Friday, August 28, 2009

Faerie..with Magic Wand .... Pink Saturday

It's that magical time of the week again, Pink Saturday. I love looking at all the treasures shown on this day..there is always such a variety of beautiful things..from gorgeous room makeovers, and I enjoy them all. Beverly has been sweet enough to host us gather us together with a reminder email..and to generally be of all the help she can muster. So thank you Beverly..for all you do. You're a lovely lady...
Seeing as how this is Pink time again..let's all scamper on over to the pinky place..
at HowSweetTheSound
A tiny sweet faerie living in the magic secret garden of Sunbonnet Sue and all her little friends.
Her name is Emilie Kathleen and she helps with the garden chores. She gets a lot done with that tiny magic wand..but still, she like to get her little hands messy by digging in the dirt. One of her favorite things to do is play with the girls,when they are playing house and play cooking. She really likes to make mud pies. :). Her little home is under the leaves of the sweet smelling hyacinth plant. Her favorite is the white one, but she likes the purple one as well.
Emilie has also been commissioned to help me (CC) with a new project. It's to be a Sunbonnet Sue and friends quilt Block of the Month, for a newly designed Sunbonnet Sue and friends quilt. I will do a block of the month square..then publish the pattern..and then continue on with the next Block of the Month. This will be a combined project of Do and myself and I can hardly wait to get started.
Meanwhile, Happy Pink Saturday to everyone....and may your weekend be a lovely and safe one.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rooster Party

It's that wonderful day when everyone gathers together to view roosters from all over the place.
Join in the fun...chicken scratch your way on over to Barbs place for the Rooster Party.
The roosters can be found with Barb,let's go visit.
I have to show my lowly roosters....first, a dishtowel with a mighty fine rooster all decked out with Americana colors

Next, is little rooster on oven mitt..I love these colors
Lastely, this little set is a potholder of Mr. Mighty Fine Rooster..ready to help the pot from the stove. Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfer..No.3753 "Barnyard Happenings"
And last..another Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfer..No. 3942 " Chicken Delight"
Now..let's all scamper on over to see all the other might roosters at the World Famous Rooster Party...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spider Lace and Fan Crocheted Chair Back Sets

It's that most wonderful day of the week again..when we all go and visit our lovely hostess Suzanne. There we can find all the lovely ladies participating in this weeks Vintage Things Thursday. I love this day..cause vintage is the best ever for me, and I can't wait to see what everyone has come on and join in the fun. Scamper with me over to
Suzanne at ColoradoLady. Let's go see what everyone has to see.....

One of my favorite crochet books of all time is the Crocheted Chairbacks book.
American Thread Company
Star Chairback Book No. 105
Published 1954
Originally sold for 10 cents
The little book is filled with the most wonderful Chair Sets..some Church Laces and some of the prettiest Shade Pulls.
This is is not only one of my favorite books, but one of the first books I used while learning to crochet....and I think the Fan and the Spider Lace will always be my faves. Do any of you remember the chairsets of the chairs and couches..the beautiful pieces on the armrests along with the doilies,tablecloths.....all the "fancywork" that our mothers,grandmothers and aunties made? I sure do. When I look at my collection of books..I am taken back to a softer,sweeter more gentle time. Back to when our mothers were always home when we got home from school, always with a hug and a snack..and a tell me about your day. A time when our house always was full of kids, though in my family,there was just my sister and mother made doughnuts and fried pies for all the kids in the neighborhood.
The two patterns shown here are some of my first crochet works...they may sound hard to a new crocheter, but they really aren' don't be scared to try. I hope by splitting them as I've done, it will give them more room to enlarge when you click on them. They should be easier to read the instructions..... I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I have and that you like the look of this little book as much as I do....oohhh, the sweet memories it brings back.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Old Fashioned Sunbonnet Sue Needle or Pin Holder

