Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look,Look,Look What Came In The Mail Today !!!!

Here is the wonderful box that came today in the mail... I was so excited to see it, for I knew what it was. However, Suri the mouse and Oscar the pink flying pig didn't know. It was hard to calm them down for they were so excited and had little paws and hoofies everywhere trying to see. Well !!!!!!!!! Look what was inside.....
Maybe it was the New friends... Yayyyyyy !! It was new friends from far,far, far away and Suri and Oscar thought they heard noises, so they looked inside the box...and WOWEEEEEE !!!!!!
It was a new block with a most beautiful red haired girl's picture. And then, well then..there was squeals of delight as Andy popped up and said hello to his new friends...
And then, there was the beautiful Ann with her lovely red hair. They were all so happy to see and meet each other..and the talk was so fast and the new friends hugged each other, and vowed to be friends forever and forever. Suri and Oscar showed them around their new home..and then Ann and Andy chose their very own homes of honor. They all sit very closely together on CC's desk and all chatter away quite happily as CC types away.
Thank you to our sweet friend Dawn @ CandGdesigns, Ann and Andy have come to live with us. We promise to keep them safe and happy in their new home for forever and forever. Thank you Dawn..all the little ones send their love , a big hello from Texas and a big hug from each of them...


  1. Oh, I'm glad they arrive safely, I was worried about the shifting inside the box and hubs carrying them around in his truck with a promise to mail!
    I know they have come to live in a very nice home.

  2. You are one lucky person. All those gifts are very nice. Enjoy.

  3. You got a great one!! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. They are so cute and pretty. Glad that you have many companies now. :)


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