Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mini House Shadow Boxes .... Vintage Things Thursday ..... Colorado Lady Give-away

Welcome, welcome everyone to my site. This is my favorite day of the week..a day to showcase our treasures, as vintage as they might be. I love vintage, most anything vintage.... from quilts to enamelware to granite ware..vintage sewing supplies to aprons...I treasure them all..and to have a special day that honors that love we all have is due to the work of Suzanne, our sweet host.
Suzanne's site is at coloradolady. She is a secially sweet lady as are all the vintage ladies. Please.. come and visit, or better yet, come and join. The sweetest ladies in blogland pass through the vintage door. :)
I also must tell you that our own Suzanne is having a wonderful giveaway... so scamper and skedaddle on over to sign to her site and register to win. Her giveaways are lovely..and I so want to win, so you don't really have to hurry so fast.. :) .
My offering this a portion of the thimbles I have collected and been given over the years. Some of my bestest, most favorite ones have been safely tucked away... but truth to tell, the monetary value really means nothing..for if I love it, I would never sell it. I would give it to someone I loved, but would never sell it.
Please, click the photos to enlarge.....
The tiny cups have Mother. Grandmother....and are rimmed in gold. The tiny one at bottom is of a tiny girl holding sweet flowers.
The little house shadow boxes the thimbles are sitting on, will soon be filled with lace, ribbons and roses.. :). Just like the name of my blog and also will have tiny painted things. I love making them..the only problem I've ever had, is finding the little shadow boxes.
Yes...I realize little houses are not truly "shadow boxes" as everyone thinks, I have trouble find those as least those with any depth..but i love finding and filling them with small treasures..
Thank you all for you sweet visit. I hope you come again and again..and if you like me, I hope you become a follower. As soon as I can figure out how best to do it..I want to do a giveaway.
I would so like to pass along the "Omg, it's beautiful. How wonderful that I won the giveaway". It truly is a thrill and the giveaways I've won, have been just beautiful.....
See you'all at Suzannes....anddddddddd, please check out the recipes below. They're wonderful..


  1. What cute little thimbles, I have several too and I have had them for years, they are in my laundry room, funny thing is, I almost took their picture to post today...that would have been funny!!

    Have a great VTT!

  2. Oh so cute, and so many thimbles!!

    Barbara Jean

  3. wow.. what a collection! pretty thimbles.. small and pretty.. I love your collection..

  4. Those thimbles are no ordinary thimbles! They're so pretty. They look like little cups :-)

  5. Great collection of ceramic thimbles...and I love how you display them!

  6. Your thimble collection is so cute! I used to collect them. When we would go on vacation, I would look for a thimble from that place.
    I will keep an eye out for more of those houses for you, if you would like. I see alot of that kind of thing at garage sales, and it makes me happy to look for things that other people are looking for!
    Happy VTT!

  7. A very nice collection! When we first moved to this house in the woods, I found a tiny tiny thimble - from a MONOPOLY GAME! Of all things! I saved it, along with a marble I also found in the woods! Thanks for sharing, and have a great day!

  8. What a fun collection! Glad you shared them with us!

  9. I have never seen thimbles displayed in this fashion. What a neat post, filled with real treasures.

  10. Lovely thimbles and I like their houses. It makes for a very interesting display. Thimbles are one thing in sewing I do not use but have thought about collecting. Sadly I never did probably because I don't use them.

  11. Thank you for coming over and saying hi!! I love your thimble collection! When my grandmother passed away this January I was given one of her pretty thimbles - I found the sweetest little glass cloche to display my treasure in!


  12. i love old thimbles...have one from each of my grandmothers and treasure them dearly!

  13. Love your thimble collection! And what a cute way to display them! Happy VTT!

  14. How cute! I love the way you have them displayed. Hmmmm... kinda makes my collections of three and four things pathetic. I guess I just need to shop more!
    And CC? Thank you for your so sweet words on my post. I really, really would love to find his family but part of me worries, what if they don't care? I guess I'd rather know though because even if they don't want him, he's doing okay in the jewelry box. :)

  15. I really like your thimble collection. Maybe you'll be able to tell me why it is that I always lose the thimbles that I buy for sewing. I've probably bought a dozen over the years and they simply disappear!
    Perhaps I need to start a collection so that they will stay all in one place. :)
    Happy VTT and thanks for sharing that wonderful thimble collection!

  16. i love your sweet little houses..they display your thimbles beautifully :)


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