This little pattern will work for a 10" quilt block, a potholder or the Sue I'm going to make next..... a needlecase. It's as you can see, a one piece pattern. Her hat band is there to take off as is the little bouquet of flowers she holds. If you choose, you can embroider her little arm in,
the choice is yours. I think my choice is to take a bit of lace to make a nosegay, and add a few tiny flowers. For the needle case, simply cut 3 pieces, embroidery the nosegay and add the hatband on the top piece,the third piece will be the back piece..and the middle piece will be the actual needle or pin holder. Will show mine when done...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Suri,the Mouse; Oscar, the Flying Pink Pig;..and the Tea Set .... Pink Saturday

It that Pinkest of Pink days again....Pink Saturday. I always love to see what all the pinky participants are why don't we all scamper on over to Beverly and and look and look. There is always so much beautiful Pinks to look at.
Look who arrived today in the company of our mailman... It's little Suri. She was made by her creator Tina from Beansieleigh, and came to live with me due to a giveaway. I was so happy to know I had won. There was happy dancing all over.
It was wonderful to know she had arrived safely, but I knew she must be tired from her long trip. She rested awhile, had a small reviving tea, a snack and was feeling much better. She showed me the note from Tina...and showed me all the cute kitties on the card, and then she read to me the sweet message inside.

This is little Suri along with her new friend, the pink flying pig, this one by the name of Oscar.
I had to help the little ones with their tea, the cup was a bit large..however, we got it done. Aren't they sweet ??????
This is the little tea set we used to make the soothing tea. Suri and Oscar both liked the pattern..and of course, that made me happy. It's not a fancy nor ecpensive one..but the little ones really like being served from this little set.
Suri, Oscar and I would like to thank you for your visit and they would really like to see comments for themselves. They have vowed to try and help CC get to everyone on the Pink Saturday list... :). Happy Pink Saturday to everyone..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the Secret Magic Garden with Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue.... Granny's Chicken Scratch Pillow

It's that most wonderful time of the week's Vintage Things Thursday. That lovely time when we all go visit Suzanne at Colorado Lady
and see what all the vintage wonders are this time. Come on..I can't wait to see...............

This is a post combining two of my vintage loves....Sunbonnet Sue,Hannah and Sarah....looking beautiful in embroidery......... and Chicken Scratch Embroidery.
We begin with the girls..Sunbonnet Sue,Hannah and Sarah. May,Molly,Elizabeth and a few other girls could not make it today... their mothers had other chores and plans for the girls. After grandfather plowed up some ground for them..the girls planted some flower seeds that was supposed to grow tall,tall,tall. And here we find the three girls, in their magic secret garden that is taller than themselves.

While the smaller girls are playing..the bigger girls are playing as well. They were making pretty aprons, quilts and pillows doing a stitch called Chicken Scratch. It was said that it was called that because some of the stitches looked like chicken scratching. :)
This is a pretty pillow form, put into a large hoop...I already have a very large pillow cover with the same color gingham and the same basic pattern. When I came across this at a thrift store..I just had to have it.

I love this stitching on goes way back..and soon, I'm gonna do a post on this almost lost/given up on crafts. I so hate to see any of the needle arts go by the wayside.

Monday, August 17, 2009

In the Garden and In the Country.....A Walk

On our walk through..we see...
Another gorgeous flower...isn't it wonderful growing in the garden and out in the wild? And of course, some are growing near the little pond and over yonder by the creek. Oooo, there is so much to see and enjoy in the garden and in the country. Isn't it all just beautiful and wonderful??

A small succulent, a rosette. Now you hafta know, that some tiny friends find shelter here with little rosette.
Here we find a lawn nemisis...our friend the dandylion. Look at those large green leaves. I think perhaps sometime, little faeries and elves take shelter with them as well.
And another favorite. Perhaps a home or safe shelter for a sweet faerie or an elf. I love the shapes and colors of our pretty mushrooms. I have a feeling when I do mine, they will be in red.
Here we find a little friend..a small squirrel that has found quite a treat. It's a small branch of acorns..and out little furry friend is contemplating how best to get it home. Perhaps a friend will help him.

