Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hearts and Birds for Embroidery, Painting or Woodburning..

A tiny string of embroidery, paint or wood burn..

Little bird for use on left side.................

Little bird for right side.......


  1. Oh how wonderful, congratulations. I too wore a sheath style dress of soft white Dupioni silk, and carried calla lilies - 14 years for me.

    Darling templates! Hi, just a note to let you know I held the drawing last evening and posted the results today. I'm sorry you didn't win, but wanted to thank you for entering.

    Please come by and visit again soon - I love to get company.

    Have a great week! xJ

  2. Three little hearts and the birdies are so lovely. Am sure they would turn out beautifully on embroidery. I am ashamed I am idle in my crochet and handiwork. I need to get back to it. Right now I am so busy checking out all the new malls for foods..hehehe.


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