Thursday, August 6, 2009

Farm Girl Sue and Laundry

Here we find our girl Sunbonnet Sue helping out with chores. As we all know, Sue, Hannah, May,Molly, and Sarah are such great little helpers. They're always ready to help their mothers, their grannies or any one of the elders in their little community. When it's laundry day, Mother always sets out a tiny tub for Sue so she can do all her baby doll's laundry.Since she has quite a few doll babies, most times there is that laundry to be done. Then there is the ironing after. Seems that a girl's work is never done.
However, on the bright side...Grannie and Auntie have come to spend the day and will help out. And that means......tea cakes. Wonderful tea cakes. Scrumptious tea cakes. Sue's favorite tea cakes. Did I mention that Sue likes tea cakes ? :) . With lots of good home churned butter.
And icy cold milk. Yummmmmmm. And Sue always enjoys when grannie comes to visit. for when the day is almost all done,and she's had her bath..grannie helps her into her nightie, helps her brush her hair....and then gets Sues newest story book. Sue climbs onto her lap, and grannie begins to slowly rock and to read the story. This time, Sue is determined to stay awake till the end of the story...... grannie just smiles and rocks slowly, cause she knows there's a tired little girl on her lap.... She looks down, and guess who is asleep. Our girl has had a long day..and since grannie and auntie have decided to stay a week, there's plenty of time to read the story later on....
We say good night to Sue..sleep well....don't let the lady bugs bite..:)


  1. oooooh what a sweet little picture with the sweetest story ever..i love it!!

  2. This is just way too cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog for VTT!! I've never done it before and can't wait until next week now. I forgot how much I love old things, and visiting all the other blogs and seeing what's out there is so AWESOME! You take care and see you soon ~

  3. Oh this pattern of Sue is so beautiful and cute. I just came back from $2 shop and bought a roller and tracing paper, i might start on embroidery (hopefully)


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