Friday, July 31, 2009

Do's Angel .... Pink Saturday

Hi's that wonderful day again..Pink Saturday. Come along and see all the pretty pinks and the lovely participants....we all enjoy your visits, your comments and encouragement...come join in the fun.
Visit How Sweet the Sound and Beverly for all the come on..let's go see all the sweet pinks...
For my offering this week...again I present to you, the lovely Doreen..better known to her friends as Do. She is a fantastic designer,both of quilts, cushions..pillows and patterns..but she is also a most wonderous knitter. She knits with all fibers,wools..ribbons..etc., and most of her work is of her own design. I can't say enough about this very talented lady..(that absolutely will not blog. She says she has no time for it)..she is a most sweet, kind, sharing..talented lady.
This is her design of an's embroidered on a soft suede and is a large cushion,pillow, comforter..and if you click to enlarge, you will see her tiny ribbon roses, her ribbons and her lace.. This was made for a special friend in maybe the angels name is Sarah.

I can't find the photo of the whole cushion that was so this one will have to serve. Notice the different suedes top and bottom. She's also done back cushions and a quilt for her husband in soft suede, but says..that's it. No more suede for me.
Is this not one of the prettiest pretties ever???? She always come by my blog, to look and see what's happening. I've told her how much people like her work..and she enjoys that, but as she says: "Now CC, if I blog, I will have no time to quilt. I will quilt and you will blog away about the quilts and your things". So that's how we do it.. just please,leave her a comment. She loves it when others like her work.
Happy Pink Saturday to everyone....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1915 Imperial Sugar Cookbook...Reprint

Welcome again everyone to my offering for Vintage Things Thursday. This was not my first choice, but due to running 3 miles will have to work for me. Please stop by Suzannes to see more participants... there are always so many wonderful things to see and learn about.
Stop by.. ColoradoLady and see all the wonderful vintage things.

This little book is a reprint of a 1915 Imperial Sugar Cookbook and has some wonderful tips on all things, hints from appetizers thru canning with zinc lids and rubber rings..and lots of great sounding recipes inside. I love the photo on front... and sure hope I'm able to share a couple of recipes from little book.
and the soft green and brown colors of the back...the indside front and back pages are of brown shades with black prints and outlines of old wooden stoves. I love it.. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hearts and Birds for Embroidery, Painting or Woodburning..

A tiny string of embroidery, paint or wood burn..

Little bird for use on left side.................

Little bird for right side.......

Friday, July 24, 2009

Little China Cup .... Pink Saturday

Welcome once again to Pink Saturday..a day when everyone loving the color pink gathers to show their beautiful things.Vey soon, I'm gonna have to look for more pinks..I've almost run out..but I have some ideas. Maybe they will work out..
Now come on everyone..join the pinky parade of Pink Saturday. Just visit Beverly at Howsweetthesound....... come see all the participants..
My entry this week is this little cup. It's marked on botton as being Fine china..and the markings of a gorgeous swan, with Lynns being the pattern.
It's a taller cup..with deeper swirls and all sorts of beautiful things on it. From flower buds.... to a wonderful sweet in his blueness.
Turn little cup a bit.. and there are wonderful fruits, in deep blues, oranges and pinks...with multi leaves in various shades of green..... I love little cup, and hope you do too.
Happy Pink Saturday everyone.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spring Blossom and Avocado Green Pyrex Bowls .... Vintage Things Thursday

Ahhhhh, here we are favorite day of the week. I get to visit all the wonderous vintage thingies from all the sweet participants of Vintage Things Thursday.
Come and join in the fun.
Visit our wonderful hostess Suzanne...@ Colorado Lady..
You will have a fun time with us..we're vintage, but loads of fun. :)
These two lovely little bowls were gifted to me by a very sweet lady. Her name is Pam and knowing how much I love vintage Pyrex, she brought me two from her collection. ooo, Thank you Pam..they will be safe and happy in their new home.
First little Pyrex bowl is a pattern called Spring Blossom. Sometimes also called Crazy Daisy, although the marking are quite different. I didn't realize how different until I started searching for info. This little bowl is avocado / olive green, with a white interior and a white bottom. The markings say it's a 750 ml bowl, with the Pyrex Trademark and 401, baking and microwave. If I have it right, it's from the 60's and 70's.This little olive green mixing bowl is in the 1 1/2 pint size and is the smallest in the nesting set of the Crazy Daisy mixing bowl set. Little bowl has a white interior and a white bottom, with the markings of
Trademark 13 401 1 1/2 pint ovenware. This one I believe to be earlier than the first... My love of Pyrex has taken off again..thrift shops, look out !!... Here I come, searching for Pyrex..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heart .... Embroidery, Tole Paint, Woodburn