Ahhhhhhh, what do we have here growing ????? It's chrysanthemums . They're gorgeous in all their wonderful colors. There are golds, yellows..pinks and reds, rusts..and on and on. All the colors you can think of..these flowers can be that shade or hue.
One of my favorites around water is cattails. I think they're gorgeous with their shades of browns and tans aganist the greens of the stems.... Butterflies, dragonflies live among the reeds and cattails...and so do tiny frogs and big frogs and turtles, and, and....

Look at this..a sweet little pond. Wonder what lives here. Hmmmmm, a butterfly and of course a dragonfly..and let's see what else we can see. Oooooo, look, there are tiny minnows and tadpoles swimming about. And just there was a little frog on his lily pad, he must be shy, cause back in the water he went. Look at all the water flowers..I just love them with their shades of pinks and cremes and pale yellows. They're just beautiful.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Faerie.. .. Pink Saturday

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Pink Saturday and let's go visit all the other participants. I can't wait to see all their wonderful pinks.
So ladies..get out there and let's all go visiting all the pretty pink participants for Pink Saturday. Scamper on over to Beverly and see what all the pinkies are presenting..

This little pillow has been made by Do and is from a series of little Faeries. I love little bunny ears and bunny slippers..and that gorgeous egg she's holding. Look at those beautiful wings...
When she flutters by..where do you thing she might leave that egg? Ohhhh, with me, with me..leave that gorgeous egg with me.
As usual, Do has done fine work..beautiful work. She reads my blog and she wants me to say thank you for all the wonderful comments that are left about her work...and says that she fears if she started blogging, she would probably have so much fun, that she wouldn't devote so much time to patterns and quilting.. And she says hi and happy PInk Saturday to everyone.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spring Blossom Pyrex Love

It's Thursday favorite day of the week. I get to see the wonderful vintage things that everyone has. So fellow bloggers..lets all skedaddle over to
Suzanne at Coloradolady and see what everyone is showing today..I can't wait to see.

This beautiful,wonderful set of Spring Blossom Pyrex was a total surprise gift. To say I was stunned a bit is an understatement. I've always loved Pyrex..any and everything Pyrex makes,
I think is wonderful. However, I've always collected other things..never really trying to collect all the bright, beautiful colors and patterns of Pyrex. *sighs...I believe that has now changed. This wonderful set was gifted to me by a lovely lady named Pam. She is my husbands physical therapist and also a sweet friend. When Pam gifted me with this, I was quite overwhelmed..I know how much some Pyrex costs.....but Pam said she had collected for years and was overflowing with it..and she wanted me to have this as my first set on my way to a collection.
The box says...Pyrex Compatibles
4 Piece Bowl Set
1 1/2 pt; 1 1/2 qt; 2 1/2 qt;and 4 qt.
Spring Blossom Green

There are 2 of the green bowls with the wite pattern and 2 of the white with the green pattern.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easy Sewing Tips

Apparently, I cut this out of a magazine somewhere.... from it's condition, it's been awhile. However, I think these few tips might still help some of us.

1. For a no-cost light box used for tracing, place a lamp under a clear glass top.

2. Always press your fabrics after washing and before cutting. Wrinkles will make your cutting lines inaccurate.

3. The paper backing on iron-on adhesive will peel away easily if you allow it to cool completely.

4. Use the ironing boared as your work surface when arranging fused applique pieces onto your center block. Since you won't have to move the block to your ironing board, the pieces will stay arranged and ready for fusing.

5. A straight pin or tweezers can help position smaller applique pieces....

6. Thread several needles with embroidery floss or quilting thread for your hand stitching. No need to stop and rethread your needle.

7. Use "between" nnedles for hand quilting. The larger the needle number, the smaller the needle. A size 10 needle is good for hand quilting.

8. To hide a know when hand quilting...Insert the needle through the quilt top. Pull the thread till the knot rests on top of the fabric. gently tug the thread to pop the knot through the fabric.The knot will now be hidden in the batting.

