitchen ... New Friend Friday

New Friend Fridays

 This is New Friend Friday, so welcome to my little pink blog ....This is #3 in a series of a Superior transfer design.....designed for tea towels, dish towels, pot holders, tablecloths....curtains..and it can even be done on sweet,pretty fingham as gingham stitch or chicken scratch. I hope you enjoy looking and perhaps using some of the patterns and or ideas from this site, or the sites I share with 2 dear friends. They were named in honor of Sunbonnet Sue ( we all love her ), one place is for redwork and regular embroidery patterns and all sorts of crafts..we're trying to add more crafts now. the other place is a recipe site with home cookin
 recipes from the three of us..and our family and friends... I am from Texas, Do is from England, and Alice is from Singapore...and we are the best of come visit and make yourself at home... they are...    and
Now, let's all go visiting and make new friends... see you out visiting..

Fannie Farmer Boiled Custard

To join in the fun of sharing Vintage Recipes, you just need to go to visit right here JoyOfDesserts . There will be so many great recipes..and you will have such fun..Let's go visiting..
Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School Cookbook,1918
2 cups scalded milk
1/4 cup sugar
yolks 3 eggs
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Beat eggs slightly,add sugar and salt while adding gradually hot milk.
Cook in double boiler, continue stirring until mixture thickens and a coating is formed on the spoon, strain immediately; chill and flavor.
If cooked too long, the custard will curdle; should this happen, by using an egg beater it may be restored to a smooth consistency, but custard will not be as thick.
Eggs should be beaten slightly for custard, that it may be of smooth, thick consistency.
To prevent scum from forming,cover with a perforated tin.
When eggs are scarce, use yolks two eggs and one-half tablespoon cornstarch.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue Mops With Her Puppy .... Redwork/Hand Embroidery

It's that magical time again..when we all gather with Suzanne and each other to show our vintage pretties. I had another vintage thing in mind.........but I'm still working on it..and will use it for next week. Till then,come join all the ladies that love and collect treasures from the past. We try hard to rescue as much as we can...and nothing is too small for us to collect and share. Come join in..
the party is just getting started. Just click on Suzanne's place at
ColoradoLady..... This week Suzanne is sharing Seven Seas with us... Let's go visiting...
Ahhhhhhhh,here we have little,sweet Sue trying her best to mop her mothers floor.And,hhmmmmmmmmm,
look at the muddy tracks.Who could have done this????? She sees that sweet puppy,sort of hiding behind the door....and points at him and says.."You did this? With your muddy little feet? Well!!!!!,out you go to wipe your feets on the mat on the porch." She sighs and goes back indoors to mop the floor again.
For you see..................................................................................
There is to be a quilting party today. The ladies will be arriving soon.....
the buffet is ready for the wonderful dishes the ladies have made, and mother has made her famous meat loaf with the yummy topping. The meatloaf is good, either hot,lukewarm or cold and Sue likes it so much. She also loves the red beans and ham hocks that Mrs. Avery brings and the collard greens and cornbread that Mrs Crabtree brings.And,of course,there is the good sweet churned butter mother made yesterday. Sue likes to dunk her buttered cornbread into her collard green juice.....yummmmmmmmm She can hardly wait for lunch......
{ *NOTE:...Strangly enough,this is also some of CC's favorite foods. yummmmmmmmmmm }
The pretty quilt is already in the frame set up on the screened in  back porch. There is shade there,with big trees in the backyard and the breeze coming through is so sweet with the smell of flowers, and cool in the shade..
The quilt pattern sort of reminds Sue of her older sister..Rachel.  Rachel is so beautiful with her long hair thats usually done in curls...and she most times wears a bonnet like she,herself does. This quilt has on the blocks,  girls with long dresses and big bonnet's, and are so beautiful. Sue looks at it closely, for not only is there applique with beautiful fabrics, it has embroidery and eyelet on it as well. She looks and admires each girl...aand thinks they're all beautiful. But there's one that she likes more than the others. That girl has on a pink gingham dress, the waist had tiny ribbons that tied in back, with a fluffy,pouffy pink bonnet. Both the dress and the bonnet have tiny embroidered roses and rosebuds on them....and both the dress and the bonnet have tiny eyelet ruffles... That's her favorite one, and she plans on asking mother,do they have such make a dress and bonnet for her, and she of course, will use it for Sunday's best.
We will leave Sue to her mopping now, and dreaming of that beautiful quilt..and maybe the new dress.
She and I wish you a Happy Vintage Things Thursday....and we hope you have a lovely week.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hoo Are You Tuesday Link Party


The rules for this little get to know me kind of party is simple, Just answer the questions, link your answers back to NightOwl Crafting,...and visit as many participants as you can. Be sure and take the cute little party link button... So come join the fun. Let's get to know each other better....
To start...My name is CC, and I reside in Texas. I am married,with 2 grown sons,1 daughter in love, and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Through the weeks,with the questions posed and answered, we'll all get to know each other better. Come join the fun..participate
Here are the questions for this week's
Hoo are you Tuesdays?