Another heart to play with.. this one I have put onto a pillowcase to embroidery. It's a beige case and I'm thinking about tone on tone...however,the tablescarf that I won in Marian's giveaway, had soft peach on I may do that. In any case, where it's tone on tone or as wild as it gets, the heart is so pretty. It would be gorgeous tole painted or wood burned as well.. So many ideas, so little time. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Do's Latest Quilt and Cushions

Isn't this a real beauty????? Please click on the photos to enlarge. You need to enlarge to see the real beauty of her quilt.
This is one of the latest of Do's quilts..and I think is one of the prettiest. It reminds me so of stained glass ... the colors so rich and vibrant.
I'm sure this one will travel about as all her other original designs do..specially the Sampler and the Baby Sunbonnet Sue. Do is a fabulous designer, both of quilts and patterns. She sometimes teases and scolds me for being lazy and not getting on with projects, both quilting and other crafts. I try to tell her how busy I am, but she says"Listen here, you lazy,lazy woman"... :) . Her work is pretty enough to make up for my lazyiness I hope.. :).

Another view of her beautiful quilt and another of her projects. She designed the hanging headboard and the matching cushions to her quilt.
Do is so truly talented..she has taught me so much about quilting, design, color and applique.. aand most important, she is always there to offer encouragement. She has the attitude of never give up and she inspires me to do the same. As you may be able to tell, I deeply respect my friend..and love her dearly. We have laughed together, cried together and shared our families. Do is in England..and I am in Texas..and we may never meet in person, however, most days we do our voice chat over messenger as we've done for the past two years. I love out talks, our brainstorming over projects..out sharing of families... I just deeply love our friendship. So thank you my sweet friend and team blogger friend Do...and thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts and cushions with us.
There is one more project that I will save for another day..another project of Do's. I can't wait for you to see it....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Sweet Heart

A sweet, little heart for a pillowcase ?? ..a small table scarf ??? napkins ???
to embroidery ?? to paint ?? to wood burn ??
Click on photo to enlarge.... or for cream on cream..or white on white for napkins, leave small

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pretty Pink Card, Pretty Cup, and Pretty Pink Saturday.. :)

Welcome everyone to another Pink Day, where all the pinkest of pink ladies gather to show and share their wonderful shades of pinks.
Our lovely hostess is Beverly, and we owe her a huge round of applause amd thanks, for she puts in countless hours gathering all us pinkies together. So thanks Beverly..we think you're the princess of Pink Saturday. .........and we send bunches of hugs.... To visit or join in the fun... at

A special card to special graduating grandaughters... with each of my sons having a daughter,
my sweet girls are seven days apart.. and graduated one after the other. One of my sweeties is a gorgeous blonde, the other a beautiful deep brunette with champange streaks...well, she has a couple of red streaks, and a couple of electric blue streaks.
I loved their cards..there are tiny sparkles all over..the girls really liked what was inside..
Next..a sweet N Orleans china cup with the Mission Rose pattern. I love this pattern with the sweet rose and bud..
Also in little photo, one of a set of favorite napkin rings...I love the shimmery look alongside vintage lace..
Have a happy Pink Saturday everyone..and I hope I can get to all the sweet participants this week. I surely do try. I hope you come visit...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mini House Shadow Boxes .... Vintage Things Thursday ..... Colorado Lady Give-away

Welcome, welcome everyone to my site. This is my favorite day of the week..a day to showcase our treasures, as vintage as they might be. I love vintage, most anything vintage.... from quilts to enamelware to granite ware..vintage sewing supplies to aprons...I treasure them all..and to have a special day that honors that love we all have is due to the work of Suzanne, our sweet host.
Suzanne's site is at coloradolady. She is a secially sweet lady as are all the vintage ladies. Please.. come and visit, or better yet, come and join. The sweetest ladies in blogland pass through the vintage door. :)
I also must tell you that our own Suzanne is having a wonderful giveaway... so scamper and skedaddle on over to sign to her site and register to win. Her giveaways are lovely..and I so want to win, so you don't really have to hurry so fast.. :) .
My offering this a portion of the thimbles I have collected and been given over the years. Some of my bestest, most favorite ones have been safely tucked away... but truth to tell, the monetary value really means nothing..for if I love it, I would never sell it. I would give it to someone I loved, but would never sell it.
Please, click the photos to enlarge.....
The tiny cups have Mother. Grandmother....and are rimmed in gold. The tiny one at bottom is of a tiny girl holding sweet flowers.
The little house shadow boxes the thimbles are sitting on, will soon be filled with lace, ribbons and roses.. :). Just like the name of my blog and also will have tiny painted things. I love making them..the only problem I've ever had, is finding the little shadow boxes.
Yes...I realize little houses are not truly "shadow boxes" as everyone thinks, I have trouble find those as least those with any depth..but i love finding and filling them with small treasures..
Thank you all for you sweet visit. I hope you come again and again..and if you like me, I hope you become a follower. As soon as I can figure out how best to do it..I want to do a giveaway.
I would so like to pass along the "Omg, it's beautiful. How wonderful that I won the giveaway". It truly is a thrill and the giveaways I've won, have been just beautiful.....
See you'all at Suzannes....anddddddddd, please check out the recipes below. They're wonderful..

