Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There's a Mouse In The House

What you will need:
pink felt for ears
Hershey's Kisses
wiggly eyes
small pieces of ribbon
double sided sticky tape
a small bit of red yarn or yarn "fuzz" for nose
small amount of glue

Cut out the tiny ears from pink felt...
Remove the little "tails" from the kisses
With the double stick tape, add the ears and join the two sides together..
add a pair of eyes with a dab of glue..even better are the self stick eyes, if you can find them
Either glue little tail or, or using a curly ribbon, slide the little tail under the foil
Now, add a bit of red yarn or yarn "fuzz" on as a nose..
Watch him hang about.. :).
He can either sit about or hang about..he can be hung from the tree by a ribbon or clear thread.


  1. CC, love this one, printing it out for my granddaughter to do! This is great, thanks!

  2. That little mouse it just too cute!! It would be a shame to eat him:)


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