Friday, April 9, 2010

Precious and Pretty Pink Tea Sets. .... Pink Saturday

It's the weekend again..and I'm so happy that it is....,for it means we can all have a pink party with so many lovely ladies joining in. We can go walking through blogland,and stop at each house that has the pink banner waving. You will know the banner for it will have Beverly's dolls on it. When you see that banner,stop for a visit,look at all the wonderful things..and don't forget to leave a comment. I, myself, love getting and reading comments. Each and every one that takes the time to leave a sweet message makes my day so much brighter,specially if I'm tired or's like a small hug from a faraway friend..., and I appreciate them.
Let's all take ourselves over now to the Pink Party Headquarters to see the pink list for this week Then we can go visiting to our hearts content.. Click on
HowSweetTheSound and we'll get started. Thank you so much sweet Beverly,for hosting the party..we loves you..
Perhaps this would be the pink post to scream out to the rafters.."I want all these tea sets". Whew,that took all my energy,cause I really yelled it out. Will you just look at these little gorgeous sets..are they not beautiful?? And does CC not want them all?? Yes,CC does. I would settle for one..I think. Maybe not,because I wouldn't be able to choose. *sighs. These are for the younger girl tea sets anyway..and I passed the younger girl a few years back. But I still want these tea sets. They're not mine,but ohhh how I wish they were.
I would have a small beautiful table,set with one of these sets,tiny cups and dessert plates with our silver service. We would have the finest napkins with tatted edgings from back in the day..and I would invite all of you.
We would have tea and crumpets and strawberries and clotted cream. Do would come from England and tell me I was doing it wrong,and I would hug her and hug her,cause she is a dear,dear,sweet,loving friend that I will probably never get to meet in person.But I love her dearly even if we never get to meet for real.
 Our tables would be laid with the finest cloths and we would have beautiful vases with my favorite hyacanith (sp),peonies and the palest pink tea roses.
Our Princess of the tea party would be our lovely hostess Beverly and she would wear a beautiful diamond tiara in honor of all the work she does to keep our Pink Party going. P.S. We love you Beverly..
There would be lovely ladies in waiting for the lovely Princess..they would all have beautiful,but smaller pink diamond tiaras..there would be the lovely lady Jeanne from Backyard Neighbor, the lovely lady Claudie from Bubblin Over, lovely lady Tina from Beansleigh Babbles, the lovely lady Dawn from C and G Designs, the lovely lady Alice from Singapore My Home. the lovely lady Diann from Thrifty Groove,the ever so lovely and gracious lady Susie from First Floor Flats, lovely lady Nancy from Le Chambre Rose..,lovely lady Sherry from A happy Valentine, there's lovely lady Anne from AnnesPhamily...and so many other lovely ladies..
Oh my..the dresses and ruffles,lace,silks and satins,ribbons and bows,hoops for the skirts,flowers in hats and wound in some of the ladies hair...
 We would all gather, and talk, and laugh....we would sip our tea and have refreshments and the party would go on for hours and hours with all the pretty pink participants from Pink Saturday there.
 And then..we would all call for the footmen and the carriages to be whisked back to our wonderful life in our beautiful castles.. and we would all live happily ever and ever after... The End..


  1. They are ALL darling! I just love mini-teasets.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Those Tea Sets are absolutely gorgeous!!! I just love them.

  3. Hi CC,
    Oh, your tea sets are simply lovely! I love them all! That first set matches the china I will be sharing in my Tea Time Tuesday post next week. Lots of pink and lots of pretty; thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday and hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  4. I love all the pretty pink tea sets.

  5. You have a great assortment of tea sets. They are all very pretty.

  6. Oh, I would love any of those sets! they are ALL beautiful!

  7. Oh the 5th one is super sweet!!! Tea time is just so great! It always feels really relaxing to have tea even if it is proper!!
    Have an extra special wonderful weekend!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. Hi, CC,
    I would love to have tea with you from any of these pretty tea sets! Like you, I would want them all because I couldn't choose just one. I hope you have a lovely weekend and Happy Pink Saturday! Blessings to you! Vicki

  9. I have some mini tea sets, too! They are so fun and I sure like the ones you are showing. Sweet story, too. Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Thank you for daring to share!!I came to your blog for the first time today via Cathy's Scrap Creations @ blogspot. I love, love, love your site! I will be back to absorb more of the info ... it is so rich !

