Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No Post for Vintage Things Thursday....* sighs

As always,this is my favorite day of the's Thursday....and that means it's..................
Vintage Things Thursday. I love all things vintage, maybe I was born a bit too late,but I like the long dresses of the "old west".......and I love the kitchen tools, crocheted,knitted,tatted pieces and edgings..vintage linens..old quilts, and Pyrex. I think I mean,if it's vintage,I probably like it.
Even if it's my favorite day..I'm having problems trying to get my pics loaded on, sooooo, I've decided to go and look at what everyone else has posted, no matter if I can post or not. I always enjoy looking at all the wonderful things off I Suzanne at Colorado Lady and beginning there, see what all the vintage goodies are this week....


  1. So frustrating. sorry.

    hope the rest of your week is good.

    Can't believe it is Sept already!!

    barbara jean

  2. It's very sad about your pics not loading on this special day. It's my favorite, too.

  3. I know you hated to not have a VTT post today, but is okay, just viewing others will be fine. I have goofed more times than I care to admit.

  4. Hi, CC,
    I don't participate in Vintage Thursdays but wanted to just pop in for a visit. I am sorry you are having trouble with downloading pictures. Computer problems can be so frustrating. Hope you have a good end of the week and a great weekend. Vicki

  5. Sorry about the computer issues, argh! It can be so annoying to deal with electronics when they seem to have a mind of their own!
    I can't wait to see your BOM in all sunbonnet Sue. I've wanted to do a block of the month but I'm alittle chicken, i'm sure I'll be inspired by yours!

  6. Hi CC! An award awaits you on my post today!.. You may of course do with it whatever you like, but I just wanted you to know that you're "on my list"!.. and I'm so glad to have you there! ~tina

  7. A woman after my own heart. If it's vintage I probably love it too :) Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I hope your trip to the hospital improved things for you.


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