Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Farm Girl Sue for Embroidery or Applique

Again, we have our favorite little one, sweet little farm girl, Sunbonnet Sue. She is always such a delight to me, no matter the field..whether it be a pillowslip, a dish towel..a potholder..maybe on a quilt, done in applique or maybe worked into a block the foundation method.
I would love doing a little quilt with Sue and alternating blocks of either a log cabin or rail fence. I also love the Dresden Plate and the ever so gorgeous fan quilts. My little dream quilt would be done in the softest shades and patterns in pinks, cremes and sage greens... and of course,it would have lace and ribbons and bows. Now I just have to stop dreaming and get started on one.
This little pattern can either be enlarged and used for applique..or printed off, and with the aid of a red transfer pen....drawn off and ironed onto an embroidery project. As the weather starts to turn cooler, I am gathering all my embroidery supplies and pretty threads, projects with the pattern ironed on....getting them all in order for cooler rainy,dreary days. I love to embroidery I will be all set.
I hope you like the little pattern and can use it...


  1. CC, I know what you mean by the dream quilt. Sunbonnet Sue is priceless, she would be perfect with the dresden or fan.
    She also would look fantastic in redwork, another form of embroidery that is timeless and, particularity, a favorite of mine. Thanks for the pattern!

  2. Such a sweet pattern with Sue and her kitty. I enjoy your blog so much and I've chosen it for an award. Stop by CollectInTexas Gal and pick up the award when you can, and I'll see ya for Pink Saturday....Sue

  3. Hi CC! I LOVE this, especially with the little kitty by her side, looking up!.. Very sweet! Thank you for sharing this! ~tina

  4. I love this little girl and if I had even one ounce of sewing talent, I would make a quilt with her and some of her little famous friends. I love the Sunbonnet Sue quilts. NOW....I would do her in black and white with just small touches of reds and yellows. Ummmm..

  5. Hi BJ,
    What a wonderful idea for a quilt. It would be gorgeous in those colors..


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