Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Awards

A complete surprise and honor came to me Thursday from a lovely blogger,Xmas Dolly.
She was awarded three sweet awards and she passed all three of them along to her friends. I am honored that she thinks of me as a blogging friend..and thought it was so sweet of her to think of me. I'll add them to my sidebar in the little slideshow. Finally figured out how to do the slideshow..but I,for some reason,can't get the captions showing who the awards were from...just can't get that to work for me. *sighs..I am not computer smart. Seems like I learn something new every day..and still I want to know more and more.
Below are the three awards...aren't they sweet. Two of them, the One Lovely Blogger,and the Humanity awards,I had already received from other sweet blogging friends..but the cute Sugar Doll is a new one... I want the ladies below to have all three awards if they don't already have them.

Also, I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself... I'm not sure I know 10 things about myself. Let's see...maybe that would 1 thing...#10..I really don't know myself

1. I'm a cancer survivor,and it's helped me to find an inner strength I never realized I had. I learned that each day is a gift,and sometimes a sunset..specially the beauty of a sunset,or a soft falling spring's like I just fill up with the wonders and beauty of our Maker..and I whisper Thank You..
2. I'm the mother of two sons..I have 4 grandchildren,1 daughter in love, and a former daughter in love that I'm still best friends with.
3. I'm a crafter,but I don't have much time now to play,but I so enjoy crocheting,a bit of knitting,embroidery,a bit of painting,applique work,trying my hand at quilting.
4. I love collecting vintage embroidered linens and pillowcases,vintage patterns..specially my favorite girl,Sunbonnet Sue and her little friends, vintage crochet, pretty handkerchiefs with embroidery,and crocheted or tatted edges, and embroidery and craft patterns.
5. I admit to being addicted to fabric.Turning me loose in a fabric store is the very best thing ever..I want a yard of everything..And all the trims and laces that match the fabric.
6. As a fabric addict,I admit to having 5 huge containers filled with beautiful fabrics.And trims to go with, and now that my husband is not well,and I work my store,there's little time to play and craft.. *sighs,but I will again soon.
7. I love my blogging visiting,meeting and making new friends. There are so many wonderful people blogging..,it's just lots of fun visiting.
8. I love gardening,though I'm only good with vegetables. I can't grow flowers,they just don't do well, but give me green beans,blackeyed peas..tomatoes and onions..I gown wonderful vegetable gardens. It's reached the time though,that I'm going to need raised's really hard for me to bend over as much as a veggie garden requires. But it's one of my favorite things to do..I just love playing in the dirt and watching things grow.

Now I'm supposed to present these awards to 10 lovely ladies.. Some are award and tag free, so I'll just send them along a hug.

I would like to pass all three of these awards on to the following.....
1. Susie of First Floor Flats...Susie is the sweetest,most generous and gracious lovely lady...Hugs from Texas sweet Susie..
2. Jeanne of Backyard Neighbor...There is no sweeter lady out there. Jeanne is so gracious and caring, she deserves 10 awards..
3. Alice of Singapore My Home... Alice and I,along with Do,have been friends for maybe 4 years. We share 2 blogs's such fun to be friends with these two ladies.We can chat for hours on messenger about our families and our love of crafting..whatever crosses our minds. She is such a sweet lady..She was my mentor when we first started blogging and was such a patient teacher, never faltering with her teachings,..she's an inspiration.
4. Tina of Beansie Babbles.. Tina is so sweet, just to know her through her blog..she just makes you smile with her sweet blog. The little friend that she crocheted,Little Suri the Mouse,sits as we speak on my desk..watching to make sure I do things right.
5. Dawn of Cand G Design.. another sweetie. She loves doll making,and Raggedy Ann and Andy,the way I love Sunbonnet Sue..
6. LaVoice of Thoughts From Meme's Corner,... a sweet,gracious lovely lady with so much class and grace. It's an honor and pleasure to know her.
7. Sherry of A Happy Valentine..another sweetie. She always leaves the nicest comments..and her pretty sweet blog makes me smile when I visit.
8. Dianne of The Thrifty Groove.... Diann is such a sweet lady. She visits and leaves the sweetest comments. I love to visit her and see what she's making or doing next.
9. Barbara of The Purple Goat Lady... this lady will keep you laughing with her sweet blog. The tale of Mr. Tom T. and the loss of his lady friend.. well, it was just so sad..but Barbara made it all ok for poor Mr.Tom T... go visit and read..
You will certainly leave smiling.
10. Anne of PhamilyBlog...Anne is another new friend and just as sweet and caring as can be. Anne shows her love for everyone..and it shows how much she cares for us all..
I hope you go visit these sweet blogs and meet these ladies,if you haven't already met them. You will be happy that you visited..


