Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunbonnet Girl in Pantaloons

Included in that one large box of patterns, there was this sweet pattern of a young Sunbonnet girl doing some of her chores in her sweet,ruffly pantaloons. (Am I spelling that correctly?). I'm sure there was a little series of maybe 7 "days of the week" chores, but I only have this one and one more....and then one little farm girl Sue with her favorite scarecrow. I wish there had been lots more Sue patterns in the box, but I'll take whatever happens to come my way.
 If you decide to embroider our sweet girl..all you need do is to run off a copy here...Then I use tracing paper and trace the pattern in a red Dritz transfer pencil. Then all I need to do, is place the traced pattern transfer side down on my fabric, and iron the transfer on. Then the project is all ready to embroidery. This is also how I do my vintage patterns to keep them intact. I simply trace them off and then use that pattern as my iron on.
I sure wish there were more hours in the day..embroidery stitching goes so slow and easy, and it just takes time to complete...but you know, somehow with my fabric in a little hoop...and beautifully colored threads spilling out of my embroidery basket,in my mind I wander back to softer,sweeter times..somehow, the stitches are so soothing that it's next to impossible to stress and's just a gentle,calming way to spend some quiet time with yourself. I love to embroidery..I love the beautiful colors..and I love the different patterns and stitches. Thank you granny, for taking the time to teach a little girl..the patience to be still long enough to thread a needle...and to pull that gorgeous color through the fabric..sweet stitch after sweet stitch. Each time I pick up my work, I think of you..and sitting on your bed with all the beautiful silk thread and those boxes and tins of buttons.Somehow,I know you're watching the stitching, smiling and nodding approval..and you're in your sweet apron,with your hair in a bun and a brooch or a pin on your dress...thank you granny..I remember you..and I love and miss you..


  1. CC,
    I loved this post esp. your tribute to your Grandmother. Unfortunately, I did not grow up with any living grandparents so I really missed out on something special. Thanks for visiting me yesterday on PS. I never thought that a simple story about a daughter's love would cause such an outpouring of emotional from so many. Thanks for taking the time to visit me when you can.

  2. That was a very sweet post. My mom taught me how to embroider when I was little. I haven't done any embroidery in a long time but I may just pick up needle and thread and see if I remember how. Thanks for the cute pattern and the how-to to transfer the pattern.

  3. I like the lady in pantaloons! Reminds me of my grandmother and how she was always making something.

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  4. Hello CC, I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits. thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. What a sweet post! I love to embroider, might try and find time to do this one! This is soooooo cute!!! Also loved your pink post.
    Have a great week!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

    PS Thank you so much for adding the link to my charity blog to your blog roll. So sweet of you!!!!!

  5. I love this post. I also love all the sweet and kind comments you leave me. You are one incredible lady.

  6. Great post!

    Have a super week.

  7. Dear CC,
    I just want to say hello and thank you for your visit on my blog and your friendly words.
    Have a great day


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