Friday, November 20, 2009

Pinks,Pinks,Pinks,Cups and a Bowl

Hi everyone...It's that great day of the week..Pink Saturday. Do, a big thank you to
Beverly this is a great day for all us Pinkies. Scoot on over to check out all the pink pretties..

I love these little cups/mugs I found recently at a local thrift store. I love everything about them..

The have pink strawberries,oeaches and pears..with more strawberries...and a pretty pink trim around the bottom.
And, I love the shape of them. The little mugs were a mere 50 cents each and I got all four. They're a pattern called Sweet Country Harvest and they're by Avon..

This sweet little pink with white polka dots on a little stem...was bought at the same time. I loved it as well and paid the huge sum of $1.00 for it. On the bottom is the name J. Godinger & Co.
I have to go looking to see what I can find about this sweet little dish..

Happy Pinks Saturday everyone..have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Oh CC:
    Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. These are just beautiful finds. I love the pattern. So fanciful and free.

    The polka dots are playful. I just love them. This looks like a wonderful size mug.

    Thanks for sharing. Please pop over and say hi. I so love the company. Country hugs...Sherry

  2. CC, love your little stemmed goblet with the polka dots and the pretty mugs! Great finds there.

    Happy Pink Saturday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  3. They are so pretty and cute. Love the prints on them.

  4. I love your mugs and that sweet little poka-dot container is so lovely.
    Happy Pink Saturday and come over to visit me sometime.

  5. Charming pinkies. have a nice PS.

  6. Lovely Pinks ;-)
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. You did very well on your little thrift shopping spree. All your finds are really neat.

  8. I love the pinks you found to share with us today. Have a great Pink Saturday and enjoy the holiday ahead.

  9. Those are so cute, CC! I love the polka dots! Thank you for sharing and have yourself a wonderful Pink Saturday weekend.


  10. pretty, hope you have a wonderful weekend

  11. What a steal on those cups! You are always finding wonderful things!

  12. Hi CC my friend
    I was also thriting yesterday. Found some cute things also.
    My fav is the polka dot goblet. Ice cream would look good in these pretties.
    Happy PS CC
    Love Claudie

  13. You found some adorable pink treasures. Happy Pink Saturday, CC!

  14. Happy Pink Saturday sweetie Cute polkadots and mugs Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Grace

  15. Great finds! Happy Pink Saturday and Blessings for Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

  16. Love your dishes, so cute. I scrolled on down to see what you have been doing and MMMMMMMMM.
    Thanks for coming by to see my skates.


  17. I just love polka dots!!!! Great find! Happy Pink Saturday!


  18. Looks like you found a few good bargains there! Happy Pink Saturday! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Sherri : )

  19. Beautiful. Love the cup. Thanks for visiting me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Winona

  20. Wonderful finds! Love those mugs, very pretty.

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  21. What pretty cups you found at your thrift store. A sigh escaped my lips when I read they were Avon. I've got a thing for vintage Avon household pretties. Good job,CC! ♥

  22. Hi CC....A belated Happy Pink Saturday...I'm an absentee from Pinkness for several weeks and probably for at least one more. Loved seeing your cups and bowl. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my TurkeyStuffin...Sue


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