Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blackberries and Butterflies

How pretty is this for embroidery or woodburning? Big,beautiful black/purple blackberries and a lovely butterfly dancing about. Are there tiny faeries in the blackberry glen?
Click to enlarger the photo...


  1. This would make up to be a really pretty piece when finished. I used to love doing this type handwork, but age and eyes do make a difference.

  2. This would make a lovely punch needle too. I love to work on embroidery to take with me and this would be perfect.

  3. Id like to think that there really are :-) How magical that would be. I don't know embroidery but I do know how to color it LOL


  4. Hi again, it is Jennifer from MaidenShade. You left such a thoughtful and sweet comment. Thank you very much for that and for visiting me.

    I think that pattern could be used for MANY things - including a box!

    You said I inspired you to clean up your space? I want to see befores and afters! Come on, let's start a cleaning-up-your-studio virus complete with an invitation to snoop!

    PS, I also want to see that happy dance... xJ - blog - store


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