  11. P.S. Am not sure what follows the post to you ... so want to let you know I am as new blogger at

  12. Gorgeous tea sets.
    Happy Pink Saturday CC.

    xo Regina

  13. Hi CC!
    Any one of those sets would be perfect for your tea party!
    Nothing like having tea with your best girlfriends!
    Happy Pink Saturday, Sweetie!
    XO Mary

  14. Oh yes, CC, you can count me in! Thank you for including me. I'm having a tea party at my place today too, hope you can come by and join me. Happy Pink Saturday my friend!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  15. I have a few mini tea sets and I would just LOVE to have the ones you posted!! So very pretty!!

  16. Oh, what beautiful tea sets!! How lucky you are to have them! I have given my oldest granddaughter two sets...and set has broke both them. :/ Even with supervision.

  17. I love these as well, my granddaughters liked mine so they took them home with them. Happy Pink Saturday.

  18. The tea sets are just beautiful!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. Hi CC

    What a fabulous and fun post - I'd love the striped tea set for my tea party, please! And scones with clotted cream and raspberry preserve. But could I wear a bustle instead of hoops (I'd be less likely to knock any china off the coffee table). Wouldn't it be a lovely visit!

    Happy Pink Saturday, sweetie!

  20. The detail on those tea sets are adorable!

  21. Oh CC I have felt like a princess this whole month, thank to friends like you. My heart is so much bigger for all my bloggy friends. I would take any tiara anytime.
    Love your new look CC. I really like it, and you will be features? YEAH to that.
    I LOVE the first tea set. I just wouldn't have room to put it with all the beautiful pressies I received from the girls : )
    Happy PS dear friend
    Love Claudie

  22. delightful as can be! so pretty with the pink blossoms! Happy Pink Saturday! Hope to see you back at my place...

  23. I love tea sets, too. They encourage us to have time with friends, slow afternoons, and cookies! I know my life is too hurried when I don't take time for tea. Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. Happy Pink Saturday! Love the pink striped set.

  25. What a nice tea party you have conjured up. I would be delighted to attend. And if you need an excuse for a tiny teaset, a teddy bear is always up for a good tea party. I found that out many years ago. I enjoyed reading here.


  26. Oh CC!! What a fun post!.. And thank you so much for including me for tea! I think the tea set that caught my eye the most was the third set down!.. But honestly, they're ALL SO-ooo CUTE!! Thank you for tea, and for such a lovely visit today! Happy Pink Saturday to you, and hope you're enjoying a very nice weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  27. I love them all! I found two tea cups and matching saucers at the thrift store today for seventy five cents each! They are the Tea Rose pattern Pfaltzgraff. I love them! You have the best posts! You are so amazing! Blessings! Anne

  28. Everything here is sooooooo very beautiful, I love those beautiful Tea Sets!!!Gorgeous!
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  29. Happy Pink Sat!!! I hope you do have a few little PINK tea sets!!! If you don't....go get one or two! The ones you shared are darling and would look so sweet in little displays anywhere in the house...maybe not the garage...but any place else!!

    Enjoyed your post....Dana

  30. Oh, what lovely tea sets! :)

    Happy belated Pink Saturday,

  31. Sounds like a fun tea party. I love all the tea sets. Your roses clock on the sidebar is beautiful, CC. Happy PS~

  32. Hi CC,

    Well those pink teasets are to die for!! Love them all and even if they are for the young at heart...I wouldn't mind having them. Thanks for sharing such beauutiful pieces!!!

    Also a special thanks for grabing my button and becoming a follower! Good luck with the giveaway!

    Miss Bloomers

  33. oh my, those tea sets are gorgeous!!
    I hope you don't mind that I'm following you. Your blog is so lovely and inspiring.
    Have a super week!

  34. CC, your teaset collections is so beautiful. I wanted to choose the best among them all but I cant decide which to choose. I guess I want one for the morning coffee, one for the afternoon tea, one for dinner and one for supper...hahahaha. Thanks for sharing. :)

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