Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spring Blossom and Avocado Green Pyrex Bowls .... Vintage Things Thursday

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These two lovely little bowls were gifted to me by a very sweet lady. Her name is Pam and knowing how much I love vintage Pyrex, she brought me two from her collection. ooo, Thank you Pam..they will be safe and happy in their new home.
First little Pyrex bowl is a pattern called Spring Blossom. Sometimes also called Crazy Daisy, although the marking are quite different. I didn't realize how different until I started searching for info. This little bowl is avocado / olive green, with a white interior and a white bottom. The markings say it's a 750 ml bowl, with the Pyrex Trademark and 401, baking and microwave. If I have it right, it's from the 60's and 70's.This little olive green mixing bowl is in the 1 1/2 pint size and is the smallest in the nesting set of the Crazy Daisy mixing bowl set. Little bowl has a white interior and a white bottom, with the markings of
Trademark 13 401 1 1/2 pint ovenware. This one I believe to be earlier than the first... My love of Pyrex has taken off again..thrift shops, look out !!... Here I come, searching for Pyrex..


  1. Wow! Who doesn't love Pyrex!!! I think it's safe to say everyone's got one piece in their kitchen. Avocado green was sure a sixties' color; my first house was built in the 1960's and had avocado green appliances. I like the color better on those bowls.

  2. i love pyrex bowls & dishes and i love your avocado bowls especially the one with the sweet daisy pattern :)

  3. Those are very lovely pyrex bowls. Dont think we can ever see such beautiful bowls anymore. I will catch up with you one of these days, now I am going out to

  4. The bowl with the crazy daisy design I love!. HOw wonderful that you get to add them into you collection.


  5. Pyrex very popular dishware in the 60s & 70s.. my mom still has some of her pyrex just like your lovely green avocado bowls. Happy VTT

  6. I love pyrex but, Avocado? Not so much! But the daisies are cute on the top one!

  7. yep avocado green-refrigerator, I was afraid that thing would never die! Love avocados though.Just not in my appliances.

  8. lots of luck finding more pieces!
    they are great... reminds me of the bowls my mom used when we were growing up. she probably still uses them!
    have a wonderful day

  9. Love pyrex...still use some of my first ones! Happy VTT to you!

  10. I have always loved vintage Pyrex. I have some gold ones, and still love them and use them daily.

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  11. It must come in waves, you know? Lately I've been on the lookout to add to my Pyrex collection. I'm pretty lucky because we've got a retro kitchen shoppe in town that specializes in Pyrex!

  12. Great pyrex bowls. I love pyrex too. My mom had one like the plain olive one but it was red. She used it so much the colour got all chipped off. Great childhood memory.


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