Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam with a Heart and Flowers for Redwork or Hand Embroidery

Here we have sweet,shy Sam offering flowers to his favorite friend,Sunbonnet Sue. He wishes he could tell her how much he likes her, but he is so shy. shhhh,don't tell hin,but our sweet girl Sue already knows...and she likes him too. So we leave our two shy little ones to go about and play and have lunch and play some more. They say hi to everybody..and great big hugs..


  1. I'd love seeing some of your work. Do you stitch these yourself as well? Please show us. FUN!

  2. Hi there sweet friend..
    Yes, I do stitch some of these patterns. With work and home to do's, there's not much craft time, but I love to embroidery. At the moment..I have 2 pillowcases started, one is sweet Sue, and the pink one is hearts,ribbons,,and sweet flowers, and I have Sue days of the week transfers all ironed on flour sacks..and 2 almost embroidered. Seems like it takes me a long time to embroidery.. and get it all finished..but I do have 9 Sunbonnet Sue pillowcases all done..there was a
    sweet series of transfers that I really liked..and I did them really fast..(for me..)


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