Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage Things Thursday .... Old Coins

And to the older coins.....some are 1891 silver coins..and I have some earlier ones put away. I always wonder, how many times these coins have changed hands, who carried them..who they were...

The little silver bars and the coin in the little clear case..were gifts from my grandson. He is a beginning collector also..

The rest of the coins to follow, are coins collected while counting and rolling coins taken at my grocery store.
Though rolling coins is a job I hate, it does have it's small rewards..the coins here and a few others, have come through the stores registers within the last 3 months.

Buffalo back to the Indian Head Nickle
1921 Silver coin
1931 Silver coin
Walking Liberty silver coin
1891 silver coin
1901 silver coin
1896 silver coin


  1. How cool! I've never seen coins for VTT!

  2. Hi CC

    Love the coins, they are little pieces of art. My favorite is the lady liberty (the last one) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I enjoyed looking at your coin collection. I used to have a small collection of Silver Dollars, but alas, had them in my jewelry box, instead of a safe place and when our house was robbed years ago, they were taken along with my jewelry box.

  4. I had some of those blue coin books from my childhood that I just sold a few months ago. One was filled with silver dollars. I also had pennies and dimes originally collected from change.

  5. I enjoyed looking through them. They are just fascinating. Just look those faces. And yes, even more fascinating to think who and how many owners have these coins been to.

    The silver bars are quite interesting.

  6. What a great post for VTT!! I like the old coins too, I think I have one like yours, I am going to have to check, if I can find it!!

    I can not believe some of these are making their way to your cash register today, that is wonderful! I would be saving them as well.

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  7. Old coins really were works of art, weren't they? That Walking Liberty one is really pretty, and I've always loved the buffalo nickels. You have a great collection!

  8. Wow CC, these coins are so unique and a good collection. I love the coins with the Indians, never see these coins before. Now I am going to look for my coin collection album. :) Once I posted, I will link your post of coins with mine.

    You always give me good inspiration of what to post.

  9. I love your vintage coins, what a great post for VTT. I have a few that I have saved through the years, but not too many. Thanks for showing these today!

    Have a great VTT!

  10. Great Silver Dollars! My grandfather used to give us kids each a silver dollar when we visited. Unfortunately, we didn't visit often, but I still remember the weight of it in my hand. Can't imagine carrying that weight around in my purse!

  11. wow, I can't believe you found those within the past 3 months! 1891 is the year my grandmother was born. My boys are off and on collectors of coins. I love them, thanks for sharing.

  12. Your post today was right up my ally. I have several old silver dollars as well as other coins. I would never thought of putting them on my post. Great idea. Truly enjoyed looking at yours. Thanks for my visit as well.

  13. What a wonderful collection!
    Love that buffalo head nickel,
    real American history on a coin!
    Happy VTT! :)

  14. What a unique post! I've owned some of those silver dollars === they were gifts for graduations and for baptisms, confirmations, etc. Have not thought about them for years.

  15. So interesting! I don't know anything about old coins but like you, I think it's fun to imagine how many hands they've passed through. Amazing that they're still around.

  16. Wonderful silver coins! My Dad collected silver dollars and I remember the walking liberty coin.
    I love Indian head nickels and the old liberty dimes! Thanks for sharing these!

  17. My Dad had a box of old coins that I now own, I've got some of the same:)
    The sad thing is, some of the coins are in better shape than I am in :(

  18. what a fabulous coin collection, great designs, real pieces of art :)

  19. Wow that's quite a haul from rolling coins! Very interesting-& rewarding.

  20. CC, love the coins, especially the one from 1928. The workmanship! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Great piece this week, CC. Old coins are so interesting.

  22. Hi CC,
    Great post, and thanks for visiting me this week. You are right - the VTT girls are all so nice! I'm partial to those buffalo nickels. I have a bracelet made of them that belonged to my MIL. It's missing one coin, though, so I need to find a replacement before I can wear it again.

    See you next Thursday!


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