Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yummmmmmmmmm .... Veggie Side Salads

This is but a simple,easy side salad for any cookout, or bar=b-q. I just made this to go with a
tuna salad and it went alongside well. (Tis better with bar-b-q ribs tho :). The veggies almost "pickle" and go especially well with bar-b-q..
Salad takes but a few ingredients..perhaps you can think of a few more that would "pickle" well.
I used celery, green bell pepper, sweet Texas onion,cucumber....and Roma tomatoes....and....
Kroger's Zesty Italian dressing. I've tried with other dressings and it's just not as good.
The dressing has quite a bit of oil on top..sp before you shake dressing to add, I poured off half the oil on top....
Shake the dressing really well...The oil,vinegar and all those wonderful spices and garlic are already shake well....
Pour over....cover and let chill for just a short while. Salad is ready to eat almost immediately...
and best of all, the veggies will stay crispy. Yummmmmmm
I sure hope you enjoy this little salad. I think during the summer, you will serve it often..
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Second Yummmmmmmm "pickled" Salad

This salad is served at our local bar-b-q place and is my favorite salad with their ribs. I tried and tried to make this simple salad..and yet, something was just not quite right. Finally Danny took pity on me and told me how to make. It is so simple..... two ingredients for the pickling liquid!!!!! Sugar and Vinegar in equal parts..that's it !!! I thought, yeah..right. * was right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The salad consists of:
cucumbers, sliced
sweet onions, sliced
a bit of bell pepper, pimento....and a bit of tomato..
Layer all the ingredients in a deep bowl, or in my case..for a large cookout, I use a gallon jar.
Take equal parts of vinegar and matter how little or how much, just equal parts. Stir till the sugar is dissolved.....and pour over the veggies. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours for absolute best flavor. No cheating..24 hours..


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