Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beth Found The Plate Pattern

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I feel so blessed when anyone comes to visit and leaves a comment or emails me. It's such great fun to meet and visit with new visitors...and to check on the places I follow to see what everyone has been up to.
Well, as luck would have it, Beth saw the pictures of the plates.........and she went searching as well. Annnddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!! She found what I couldn't. As I said, I had searched and searched,with no luck..and then a great detective came to the rescue.
Hugggggs Beth..if I could happy dance with no pain,I could..but I'll have to save the happy dance for awhile.
The pattern is called Renaissance Brown by English Ironstone. The description is as follows.."Brown border,flowers,birds and scenes".Searching is a bit difficult, because there are other Renaissance patterns out there,by different makers, different companies. I'll keep looking about to see if I can find a price on them and anything else that I can find. But the thing is, I love matter how expensive or inexpensive they are. I just love the brown and the pattern and will be on the lookout for more. Who knows...maybe someday..I'll find some pink transferware. That's I think my favorite,,,ummmmmmm,
well maybe the brown is my favorite.
So again..thank you Beth..I so appreciate your searching and find.. That was ever so sweet of you.........
Beth is about to start a new project..and will post pictures before she starts. Go check out her sweet blog at Bellesangeauscrafts. I just know you will like her pretty place..


  1. How wonderful! Kudo to Beth, they sure are beautiful and unusual.

  2. awww shucks mam tweren't nuttin! I had that placed saved when I was looking for pieces to the china my father had bought my mom some hmmmm do i tell my age here??? oh well you won't tell anyone...some 55 yrs ago. I am so happy that was the right one. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment on my are such a sweetie! Have an awesome day...oh and your right who cares how much they are worth if you love them!!!! Beth

  3. Oh how super sweet of Beth. Bloggers are just the best!

  4. I love bloggers and how we help and encourage each other. That was nice of Beth to find that pattern for you. They are wonderful and good luck on finding more!!

  5. You should know by now anything you need there is a blogger out there that can help. So many of them are very talented and creative. Be glad when you an happy dance again.

  6. So sweet of Beth. That's one good advantage of blogging. You learn new things everyday. Take Care CC. :)

  7. How wonderful that she found the name of that pattern for you. I love those swans. :-)


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