Yummmmmmmmmm .... Veggie Side Salads

This is but a simple,easy side salad for any cookout, or bar=b-q. I just made this to go with a
tuna salad and it went alongside well. (Tis better with bar-b-q ribs tho :). The veggies almost "pickle" and go especially well with bar-b-q..
Salad takes but a few ingredients..perhaps you can think of a few more that would "pickle" well.
I used celery, green bell pepper, sweet Texas onion,cucumber....and Roma tomatoes....and....
Kroger's Zesty Italian dressing. I've tried with other dressings and it's just not as good.
The dressing has quite a bit of oil on top..sp before you shake dressing to add, I poured off half the oil on top....
Shake the dressing really well...The oil,vinegar and all those wonderful spices and garlic are already shake well....
Pour over....cover and let chill for just a short while. Salad is ready to eat almost immediately...
and best of all, the veggies will stay crispy. Yummmmmmm
I sure hope you enjoy this little salad. I think during the summer, you will serve it often..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~
Second Yummmmmmmm "pickled" Salad

This salad is served at our local bar-b-q place and is my favorite salad with their ribs. I tried and tried to make this simple salad..and yet, something was just not quite right. Finally Danny took pity on me and told me how to make. It is so simple..... two ingredients for the pickling liquid!!!!! Sugar and Vinegar in equal parts..that's it !!! I thought, yeah..right. * was right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The salad consists of:
cucumbers, sliced
sweet onions, sliced
a bit of bell pepper, pimento....and a bit of tomato..
Layer all the ingredients in a deep bowl, or in my case..for a large cookout, I use a gallon jar.
Take equal parts of vinegar and matter how little or how much, just equal parts. Stir till the sugar is dissolved.....and pour over the veggies. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours for absolute best flavor. No cheating..24 hours..

Friday, July 10, 2009

When Pigs Fly !!!!!! .... Pink Saturday

It's that pinkest of pink days again..Pink Saturday. One of my favorite days, cause I get to visit a lot of sweet bloggers and beautiful things...and all in pink. :) .
So come on along, join in the fun. Beverly is our sweet hostess and can be found at
How Sweet The Sound.
Please join's so much fun..........
For my pink this week.... I offer photos of a real pink flying pig. Horace is his name, super heroing is his game.
You got ghosts ??????
Who you gonna call ?????? Horace, Horace !!! The call goes out....

Is that not the cutest pink butt you've ever seen on a super hero ?????? And his cape of wings..well, who knew that pigs could fly ???
The setting behind our super hero is of a little prim shadowbox...... with my favorite copper household tools...and utensils. There is everything for the housewife that she could hope for "back in the day". This day, we can admire her utensils and working tools..and be very thankful that these items are antiques. :)
Happy Pink Saturday everyone...Please visit everyone on that wonderous Pink Saturday list. The bloggers you meet are wonderful. I also wanted to thank everyone for their visits and sweet comments on my blog. Every visit is appreciated and I hope you enjoy your visit.
Have a lovely and safe weekend..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage Things Thursday .... Older Coins

It's that great time of the week again..and as usual, I am running far behind. I have desperately tried to move the photos of my old coins, then realized they are far too big, but also realizing at this late hour, I am sorta stuck with them.
I hope you like the old far back as I can remember, my dad collected the older dimes and Indian head Nickles..I think he loved them as much as I do.
To see so many wonderful, beautiful vintage things..scamper and skedaddle on over to ColoradoLady. to see all the wonders....and why not join in the fun. Add your own vintage pretties and share them with us..

Vintage Things Thursday .... Old Coins

And to the older coins.....some are 1891 silver coins..and I have some earlier ones put away. I always wonder, how many times these coins have changed hands, who carried them..who they were...

The little silver bars and the coin in the little clear case..were gifts from my grandson. He is a beginning collector also..

The rest of the coins to follow, are coins collected while counting and rolling coins taken at my grocery store.
Though rolling coins is a job I hate, it does have it's small rewards..the coins here and a few others, have come through the stores registers within the last 3 months.

Buffalo back to the Indian Head Nickle
1921 Silver coin
1931 Silver coin
Walking Liberty silver coin
1891 silver coin
1901 silver coin
1896 silver coin