Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Farm Girl Sue and Spot

Here we find Sue, playing go fetch with her dog Spot. Spot is a very good doggie friend and so very smart. He knows lots of tricks the little ones have taught him..and he is a good friend to them all..and loves them very much.


  1. So cute!!!
    Have a blessed day and happy belated pink Saturday!
    Just back from our anniversary getaway. thank you for kind comment on my blog ;-)

    Take Care,

  2. I like those. My grandma had some of those I remember.

  3. Hello CC,
    sorry I am using this comment space to contact you but there was nothing I could click under the "contact me" title in the box.
    First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful comment you left about my blog. You made my day. And I would like to use a phrase of that comment to include in my testimonials sidebar... hope you don't mind.
    I like those fruits transfer designs, I also have some, I should dig them up...Isn't vintage stuff the greatest??? and isn't internet so magical that allow us to view each other favorites??? I love it!!!

    Thanks again.


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