  1. CC you are too kind! I am going to work on figuring out those buttons! I lost the Pink Saturday button too! I am frustrated with our camera. It keeps blurring on me. Now I have shots stuck inside and can't release them! Argh...

    Thank you always for your kind words.

    Hugs from Colorado to Texas


  2. CC, thanks so much for stopping by. I was hoping to post today but it did not work out. When I visited I found a lot of like-interests. I have only one china tea set but a kazillion teapots ... a dear friend started a collection for me over 35 yrs ago. I love Sunbonnet Sue and Raggedy Ann.... used to make lots of both. I love vintage embroidery and linens and and and. It is such fun to visit. Wish we could have a cup of tea.

  3. Hi CC! Thank you so much for these awards! I'm so glad to have you for such a good friend and neighbor here in Blogland!.. But as for the captions, I'm having the same trouble, so perhaps the problem is with THEM on their end somewhere, and not US... Having caught up here, I LOVE the embroidery transfers you shared on Vintage Thursday!! I have GOT to check online, and just start ordering some embroidery floss, so I can start these projects! I have some, but I'm sure not enough. So MANY projects I want to do!! I'm really liking how my african violet motifs are coming together. I decided I really like them as a table runner! It will be nicest for Easter I think, but I may keep it on the table for at least a little while before I pack it away.. I might post it on Wednesday... We'll see.. Hope you enjoyed the weekend. It always goes by so fast, doesn't it?! ((hugs)) ~tina

  4. Hi Again, CC... If you want, you can put your award into your paintbrush program, then just add the text that you want into it, then save it. That's how I did it, as you can see if you want on my awards-slideshow. Hope that helps, if you want. ~tina

  5. CC, thank you so much for all these lovely awards. You praise me till my head swells so Thanks for the award and time for me to update the ten things about myself. :)

  6. CC, How thoughtful and heart-warming. Thank you so very much. Mr. Tom is doing great, he is courting all day and his ladies are always with him. I know he is happy.

    I will post these awards with pride and pass them on to 10 more deserving bloggers.

    Thanks again,

  7. CC,
    You are so sweet to pass these awards on, and especially to me, a new blogger. I have never been given a blog award before, so I don't really know what I should do. Could you teach me? (Do you still have my email address?)

    Love ya,
    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  8. CC - I'm thrilled you've thought of me - but 3 buttons! Goodness me, that's a lot in one go! Thank you so so much for thinking of me.

    RE your scrolling marquee, here's my tutorial which should help (and as I say in the tut, just copy my code and substitute your own where necessary - nothing wrong with cheating a little, lol).

    Hugs, Susie

  9. Hello CC, you are a dear to think of me for these lovely awards. I will accept them and be proud to have them. I will let you know when I post them. Thank you so much.

    Did you happen to see my Sunbonnet Sue on Pink Saturday. She is hand appliqued on my sampler quilt. Remember I told you I have a little something to share with you? I love that she is part of my quilt.

    I too love to garden and get my hands dirty. It is harder for me now, but I keep at it. I loved reading your meme. I hope your hubby will feel better soon. He will be added to my prayers.

    Thank you again for such kind words about me.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  10. CC thank you so much for thinking of me. You gave me the Humane award some time ago, and I also have the One Lovely Blog Award. I will show on the ones I have that you gave them to me as well. I do not have the Sugar Doll one, and will be honored to show on my sidebar. I am not sure if I qualify for a sugar doll but thanks just the same.

  11. Congrats on your blog! Being a cancer surviver is an amazing feat!

  12. How sweet that you were presented with this nice award. It is also nice to learn more about YOU!



  13. I always enjoy these posts when I get to know a little more about the person behind the blog!! Congratulations on surviving cancer. I liked your comment about seeing each day as a gift....a great way to live.

  14. CC, you just tickle me. I love your cute personality.
    I also loved reading the 10 things about you...a great way to get to know each other.
    My mother sewed everything...but i never really learned to do much with a sewing machine...:(
    xo bj


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