Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet Blue Face and My Smallest Sewing Basket .... Blue Monday

It's that special time again.... Monday and a time for all out blues to show. It's been awhile since I participated and I've really missed it.. It's ever so much lets all scoot on over to our lovely hostess.....
and see all the sweet ladies participating this week.

This is my smallest sewing basket..and I use it to hold embroidery needles..and scissors. I never know what I might find in the grandaughter was the former owner of this, and she still likes to add or take away things. :). I hope you like little basket...Taylor and I do. :)

Baby Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam

Here we have baby Sue and Sam...I think these are just the sweetest little ones and I love Sam's little straw hat. This is not the quilt block I've started on, but it's a cutie. Click on the picture to enlarge for either a quilt block or maybe for embroidery. For a quilt seam allowence is given. So be give yourself plenty seam allowence when doing your cutting.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Create!! .... Don't Steal !!

Lara of Laras Welt has had a most unfortunate thing happen to her. A very dishonest person has taken some of her pictures and claimed them as their own. Upon investigating, it has been realized that it's happened to others..and it's just a shame that it's happened at all.
Everyone works so hard on their blogs..and I always hope that people will enjoy mine. It makes me quite happy to think that people come to see whats happening with me and to look over my blog. I know how much fun I have working on it...and how much fun it is to visit others to see what they're up to. I guess that's why I think it's so wrong to take someone eles's work or photos and claim them as your own. Maybe if we all join together, we can stop the unethical persons from doing it.
You can go to Lara at upload
to collect a button and to join in to try and stop this practice..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Superior Transfer Designs .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's that wonderful day of the week..Vintage Things Thursday....I so enjoy looking at everyone's beautiful vintage things..and I know you will as well. So scamper on over to Suzanne
and see what all the fun is about. Thanks Suzanne for hosting us..

My offering for this Thursday, are these vintage transfer patterns. They are from Superior Transfer Design...# 167. There is a small sticker on back that says: J.C.Penny Co. .... .10

I believe from the hairstyle on the picture, the pattern may be from the late 30's -early 40's, tho I'm not totally sure. The transfer designs can be used for most anything..embroidery or a combination of both embroidery and applique.

You can print off a copy of the design..then trace the design with Dritz Iron On Transfer Pencil and will make your own iron on transfer design. The Dritz pencil works great..I found mine at JoAnn's, where as we all know, everything wonderful can be found. :)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Farm Girl Sue and Spot

Here we find Sue, playing go fetch with her dog Spot. Spot is a very good doggie friend and so very smart. He knows lots of tricks the little ones have taught him..and he is a good friend to them all..and loves them very much.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunbonnet Sues and Pink Saturday

It's that Pink day again..Pink Saturday. Yayyyyyy!!!. I do love Pink Day, however, my pinks are getting slimmer. Somewhere I hafta find more pinks. Meanwhile, lets all hop on over Beverly
and see what all the pretty pinky participants are up to..:)

Here, we find the girls..Sunbonnet Sue and Molly posing for their covers of the quilt album books. The girls are doing a series of 4 Album books and are very proud of their accomplishments. So are their families, even to big sister Elizabeth. In honor of all the to do, the older girls are having a small party for the little girls and also posing for one of their patterns.

Here are two of the cookbooks the older girls are using for the party. Sue, and all the other little ones love the cookies and the other good things coming from these books..and want you to know, if you should see these should outta buy them, cause they're really good ones.And,the illustrations are very very good. And plus..there is teensy bits of pink on the covers..

And here is Sue's older sister..., She's shown in a pinkish orange and yellow..posing for this pattern and for Pink Saturday. She sure hopes you like it.., and hopes there is enough of the pink in the pinkish orange to make it work for Pink Saturday. If you decide to use it, it doesn't have seam allowences built sure and add seam allowence.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aprons. Now and Then .... Vintage Things Thursday

Yipee,....again it's my favorite day of the week..Vintage Things Thursday. I love seeing what Suzanne and the other participants are going to show. I love all things vintage and collect just about everything. Aprons and apron patterns are one of my favorites... Thanks for stopping by to see my offerings, now lets all scoot on over to Suzanne to see the rest..

Starting with the newest and cutest apron pattern.. I love this sweet little one..

Simplicity Apron Pattern # 7208.... copyright 1991.... never been used

Simplicity Apron Pattern # 9807 .... copyright 1990.. has never been used

McCalls Apron Pattern # 8231... copyright 1982.... never been used

Simplicity Apron Pattern # 5377....copyright 1972. Never been used

Simplicity Apron Pattern # 7411..copyright 1967..Pattern never used

Simplicity Apron Pattern # 3702 .... could not find a copyright date

Advance Apron Pattern # 7751... I wasn't able to find the copyright date. The pattern has been cut and used,but package contains all pieces.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Counted Cross Stitch Magnets / Ornaments .... Vintage Things Thursday

Jt's that wonderful time of week again..Vintage Things Thursday. So lets all scamper on over to Suzanne
at ColoradoLady
and see what all the participants are showing..
Look what I found in one of my larger boxes of vintage fabrics and trims. I found some of my cross stitch fabric, cross stitch materials..and some of my cross stitch. These are put into tiny frames and used as either Christmas ornaments..or note magnets. The tallest one is 2" high, and they are made on 22 count Hardanger and 14 count Aida cloth. I have 2 more that are unfinished, so I need to get that done..and to clean these. To do more..I will probably have to have a magnifier. I know these aren't "really back in the day", but they're about 15 years old. I hope that's vintage enough..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pink Saturday

Yet again, it's that lovely time of week..the pinkest of days..Pink Saturday.
To see all the lovely pink participants, scamper over to
It sure is lots of fun..join in.

Presenting 2 sets of salt and peppers that I wish I owned.(as if I needed to start another collection)However, for these 2 I would most definately start one. I really like the turkeys..but these kitties are just too cute.

I thought this was one of the prettier embroidered gingham aprons that I've seen..sure wish it was mine. My feeling is, I can never have too many aprons..and I actually have begun wearing some of them. The ones I really enjoy wearing are the vintage one,that are soft faded feedsack fabric..the kind my granny wore.

Guest towel patterns from 1981.. I love these as I do most applique, and can't wait to get started on this small sewing project.My grandaughters are waiting for me to design one for them. :). Life is not so simple with grandaughters..but they're so sweet and pretty and I love them so.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Block ....Butterfly Chicken Scratch Pattern .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's Vintage Thursday again..I always look forward to this day and the vintage goodies that everyone has. So with no more talking..:), let's all scamper over to Suzanne at
and see what everyone has..See you there.>
This is a bit different Sunbonnet Sue than what I usually show or make. I've always said, I've never met a Sunbonnet Sue I didn't like..... this is however, my least favorite of the patterns. I think I'm just partial to the baby Sues..the farm girls. Those are the ones I love with the gathered dresses, aprons and their big bonnets. Still..these are Sue's..and so I love them.

......and Part 2

A Butterfly Chicken Scratch Pattern...
I really like this one..