Friday, January 22, 2010

Apron Give-Away

 Be sure and start to leave a comment..starting now and going till the end of next Pink Saturday..I will be having an apron give-away. This is my first ever give-away, and I'm hoping lots join in. It's a beautiful,vintage organdy apron..lined with another layer of crisp organdy..and the bottom on beautifully scalloped slanting upward. towards the ties. The ties are long enough for a sweet tie in the back..and just in time for Valentines''s a beautiful shade of red. Pictures of the apron will be posted later today or tomorrow for Pink Saturday.
Come join in and leave a comment for 1 entry..if you're a follower, or become a follower..just let me know for a second entry.  Help me have a great give-away. All comments will be an entry...


  1. CC, I can't wait to see the apron!
    Come and see the gypsy, she is done and posted on today.

  2. I can not wait!!! How fun is this....please enter me!!

  3. Wow! CC I've been wanting to make an apron since Ros and Suzanne posted about aprons and apron patterns. The red organdy is pretty.

  4. Please count me in. I am a follower and I always enjoy visiting your blog. Can't wait to see your pink saturday post.

    I just finished writing mine and will have it up tonight sometime.

  5. CC I left a comment above and I am a follower.


  6. Beautiful apron. Don't you just love giveaways!! They are so much fun whether you are the giver or the winner.

  7. The prettiest apron just in time for Valentines day! How generous are you!

  8. Oh CC.. What a heartbreaking story, but with such a wonderful ending!! People like Jeanne, I think are angels! They take that extra step and find it in their heart to make someone else feel better!... LOVE the spiderweb doily!.. and LOVE your apron!! Now you KNOW I'm a follower, and frequent visitor here! (0; I would LOVE to win an apron you made, so please do count me in for your giveaway! ((hugs)) ~tina

  9. Please enter me CC!!!
    I am definately going to be following your blog!!
    It is just super lovely!!!

  10. CC,
    What a charming and lovely apron. I will post about your give away on my side bar.

  11. What a beautiful apron. A very generous giveaway. I understand how you feel about your lost memories. My husband lost his mother's chest with all her handmade pieces and his grandmother's needlework. It is something that can never be replaced.

    Take care,

  12. Count me in on your great giveaway!

    I was taken by your post. My mother made sure my sister and I learned to sew, crochet, cook, flower arrange, whatever. I love that!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Come see me.

  13. Wonderful post! The apron will be perfect for Valentine..

  14. What a great giveaway. Please put my name in the drawing.

  15. oh that apron is perfect not just valentine's day but for xmas. I know it's a long way off lol but Christmas is never far from my thoughts. Your blog is beautiful, I am now a follower :) please put me in the drawing thanks~

  16. You are so sweet to offer everyone this wonderful opportunity to win.


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