Saturday, March 28, 2009

Create!! .... Don't Steal !!

Lara of Laras Welt has had a most unfortunate thing happen to her. A very dishonest person has taken some of her pictures and claimed them as their own. Upon investigating, it has been realized that it's happened to others..and it's just a shame that it's happened at all.
Everyone works so hard on their blogs..and I always hope that people will enjoy mine. It makes me quite happy to think that people come to see whats happening with me and to look over my blog. I know how much fun I have working on it...and how much fun it is to visit others to see what they're up to. I guess that's why I think it's so wrong to take someone eles's work or photos and claim them as your own. Maybe if we all join together, we can stop the unethical persons from doing it.
You can go to Lara at upload
to collect a button and to join in to try and stop this practice..


  1. I am with you CC. I have already signed up with Lara's fight against theft of photos from bloggerland. Have a nice weekend, CC.

  2. That is so wrong and how sad that people will do that.

    Thanks for visting my blog, CC. I'm glad I make you laugh. That's my goal sometimes but I never know if the humor (or sarcasm) comes across. It's nice to hear somebody gets me. :)

  3. Hi CC!
    Your comments about Lara made me realise that I have never stopped by to say Hi! to you or to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I haven't missed an entry for months - can't even remember how I found you at this stage! It is lovely of you to support Lara and take part in fostering a respectful spirit. And in that spirit - Hi! and - Thanks for a lovely blog! and - Love your Sunbonnet Sues!
    And - Come on over to my place where I have some Downloadable Freebies to share. I like to give something back to all those who share so kindly.

    Juno's Place



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