Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crocheted Rag Rug...Another Size

I have made a few of these rugs and they make up really pretty.. I'm not sure where the original pattern comes was copied down for me a few years ago...
The measurments are about a 20 x35" rug
You will need....
15 yards of various solids and prints..(if fabric is 45" wide)
Size Q crochet hook
sewing thread that will blend in..
How To:
First, measure and then tear the fabric into 2" wide strips. Sew together the narrow ends of the strips of same color to form 1 long strip of each color...roll into a loose ball..
Rug is worked in rows with half the rows worked on each side of the foundation chain. Work one side..and then the other side.
When crocheting the fabric strips, work in the back loop of stitches throughout.
Leave 3" of each strip unworked at each end of row for fringe....additinal fringe will be worked after crocheting is completed.
Change the fabric color for each row...
For the center foundation chain...begin 3" from the end of first strip and chain 51; fasten off leaving a 3" tail...
Row 1
Beginning 3" from end of a different color strip, work 2 sc in first ch , sc in each sc across, 2 sc in last ch; fasten off leaving a 3" tail...
Row 2:
Beginning 3" from end of a different color strip, work 2 sc in back loop of first sc of previous row, sc in back loop of each sc across, 2 sc in back loop of last sc; fasten off leaving a 3" tail..
Rows 3 thru 10
Repeat Row 2
*** Turn crocheted piece and work across remaining side of foundation chain..
Rows 11 thru 20:
Repeat Rows 1 thru 10
Make the fringe:
** Fringe is attached with a larkshead knot...( I'm not sure how to best discribe this knot, I just know how to make them ...but thats what the pattern has )
For fringe...cut remaining fabric strips into 7" strips. For narrow ends of rug, hold 2 strips together as 1 and make a 2-strip knot in each end stitch of each row. In the same way, make two..2-strip knots in each corner stitch.
Starting at one corner, and working across one long side of rug, make one 2-strip knot in stitch next to corner stitch. * In each of the next two stitches, make a 1-strip knot. In each of the next two stitches, ,make one 2-strip knot. * Repeat between *'s across side.
Attach fringe to remaining long side in the same manner...


  1. You wouldnt have a picture of your rag rug would you? Hugs Khris

  2. I don't have a photo Khris.. I gave my rugs away,,,never thinking back then to take a picture. And,the pattern itself has no photo..


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