Monday, November 23, 2009

Peanut Butter BonBons .... Tis the Season

Blend until smooth:

3 sticks butter
1 3/4 cups peanut butter..(crunchy)
Add and mix well:
2 boxes powdered sugar
3 Tablespoons vanilla

Form into balls and let set on waxed paper. In a double boiler, melt one (12 ounce)package chocolate chips and a 2 ounce bar of paraffin. With a toohpick or a slender skewer, dip the balls into the chocolate paraffin mixture. Return to wax paper a let set up... Yummmmmmmmmm


  1. Hi, CC,
    Mmmm...I have had these before and they are delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Thank you for sharing all of these fabulous recipes and thank you so much for stopping by for a visit at Bunny Cottage. I hope you and your family have the happiest of Thanksgiving. Blessings to you! Vicki

  2. CC, I'm gaining weight visiting you! Just kidding but you sure do have some yums for this season.'s good for you, right? That's my story!

  3. Mmm you are making me hungry!! Drooling here!

    CONGRATS I have pulled your name for a second drawing of pearl earrings! Your post really touched me and I am thrilled to meet a new friend on here!
    Email me at with your address and they are in the mail.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving and thank you for your beautiful comment!

    xo Molly

  4. You sure know how to make one like candy even if you did not want to. These sound really good.

  5. sherri@lavenderfieldsNovember 25, 2009 at 6:23 PM

    All of these recipes sound great! I guess it's time to start the Christmas baking pretty quick. It will be nice to add a few new recipes! Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take care Sherri : )

  6. A friend makes these for me every Christmas and I always wondered how she did it! Yum! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, CC!

  7. Aren't these so good and easy? Thanks for visiting my blog, and even if you are from TEXAS (!), you are welcome to come anytime. Happy Thanksgiving!


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