Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Want To......

 Well, that the holidays are over...the decorations are down, I find myself exhausted. With my work at the store, some family's taken a toll on me..However, I don't stay down for long. I know I will get rested and my schedule will get revamped..and I will get recharged.
 One of the things that keeps me this new love of blogging. When I first started,I was so scared to actually put words, thought out there for everyone to see......but amazingly,when I did, people responded in such a sweet way. It was a wonderful feeling..I love to share and have others share with me.
 I haven't made any resolutions this year..they always seem doomed to failure anyway..but I have set some goals for myself. There is so much I want to do,so many more crafts that I want to learn. Anyway, to that effect, I've made lists for myself..and then the list got longer and longer..and I began to wonder, are there enough hours in the day?? But I think there will be.

Some of the Things I Want to Do
1. Finish my small crazy quilt..embroidery and all
2..Continue my blocks of Sunbonnet Sue
3. Start the redwork embroidery blocks of Baby Sunbonnet Sue
4. Start my log cabin quilt top in shades of pinks, cremes, and sage greens
5. Continue on with embroidering pillowcases I've already made the pattern on
6. Do my embroidered dish towels and finish them with the vintage lace
7. Do my crocheted baskets on the bath towels and add the vintage lace
8. I want to learn to do the beautiful tags that people are making
9. To finish my birdhouses and shadowboxes with tole painting
10. Take stock of all my craft supplies...organize them and re do my craft area
11. Seriously think about and check into a booth in my favorite antique shop
12. Re-organize my store so I will have a fairly large area for my selling area..a booth in my own store,so to speak
13. To go through and list all my craft supplies,so that I don't repeat buying the same thing over and over
14. Make list of the vintage books and patterns that I have....
15. Make list of all my cookbooks..those that I will part with and those that I won't
16. To get my sewing machine out..and get ready to do some serious sewing. I have vintage apron patterns that have already been used, so I won't have a problem using them.I enjoy sewing and I love aprons, so it's a win win thing.
17. To chosse some soft,soft snuggly yarn..enough to do another crocheted afghan. I so love to crochet and it's so relaxing..I need to take more time to crochet. And I also want to make some scarves..

 Not on that list, but at the top if it was, is the need for a way to store lace..both new and vintage. Just before Christmas, whilst out thrifting..I stumbled/tripped over a large bag sticking somewhat out in the aisle. I leaned down to move it back out of the way..and ta da !!!!!!!!, it was a large a huge one..ummm, it was the most ganormeous bag I have ever seen....and it was filled with lace. Lace of every kind,style,small,large..lace to put ribbon through..ruffled,,older and vintage.. It was so stuffed with lace,I had trouble picking it up,taking it to the checkout and handing them the five dollars. A very kind gentleman helped me to my Explorer with the bag..and I went back to shop more. Now that I have the lace...great grief, I am trying to think of ways to store it. There is some of the most gorgeous lace in there and some that is "heavier" and more ornate. It's all just lace heaven. Now,if I could only find buttons like that.

 Do you see the problem running through here.. So much to do, and not enough time. So, I need to learn to budget my time and use it wisely. I intend to do as much as possible....


  1. Oh Sweetie...
    What a find that is. Now to the problem, how to store it, and what are you going to do with it. Well when you said lots, what came to my mind, was the Christmas paper rolls to wrap it around and around, and you know a lot of the stores have those Christmas paper storage bags at 60-75% off right now. If you rolled it on wrapping paper rolls and then put it inside of one of those bags, it would be rolled and it would be covered and protected. I don't know sweetie, just a thought.

    I would've bought it too. How can you pass up that much lace for $5.00? Nope, no way, I wouldn't have either. What a bargain.

    Have a great Monday sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. I am so with you on #10! I need to organize all my craft stuff and clean up my area!! Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday!

  3. Looks like a little bit of my list, too. I'm trying not to be overwhelmed and just keep plugging along.

    I sell lace and trims so am always looking for ways to organize it. What works best for me is a uniform size of cardboard. Measure the piece, wind it around the cardboard, and be sure to WRITE down on the top the length!

  4. Thank you Sherry and thank you Nancy for these two wonderful ideas.
    I think either or both will work to try and organize this mass of lace. Thank you both so very much.

  5. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  6. CC, I"m with you on feeling overwhelmed by all my intended projects. Regarding lace==I would wrap it around cardboard and store it flat and straight up like at the fabric store. That way you can see what you have. I definately know who to go to if I run out but the truth is, I don't use that much. I think it would be good to find a project for some of it (cuz we all need another project, right???? :D). Take care , HUGS! :)

  7. What an exciting find!!! LACE of all KINDS! And I do love Nancy's suggestion for winding each piece around a cardboard. I think that would be fun to do and productive at the same time! Have a happy day!
    Hugs, Coralie

  8. Happy New Year CC. Hope you get to do all your things you wanted to do. It is same over here. Been trying to get started on crafts, baking, etc but just too busy with so may things popping up. Chinese New Year is next month, so I am busy getting the house tidy and hope to get new curtains, etc. I have yet to shop for new clothes for Chinese New Year. Hope to catch up on you.

  9. Do you have a JoAnn's or similar store? I was shopping and bought the last bit of trim and asked if they tossed the holder. I felt as lucky as you with your bargain lace because I came home with 2 bags of lace and trim holders. Now to put my trims on them. Organizing can sometimes be fun!!! ;0

  10. Wow, your list is pretty extensive. Good luck with all this. I haven't made a list in writing as yet. Still in my head. It may end up being as long as yours though. As you say, so much to do and so little time. I want to take a room at a time and clean out closets, drawers, etc. Try to get everything more organized. I'm off to a good start, but need to keep moving.
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my tea towels. Looking at your heart cross stitch pattern, made me recall that as a child I would do crosstitch on gingham for tea towels. I gave them to aunts and cousins. Funny what sparks one's memory. I haven't thought about that in decades!
    All the best for 2010 and getting through that list...Sarah

  11. Hi CC,
    Happy new year. I always make a huge goal/resolution list too. It's fun and makes looking forward to the new year a bit more fun. Good luck with your list...I know you can accomplish each and every one of those goals. Have a wonderful day. Until next time.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  12. Just do it one thing at a time and you will get through that list before you know it!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. Just writing all of the things you want to accomplish is the first step to realizing your goals.
    Or, at least that's my two cents.
    I know what you mean about blogging. It's like we all understand one another and enjoy each other's company. I can't imagine not blogging now that I have experienced the job and pleasure it brings to me. With blogging buddies like you, I can't go wrong.

    I love your find, I would be in lace heaven!!


  14. thats a long list...good luck!!! i can't even bear to think of all the things i need to get done

  15. Hi: You made me tried just reading all the things you have to do. Please take it easy. How lucky you were to find all that lace. Now, what to do with it! Blessings, Martha

  16. Hi CC, I think resolutions are just the stuff of our lives. Whether we keep them or not, it is so cleansing to just make them because it get us thinking about change and newness. Yours sound great. And I love your ginghams. One of the things I might try to do this year is finish my gingham chicken scratch or whatever that stitch is called quilt top that I started almost five years ago. You know where you use complimentary thread and do the x's and o's around the tiny squares. I'm having a senior moment here.


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