Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Farm Girls, Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah...Off To Go Caroling...( Late Edition )

I'm just now getting to posting some of Do's laterst projects.
This was one of the series of her little quilt blocks..and it was for December. Little Sunbonnet Sue and her bestest ever friend Hannah were out caroling at Christmas time.  Sue carried the little songbook and Hannah carried a lantern that Father had fixed for them to light their way. Their little dog,Peanut Butter and little KittyKitty went with the girls to safeguard them. Do said that Sue told her...there came a magical time for them. All the stars were out on this snowy night,almost enough to light their way..when suddenly a little bird friend joined them. Little bird apparently was a baby and the girls immediately loved him...and named him Robbie because he looked so robin like. They wondered, where he was from and how he had found them.. but then,they decided he was a Christmas miracle,and they asked him to join in the caroling..... and so they began their treck to different houses...and each time their little animal friends joind them..all lifting their voices to Heaven..and singing as only sweet innocents can sing. I would have loved for them to visit my home...and I would have loved to have heard them sing....and I mother always told the story,that at midnight on Christmas Eve, all the animals could talk and sing their praises to the highest..and I wonder, did the girls hear them??? Oh,I hope they did.. How magical and wonderful...
 As we leave our girls to the part whereas they and their little friends were invited in to warm,and to enjoy hot chocolate and fresh made whipped cream on top..wonderful german sweet chocolate cake, their little friend were also given snacks of warm milk...and treats..and little Robbie was given some of the very best baby bird food... and magically,he began to sing and chirp and sing even more.
 As we leave our little friends in the kitchen of a loving home..I can only wish I was there. In that lovely sweet time, when all was well...and safe....oh,the sweetness...
The girls and all their little friends wish for you a safe,loving home..ahere all is warm and good and filled with hugs. May your days be wonderous....and filled with love.

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