9. If machine quilting, use clear thread in the top and regular thread in the bobbin. Clear nylon thread works well for light-colored fabrics; use smoke thread for darker fabrics.

10. A walking foot, sometimes called an even-feed foot, helps your sewing machine keep all quilt layers even when machine quilting.

Blackberries and Butterflies

How pretty is this for embroidery or woodburning? Big,beautiful black/purple blackberries and a lovely butterfly dancing about. Are there tiny faeries in the blackberry glen?
Click to enlarger the photo...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue's Little Pink Apron .... Pink Saturday

It's that wonderful day again..the day of all things pink, all shades of pink, different things in pink.. a whole day filled with pink...It's Pink Saturday. So.. pull up a comfy chair, get your latte..and let's go looking at all the pink wonderfulness. Our hostess is sweet Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Let's go visiting
For my Pink Saturday...................................
This small apron is just the right size to fit Sunbonnet Sue, Hannah..or any one of the girls. Everyone knows that all good cooks and laundry girls have on their aprons..but this is a dress up apron. Do you see the lace on the bottom? Sue is real proud of that, cause some of her aprons and pinafores are kinda plain. Lace costs a whole buncha money,doncha know?But, mother and grannie knows that all girls needs some ribbons and lace..and pretty shades of pink. So the three of them chose the fabric for the apron and then, the big event. Sue was allowed to actually work the machine some to sew the pieces together. Her little feet barely touch the treadle, but she knows mother or grannie will help her.

A closeup of little apron squares and lace. I love the soft,sweet pinks and mauves...,the calicos and soft prints. Sue feels so very special when she has on this apron, cause it's handmade with love.
Do you have a special apron that you would like to share with Sue?
An embroidery pattern to go on her apron? a ribbon rose??
Happy Pinks everyone..have a wonderful week..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Farm Girl Sue and Laundry

Here we find our girl Sunbonnet Sue helping out with chores. As we all know, Sue, Hannah, May,Molly, and Sarah are such great little helpers. They're always ready to help their mothers, their grannies or any one of the elders in their little community. When it's laundry day, Mother always sets out a tiny tub for Sue so she can do all her baby doll's laundry.Since she has quite a few doll babies, most times there is that laundry to be done. Then there is the ironing after. Seems that a girl's work is never done.
However, on the bright side...Grannie and Auntie have come to spend the day and will help out. And that means......tea cakes. Wonderful tea cakes. Scrumptious tea cakes. Sue's favorite tea cakes. Did I mention that Sue likes tea cakes ? :) . With lots of good home churned butter.
And icy cold milk. Yummmmmmm. And Sue always enjoys when grannie comes to visit. for when the day is almost all done,and she's had her bath..grannie helps her into her nightie, helps her brush her hair....and then gets Sues newest story book. Sue climbs onto her lap, and grannie begins to slowly rock and to read the story. This time, Sue is determined to stay awake till the end of the story...... grannie just smiles and rocks slowly, cause she knows there's a tired little girl on her lap.... She looks down, and guess who is asleep. Our girl has had a long day..and since grannie and auntie have decided to stay a week, there's plenty of time to read the story later on....
We say good night to Sue..sleep well....don't let the lady bugs bite..:)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cups and Saucers ..... Vintage Things Thursday's that wonderful day of the week again. This week has passed really fast..
and's Vintage Things Thursday again. We can all scamper on over to
ColoradoLady to see all the wonderful vintage thingies... Come on and join in the fun...

Cup and saucer with fluting, gold rimmed..and a pretty magnolia blossom.....

A set 4 Gresley Ironstone cups... The little cups have 8 sides and are made in England...

A set of 4 demi saucers? butter plates? demitasse saucers???? I'm not sure what these tiny saucers are called..but I love them. The tiny purple flowers, sprigs of green and the teensy rim of gold on the edges.. I paid the large sum of one dollar for these little cuties.. does anyone know what they are?