1. What are some of your pet peeves?
  People that don't tell the truth;

2. Do you have a favorite or lucky number?
  ummmmm 27 I suppose. That's my birthday

3. What is one of your family traditions?
   I think it would be the gathering at Christmas with everyone at my house. The same ornaments,with a few new each year,with the mouse on Santa hat always going on first and in the front. He's the first ornament I made...I had cancer,and was given the task of making Christmas ornaments. The idea was to plan for something in the future, to keep moving plan on a future...I've made Christmas ornaments ever since..

4. Is there anything you are OC about?
  I suppose that would be making sure my doors are locked, and in crafting..with embroidery,knitting or crochet..the stitches must be as perfect as possible. A "funny" or dropped stitch 10 rows back.will be ripped out an redone. I simply can't stand it. With embroidery,the stitching must be as perfect as possible..or out it comes.

5. What is your favorite kind of food?
Chinese first....,then Italian second.....then bar-b-q ribs. ummmmmmmm,ok Maybe ribs are also in the top spot with Chinese

Now it is your turn to answer and link up!
Hoo are you?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tea for One Set, China .....Garden Cup and Saucer .... Pink Saturday

It's that sweet,pretty day again..Pink Saturday. Time to get to see all the wonderful,frilly..and just simply gorgeous pink things. This day just kinda makes my week all happy and better. our dear hostess Beverly works so, to bring us all together for a day of enjoyment.... I would like to nominate our own sweet Beverly as The Blogerette Of The Year. Do I hear a second ????? Do I hear a third yay ?????
We all love you Beverly..and so you're my shout out this week. Everybody..go by
HowSweetTheSound and leave a Hi and a Hug for her. I'm ready to go visiting the early posters of pretty I'll see you all out visiting..
This little tea cup and saucer is one of a set of two that I happened on. I absolutely love the little pattern...and I'm sure the sweet flower fan shape has a name along with the other tiny flower. It has a teeny gold rim..and a tiny stroke on the handle and a thin gold rim around the bottom. The mark on the bottom says the pattern is China Garden..there is a little bonsai (sp??) tree above the China garden and then made in China. I thought too late to take pictures of the bottoms of both my pictures. *sighs and flicks self on forehead

I found this little sweetie awhile back and almost missed it. I was,of course,as always and as usual,looking for Pyrex. I went on the back aisle for one more look for tiny plates and there it sat. I almost went duh to myself, and I don't mind doing so in private, but public chatting with ones self draws attention. Well, I can tell you,having left one Tea for One set sitting while I looked around (yes,you all know how that had to go)...this one went into the basket. Didn't know who made it, didn't was cute and so the little tea set came home with me.
The markings on the bottom say..
Alco Industries
Made In China
Hand Wash Only
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apron, Mini Cloche,Cheese Dome and Pink Vine Meakin ....

