Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue Mops With Her Puppy .... Redwork/Hand Embroidery

It's that magical time again..when we all gather with Suzanne and each other to show our vintage pretties. I had another vintage thing in mind.........but I'm still working on it..and will use it for next week. Till then,come join all the ladies that love and collect treasures from the past. We try hard to rescue as much as we can...and nothing is too small for us to collect and share. Come join in..
the party is just getting started. Just click on Suzanne's place at
ColoradoLady..... This week Suzanne is sharing Seven Seas with us... Let's go visiting...
Ahhhhhhhh,here we have little,sweet Sue trying her best to mop her mothers floor.And,hhmmmmmmmmm,
look at the muddy tracks.Who could have done this????? She sees that sweet puppy,sort of hiding behind the door....and points at him and says.."You did this? With your muddy little feet? Well!!!!!,out you go to wipe your feets on the mat on the porch." She sighs and goes back indoors to mop the floor again.
For you see..................................................................................
There is to be a quilting party today. The ladies will be arriving soon.....
the buffet is ready for the wonderful dishes the ladies have made, and mother has made her famous meat loaf with the yummy topping. The meatloaf is good, either hot,lukewarm or cold and Sue likes it so much. She also loves the red beans and ham hocks that Mrs. Avery brings and the collard greens and cornbread that Mrs Crabtree brings.And,of course,there is the good sweet churned butter mother made yesterday. Sue likes to dunk her buttered cornbread into her collard green juice.....yummmmmmmmm She can hardly wait for lunch......
{ *NOTE:...Strangly enough,this is also some of CC's favorite foods. yummmmmmmmmmm }
The pretty quilt is already in the frame set up on the screened in  back porch. There is shade there,with big trees in the backyard and the breeze coming through is so sweet with the smell of flowers, and cool in the shade..
The quilt pattern sort of reminds Sue of her older sister..Rachel.  Rachel is so beautiful with her long hair thats usually done in curls...and she most times wears a bonnet like she,herself does. This quilt has on the blocks,  girls with long dresses and big bonnet's, and are so beautiful. Sue looks at it closely, for not only is there applique with beautiful fabrics, it has embroidery and eyelet on it as well. She looks and admires each girl...aand thinks they're all beautiful. But there's one that she likes more than the others. That girl has on a pink gingham dress, the waist had tiny ribbons that tied in back, with a fluffy,pouffy pink bonnet. Both the dress and the bonnet have tiny embroidered roses and rosebuds on them....and both the dress and the bonnet have tiny eyelet ruffles... That's her favorite one, and she plans on asking mother,do they have such make a dress and bonnet for her, and she of course, will use it for Sunday's best.
We will leave Sue to her mopping now, and dreaming of that beautiful quilt..and maybe the new dress.
She and I wish you a Happy Vintage Things Thursday....and we hope you have a lovely week.


  1. You have one of the biggest imaginations of anyone I know. You amaze me how you see things that I never would think of. Hope you are having a good day.

  2. You tell a good tale! Happy VTT day to you!

  3. Oh I love this one.

    I need something to trace better than what I have. I have marking paper that disappears after my humid hands touch fabric. My pencil does the same. Could you email suggestions.

  4. LOL, I love reading the adventures of Sunbonnet Sue each week- you're a terrific story teller! Happy VTT!

  5. Hi CC,

    Awe this Sunbonnet Sue is so pretty! I love the little story to go with it. My mother-in-law always made things with her back in the 1980's.


  6. Oh, what a fun post...I wish I had a whole truck load of cleaning Sue's to help me around here!!! I love that sweet little pattern, the pup is adorable. Have a great VTT!

  7. What a cute little story! I love the variety of Sunbonnet Sue's!

  8. Great little story! You make me smile. ~ Sarah

  9. Always love Sunbonnet Sue! Thanks for your story.

  10. CC, you know i LOVE all your sweet little SBSues and i'm gonna save this one too..can't wait to get stitching :)

    i smiled as i read your sweet little story..thank you :) x

  11. I love Sunbonnet Sue! Such a sweetie!

  12. Great little story about Sun Bonnet Sue, you make me smile with your stories. Have a VTT day. Vicky

  13. Oooh, don't you just love vintage embroidery patterns? I have a huge collection of them. I've been gathering them from antique shops, flea markets and garage sales for years. There's something so enjoyable about having (and using) vintage things!

  14. This is a new pattern to me and as always Sunbonnet Sue is a treasure.

  15. Another terrific 40s Sue!

    Mmm that food just sounds so good...I love corn bread!


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