Monday, August 17, 2009

In the Garden and In the Country.....A Walk

On our walk through..we see...
Another gorgeous flower...isn't it wonderful growing in the garden and out in the wild? And of course, some are growing near the little pond and over yonder by the creek. Oooo, there is so much to see and enjoy in the garden and in the country. Isn't it all just beautiful and wonderful??

A small succulent, a rosette. Now you hafta know, that some tiny friends find shelter here with little rosette.
Here we find a lawn nemisis...our friend the dandylion. Look at those large green leaves. I think perhaps sometime, little faeries and elves take shelter with them as well.
And another favorite. Perhaps a home or safe shelter for a sweet faerie or an elf. I love the shapes and colors of our pretty mushrooms. I have a feeling when I do mine, they will be in red.
Here we find a little friend..a small squirrel that has found quite a treat. It's a small branch of acorns..and out little furry friend is contemplating how best to get it home. Perhaps a friend will help him.

Ahhhhhhh, what do we have here growing ????? It's chrysanthemums . They're gorgeous in all their wonderful colors. There are golds, yellows..pinks and reds, rusts..and on and on. All the colors you can think of..these flowers can be that shade or hue.
One of my favorites around water is cattails. I think they're gorgeous with their shades of browns and tans aganist the greens of the stems.... Butterflies, dragonflies live among the reeds and cattails...and so do tiny frogs and big frogs and turtles, and, and....

Look at this..a sweet little pond. Wonder what lives here. Hmmmmm, a butterfly and of course a dragonfly..and let's see what else we can see. Oooooo, look, there are tiny minnows and tadpoles swimming about. And just there was a little frog on his lily pad, he must be shy, cause back in the water he went. Look at all the water flowers..I just love them with their shades of pinks and cremes and pale yellows. They're just beautiful.


  1. Hi CC! Guess What?!! I hope you're ready to do your happy dance, because as soon as you send me your mailing address, little Suri will be on her way to her new home with YOU! Your name was pulled from the drawing, and I feel very assured how much she will be loved after reading your comment! Will be posting this very soon... Just wanted you to be the FIRST to know! ~tina

  2. Hello, CC,
    I enjoyed my stroll through your garden and around your pond. Thanks for inviting me. I am sure you will make some beautiful things out of these wonderful images where I, too, am sure a fairy or an elf is lurking. Have a wonderful week ahead. Vicki

  3. Very cute little graphics to embroider, love the theme. Makes for wonderful redwork, bluework,

  4. This is so beautiful. I love the squirrel pattern. I enjoyed all the patterns in here.:) Do come and see the new mall in my blog, you will be impressed. :)

  5. Hi CC,

    You have actually brought your drawings to life in your lively descriptions of color and activity.

    Thank you for your visit. Yes, don't you just love going through crafting supplies? It's positively decadent sometimes especially when I find something I had forgotten about. (tee hee :)

    Cheers! =D

  6. Enjoyed your post very much. Makes you feel as though you have been there too. Glad to hear your are a big winner. It is nice to win once in awhile. Thanks for your visit today.


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