Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue and the MOUSE

There is a story goes something like this...
See Sue
See the tray
See the tea set
See Sue's cute pantaloons
See the tray in Sue's hands
See the tea set on the tray in Sue's hands
See the MOUSE
See Sue see the MOUSE
See Sue's mouth after she see's the MOUSE
See Sue run
See the MOUSE giggle as he eats the snack and drinks the tea from the tea set on the tray that Sue held in her hands.
The End...


  1. Hi: I just read the 10 things about yourself. You are such a sweet heart. Thank you so much for always being so kind. I look forward to your visits everytime. Blessings, Martha

  2. Love the Sweet Sue and what a cheeky mouse!!

  3. That's too cute; I never realized there were so many cute transfers out there that I'd never seen!

  4. Very cute transfer. That would be me if I saw a mouse too!

  5. You have to be the world's best Sunbonnet Sue collector around.

  6. Very cute! I like your mouse story so much more than my bug story. ;) You have such a beautiful site!

  7. Hi CC! I just KNOW that if it were ME and that mouse, MY tray would be all over the place TOO!.. Poor Sue.. This may not be her day, but she's still cute as ever! ~tina


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