Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easy Sewing Tips

Apparently, I cut this out of a magazine somewhere.... from it's condition, it's been awhile. However, I think these few tips might still help some of us.

1. For a no-cost light box used for tracing, place a lamp under a clear glass top.

2. Always press your fabrics after washing and before cutting. Wrinkles will make your cutting lines inaccurate.

3. The paper backing on iron-on adhesive will peel away easily if you allow it to cool completely.

4. Use the ironing boared as your work surface when arranging fused applique pieces onto your center block. Since you won't have to move the block to your ironing board, the pieces will stay arranged and ready for fusing.

5. A straight pin or tweezers can help position smaller applique pieces....

6. Thread several needles with embroidery floss or quilting thread for your hand stitching. No need to stop and rethread your needle.

7. Use "between" nnedles for hand quilting. The larger the needle number, the smaller the needle. A size 10 needle is good for hand quilting.

8. To hide a know when hand quilting...Insert the needle through the quilt top. Pull the thread till the knot rests on top of the fabric. gently tug the thread to pop the knot through the fabric.The knot will now be hidden in the batting.

9. If machine quilting, use clear thread in the top and regular thread in the bobbin. Clear nylon thread works well for light-colored fabrics; use smoke thread for darker fabrics.

10. A walking foot, sometimes called an even-feed foot, helps your sewing machine keep all quilt layers even when machine quilting.


  1. Oh so true, every last bit of it! I like #6, that's a new one on me. Strikes my fancy stitching just right!


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