Don't forget everyone..there's 3 new parties in town. Liz at The Brambleberry Cottage is hosting 3 fantastic new parties..Come join the fun with everyone..this is Time Travel Thursday..and I'm ready to run about and see all the beautiful things. To join the fun, just go here to visit sweet Liz...........
TheBrambleberryCottage. See you while out visiting..Make sure you drop by and say hi....
Oh My Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's that most wonderful day view all the wonderful treasures that everyone shows. I love Thursdays, so I'm gonna jump right in looking. Come join in the fun and visit all the ladies that love vintage so dearly. Just click on ColoradoLady
to see all the beautiful things. Come know you want to.. or if you don't want to join, just come visit and see all the pretties.. See you there...
During one of my last thrift shopping trips, I found several things that I can use for Vintage Things Thursday, which made me quite happy. The thought of not participating with the vintage party goers..I don't want that to happen.
I will start off with an apron that is probably my least favorite apron of them all.
It's a deep blue with black patterned fabric...and a sort of metallic ricrac edging.
*sighs..shhhhhhhh, don't tell little apron and hurt it's feelings. Why didn't I leave it there you say????? You hafta know better than that...I couldn't just leave it there.
Next is watermelon potholders. My husband,having a momentary mean streak running through,had the nerve to ask me "Whatcha gonna do with those?? You don't cook anymore." Uuummmmm, the truth smarts sometime..*another sigh
Next,we have a mini cloche. I haven't a clue what it's original use was for...but all I saw was a cloche. Knowing I have a ton of small plates..I just had to have it. And the cheese dome a bit further down. I wasn't
the only shopper headed for it..but she was further away than me, and so it came home with me.
 The little plate I set it on,has these markings on the bottom:
J & G Meakin
Pink Vine..* I also saw it listed as Red Vine
It has the most wonderful edgeing..kind of a scalloped edge..
I am hoping I can find something with a rose pattern..a small dessert plate for the mini...and I will be searching for a pretty one and the cheese dome as well. I think I would like to make one of the cake plates on the little stands..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beth Found The Plate Pattern

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I feel so blessed when anyone comes to visit and leaves a comment or emails me. It's such great fun to meet and visit with new visitors...and to check on the places I follow to see what everyone has been up to.
Well, as luck would have it, Beth saw the pictures of the plates.........and she went searching as well. Annnddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!! She found what I couldn't. As I said, I had searched and searched,with no luck..and then a great detective came to the rescue.
Hugggggs Beth..if I could happy dance with no pain,I could..but I'll have to save the happy dance for awhile.
The pattern is called Renaissance Brown by English Ironstone. The description is as follows.."Brown border,flowers,birds and scenes".Searching is a bit difficult, because there are other Renaissance patterns out there,by different makers, different companies. I'll keep looking about to see if I can find a price on them and anything else that I can find. But the thing is, I love matter how expensive or inexpensive they are. I just love the brown and the pattern and will be on the lookout for more. Who knows...maybe someday..I'll find some pink transferware. That's I think my favorite,,,ummmmmmm,
well maybe the brown is my favorite.
So again..thank you Beth..I so appreciate your searching and find.. That was ever so sweet of you.........
Beth is about to start a new project..and will post pictures before she starts. Go check out her sweet blog at Bellesangeauscrafts. I just know you will like her pretty place..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Brown Transferware??? England, English, Ironstone Small Plates

I'm just now getting round to taking pictures of finds from 3 thrift shopping trips ago. These dishes are quickly helping me to sigh,sob and quit looking. However..not being a quitter..I'm just getting a bit tightly strung....
The only markings stamped down into the back are : England Ironstone English
No other markings that I can see.
It was a good thrifting trip when I found these six little plates that I'm calling Brown Transferware. I loved these sweet little plates, and looked all over for more,
I like ironstone and I like this sweet pattern. There was no more of it to be found,
but all was not lost. I found a baby or mini cloche and a glass cheese dome that can be used as a cloche with a gorgeous plate; two Pyrex bowls, one tiny green casserole and one that has most of the gold color almost removed,. I will show those and the rest of the treasures I found that day.
I surely would appreciate if anyone has a clue about this pattern. Is it transfer ware? I like it,whether it is or not..I would just like to know.
By the way.. I paid 50 cents for each little plate. Now to find more..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's This ????? A Bat ?????? On Blue Monday ?????

It's time again for Blue Monday...and thanks to Do and her beautiful handbag that she made,I can participate. I know I have more blue around here, but nothing really pretty to I guess that means I get to do more thrift shopping.
Meanwhile, to see so many wonderful blues,just click on SmilingSally. There will be so many beautiful blues to see and Sally is a such a sweetheart. It always makes me happy when I can participate. Come join the fun...
Look what flew in from England !!!!! He's got a wicked little grin but I love the handbag he's sitting next to. I love him as well. I mean..he is cute. For a bat.And he has a cute smile.And he's been nice's them teeth grandma.
Them things is fangs. Fangs I say....ummmmm. I better keep a closer check on Do. I don't know what she's been up to lately..but I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile I can look at this gorgeous quilted bag she made,and said it was not for me,I mean it's not like I asked..well,ok,maybe I might have asked. But not a lot. I mean, I stopped whining after about 30 minutes. *sighs..She won't let me have the bat either...
Happy Blue Monday to everyone cept for that mean woman Do..I hope she gets bat you know what on her shoe.