Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jiffy Mixes Recipes Booklet

This is just the best little recipe booklet..featuring one of our all time favorites..........Jiffy mixes.
Jiffy makes everything from cake mix,baking mix,muffin mix,frosting, pizza crust and pie crust mix..they make it all. I didn't realize the company made that many products..I knew cornbread,cake and frosting mixes..the others were new to me.
The recipe booklet was free,you only had to leave your name and address... and I can't remember where I found it. I do wish I could remember,for I know there are others that might like to have a copy. There are some wonderful sounding recipes here..everything from Bee Hives to Camper Twists, Canoes and Kamper Ropes.
Their website is :
Maybe the little booklet is available there... **I just checked their site and you can still order the little booklet there. All they need is name and address..


  1. I love making their cornbread. We like to fry it in a little garlic butter and have it with chili. Yum!


  2. I'm gonna go check their website. They are the best, I love their small cake mixes, just enough cake for two! And nobody makes pie crust mix like Jiffy! Thanks.

  3. You can find the info and link at this Blog:

  4. Hi CC! It's funny... I have these corn muffins in my oven RIGHT NOW! We'll be having them with our dinner, very soon now! There are some interesting recipes out there using even just specifically the corn mix. I've made a mexican casserole of some sort once for a ladies' pot luck dinner for the church!... Have a good night! ((hugs)) ~tina

  5. I use the cornbread mix where you just add water. For just me, I go the easy route.

  6. I got my free Jiffy Mixes Recipe booklet a few weeks ago and it's great ~ now I just need to find a grocery store that sells more of their mixes. The recipes are interesting, can't wait to try some out! :)

  7. JIffy is a real life saver! I always make sure I have pie mix and corn muffin mix on hand.

    For appies, I make the corn mix and add in bacon bits and seafood flakes.

    And if you have the pie crust mix, you've always got the option of quiche with leftovers when it seems there's nothing in the house for dinner.

    Jiffy rules!!!


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