Monday, November 16, 2009

Chocolate Kiss Roses

You will need:
a bag of Hershey's Kisses
Red,Pink or Yellow plastic or cello wrap
double sided sticky tape
green tape(floral tape)
green pipe cleaners
green tissue paper

The little rose bud is made by using the sticky tape, and taping 2 kisses together, end to end.
Cut a 5" square of the colored plastic wrap, and drape it over the point of the top kiss..... gather the edges,twisting into a tail at the point of the bottom kiss.
Twist the top of a green pipe cleaner around the tail to form a stem.
Add leaves by twisting the pipe cleaner once around the center of a green strip of tissue.
Cut each end of the tissue paper strip so that the tissue paper resembles rose leaves.
Repeat all the above several times to make your bouquet of chocolate roses..
** Note:
Use different colored wraps for a bouquet of assorted roses..
And use the many different types of kisses for different colored wrappers.


  1. What a neat idea. You do so good on all the things you create. I am not very good at making things, so I will just enjoy seeing yours.

  2. CC, We are doing the mice for madames class maybe we will do the roses for her teachers. You have some cute ideas with kisses!

  3. CC,

    These sound precious. I made acorns from Hershey Kisses and vanilla wafers recently...wonder if there are any more great ideas out there for them besides eating the whole bag!!


  4. Hi Blondie..
    Yes,I have one more. I just have to get him made and a picture taken. it's a cutie..


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