Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spider Lace and Fan Crocheted Chair Back Sets

It's that most wonderful day of the week again..when we all go and visit our lovely hostess Suzanne. There we can find all the lovely ladies participating in this weeks Vintage Things Thursday. I love this day..cause vintage is the best ever for me, and I can't wait to see what everyone has come on and join in the fun. Scamper with me over to
Suzanne at ColoradoLady. Let's go see what everyone has to see.....

One of my favorite crochet books of all time is the Crocheted Chairbacks book.
American Thread Company
Star Chairback Book No. 105
Published 1954
Originally sold for 10 cents
The little book is filled with the most wonderful Chair Sets..some Church Laces and some of the prettiest Shade Pulls.
This is is not only one of my favorite books, but one of the first books I used while learning to crochet....and I think the Fan and the Spider Lace will always be my faves. Do any of you remember the chairsets of the chairs and couches..the beautiful pieces on the armrests along with the doilies,tablecloths.....all the "fancywork" that our mothers,grandmothers and aunties made? I sure do. When I look at my collection of books..I am taken back to a softer,sweeter more gentle time. Back to when our mothers were always home when we got home from school, always with a hug and a snack..and a tell me about your day. A time when our house always was full of kids, though in my family,there was just my sister and mother made doughnuts and fried pies for all the kids in the neighborhood.
The two patterns shown here are some of my first crochet works...they may sound hard to a new crocheter, but they really aren' don't be scared to try. I hope by splitting them as I've done, it will give them more room to enlarge when you click on them. They should be easier to read the instructions..... I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I have and that you like the look of this little book as much as I do....oohhh, the sweet memories it brings back.


  1. I didn't know those were still popular in the 1950s.

  2. What nice memories and I love your crocheted chair covers. They look hard for me! I've never been good at crocheting!

  3. Those look very intricate...I never did learn to do anything like that...except in girl scouts once I made an owl..ha.

    Happy VTT,


  4. Oh I love the old fashioned patterns of crochet! Pineapple is my fave. Those phamplets are scarce! Lucky you!

  5. what a lovely post CC..i too love those dear old crochet patterns..thanks for sharing!..btw thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments :)

  6. Your antimacassars are lovely. They are definitely one of the memories of a gentler age!

  7. great post. those are some great chair sets. happy vtt

  8. CC, these are lovely. Thanks for sharing. I don't actually remember these but have collected some over the years.

  9. These are so sweet! How nice of you to include the patterns. Might have to give this a try. The spider lace pattern is very pretty!

  10. That's what this sharing of vintage is all about...sweet memories.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  11. I remember when everybody put these on their living room furniture!

  12. I love your story of coming home after school - weren't those just the best days when mom was waiting for you! You were very ambitious in your first crocheting! Thanks so much for sharing the insructions and Happy VTT!

  13. In my parents' home we had semi-fancy towels on the backs of chairs. These crocheted ones are much lovelier!

  14. I dropped in because today's my very first posting to Vintage Thursday. I have dozens of these, mostly made by my Dad's Mom, who whiled away her time visiting at her four children's houses, three months at a time, so she was always our Summer visitor.

    She rocked and crocheted and you never knew what she'd come up with next. She did tablecloths and spreads and canopies to match, as well as hundreds of smaller items. All my friends cozied up to her so she'd do them a half dozen of the little crocheted panties for Coke bottles. We had lots of "Coke Parties" in the Summer.

    And their Mamas, one particular Summer, got the craze for those crocheted baskets, usually in variegated thread.

    I could never imagine the skill to make something 3-D with just thread and hook---and they would starch the things in sugar-water so they'd stand stiff after being molded/dried around a big bottle.

    This has been such a wonderful peek into Nostalgialand, and I thank you for thinking of it.

    rachel at LAWN TEA

  15. I have not seen anything like this in years. I remember someone used to have these and I can not remember now who I knew that did. Lovely pictures and memories. We just don't see things like this now a days. Have a great VTT.

  16. I did enjoy your display of patterns I have some of the chair and couch pieces that I got from another generation. I still use them. Thanks for stopping by my place. If you have time drop by next Tuesday 9-1

  17. I love crochet, what a neat little book! I can imagine that it's quite inspiring.

  18. Very nice! Beautiful chair sets!

  19. Oh my. The ones with fringe are so delicate and beautiful. "not hard" hmm.

    I remember my aunt used to crochet those for her sofa and chair. But MY mom, do you know what my mom did?
    The plastic. The plastic upholstery covering; it was so hot, sweaty and sticky. After awhile, she got tired of our lamenting and ripped it off.
    Remember those?

    And another thing.
    I want to learn how to tat. Is it even called that? You know, tatting. Is it more difficult than crochet? Halp.


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