Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunbonnet Sue Goes to The Quilt Show

Sunbonnet Sue...Goes to the Quilt Show
Story and Drawings by Jean Ray Laury
Quilt Digest Press
San Francisco,CA.
Coptright 1985, and 1989
Review:.* * * * *
I love this little book..not only because I love Sunbonnet Sue..but also because quilts are amoung my favorite's simply a sweet book..

Saturday, August 30, 2008

1930's Pet Milk Plain Cake

2 cups pastry flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
2 eggs, seperated
3/4 cups Pet Milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Sift flour once, measure, add baking powder and sift together 3 times. Cream shortening thoroly, add sugar gradually, and cream together until light and fluffy. Add egg yplks, well beaten, then flour alternately with milk, a small amount at a time. Beat with each addition till smooth. Add vanilla, fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Bake in 2 greased 9 inch layer pans in moderate oven (375) for 20 minutes.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


A Time....
for quiet,......for rest,........for dreaming,......for gentle thoughts and prayers..

Pet Milk Recipe Book

Pet Milk Recipes
Pet Milk Company, Arcade Building
St. Louis, Missouri
Willett Lithographing Co.
N0. 2370 printed in U.S.A.
Copyright 1930
Review ******
This little 80 page recipe book if filled with mouth watering recipes...I know I can't make them all..but I can surely begin...
if perchance, you happen across this little book...get it for your collection
A few of the "pretties" inside

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chicken Scratch Duck In A Hoop

I'm not sure of the age of this little Duck kit....When I saw him in a thrift shop for 25 cents..still in package and all parts there..I just had to have him. Now if I can only find the time to begin the stitching... : )....I still have one more Sunbonnet Sue pillowcase to do..maybe then, the ducky...

Tiny Red Flowers

Sweet Little Flowers

Sweet little red flowers

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tiny Hummingbird and His Lunch Tray

Thanks to my son for getting this picture of one of my favorite little creatures..the hummingbird. I have often wondered how and why these tiny birds seemingly never run out of energy. The little wings fluttering so fast.....they simply amaze me...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Needlecases and Pincushions

These little pincushions and needle case were found at the bottom of a box of vintage fabrics...It was the fabric I was interested in..I love the old calicos, velvets..and if very lucky, some feed or flour sack fabrics..whether large pieces or small. I can always find a way to put them to use...

at the bottom...was the pincushions, needlecases...and several pieces of stitching on plastic canvas....and a few buttons...
This is a blue crocheted pincushion..a very simple 3 round with edging; make a second piece to match the front piece..begin to sew together, stuffing as you all together..and then ass lace all around. It actually makes a cute pincushion with the rose and lace trim....

Pink pincushion..done in same manner as blue above...with a flutterbi added to sweet top..I really like these simple "pinnies"

A 2 round piece...then with double crochet and spacing left between to run ribbon through.
Make 2 pieces...add the little crocheted border..the ribbon lacing through both...with light stuffing for a pincushion...or left open for a needlecase...

Overall Sam needlecase.... a very simple basic Sam pattern...cut out 4 Sams..joining 2 each together...either sewing the Sams together like this..or blanket stitching the Sams together....
join at top..leave bottom open as the needlecase... tho I can't see this one as being really safe to hold needles..

Sunbonnet Sue in blue....again..a very simple pattern and on picture to enlarge..and you can see how simple this is... don't forget to add some lace to your needlecase..don't forget how much Sue likes to look pretty

Sunbonnet Sue in yellow.....

Blue crocheted chubby, very well stuffed pincushion...with crocheted rose. I will hafta look through and find a rose pattern to post for those who may not have a pattern...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Embroidery on Gingham

Issued by the Educational Bureau of Coats & Clark Inc,
Coats & Clark "O.N.T." Threads
Red Heart Yarns
Milwards Needles
Copyright 1960 Coats & Clark Inc.


is made in 2 parts....the first stitch slants upward from left to right, as shown, (the position of the needle depends on spacing).... the second stitch, crossing the first, is made from right to left, as shown. Be sure to have all the first stitches slant in the same direction throughout the design. When possible, make a row of first stitches and the cross them.


may be worked in zig zag rows as may also be worked as a running stitch, straight as shown, or in a diagonal direction.




A whole area may be lightened by crossing all the dark checks with white floss, while another area may be darened by by crossing all the white checks with dark floss..( a shade darker than the darkest gingham color).....

Baby Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Blocks

As you can see with these enlarged photos of the quilt blocks... Sue has been done as I've never seen her... as a sweet little bitty bitty girl, full of adventure, fun and sweetness and giggles... can you be still,??? look at these photos ??? can you picture her playing with Hannah, with May, and Molly ??? can you hear them giggle ?? are they jumping rope ?? playing hopscotch ?? are they playing red rover, red rover, can you come over ????
As you can see...I believe there is some Sue in most of us's why we like to cut out felt and fabric to craft and's why we have paints and glue and paper and ..and...and...
Thank you Dose..for bringing our girl to life as you have done...I know you love her like I do.. it's why she's done so beautifully......

To markrt, to market
to buy a fat pig ?????
more likely goodies for mother to make pie

our lovely little Sue...dressed so sweet for the tea party

to the dance... swing your partners ???? a lovely waltz ???????
will her dance card be filled ?? Andy ?? Bill ???

Sue petting goosey...
goosey, goosey gander...
where do you wander ????

Friday, August 15, 2008

Flannel "Granny" Gowns and Shorty PJ's

A 1973 McCall's pattern...No. 3880...originally selling for $1.00.
It's a size large..and would be so cute in soft flannel..and the shorty pj's being done in a summerweight fabric...
This pattern has been used..but is in wonderful condition...
Note*..I remember well slumber parties and shorty pj's..and also remember, when I grew up and visited mama or granny..I would always borrow one of their long granny flannel nightgowns to snuggle in. I still have 2 of mama's put safely away.. One is a gown I bought her many,many years ago....granny flannel growns are what she always requested for her birthdays..

Flannel Gowns and Housecoats

A 1976 McCall's pattern No. 6295, and originally sold for $2.00.
This being a really cute pattern for "granny" gowns of soft snuggly flannel..a shorter version in batiste would be so sweet,,,pattern has never been cut or used...

Vintage Crocheter Christmas Ornaments

Simplicity No. 6614
Crheted Christmas Ornaments
Offered for sale in 1984..originally sold for $4.50
This has the most wonderfully prepared instructions..and looks to be in brand new condition.

Pillow Pattern..and Pajama Bag Pattern

Simplicity Pillow and Pajama Bag Pattern
No. 7369..offered for sale..1967
Pattern is in great condition with the pieces never being cut or used..still original fold... It will be difficult for me to leave this pne alone..I love the piggy and the ladybug..
Orininally sold for 50 cents..

Simplicity Bazaar Patterns

A 1990 series of bazaar and craft patterns..these are really cute ideas...There is a shelf cat and a shelf goose..a hanging cat...a cat or bear door knob cover..a bear tissue box holder...and finally, a styrofoam lamb...

Simplicity Decorator Pillow Pattern

Simplicity Decorator Pattern
No. 6483
a 1974 Pattern ...originally sold for $1.25
This is a pattern filled with wonderful throw pillows of various sizes and shapes. I like this pattern a great deal and will probably try making a few pillows with it....

McCall's Home Decorating Pattern

McCalls No. 3218 Home Decorating Pattern

A 2001 McCall's Home Decorating Pattern...made with pillow puffs, this one will definately get used. Maybe nothing so ambitious as a large quilt..maybe a small comforter type...

Sewn Doll House Furniture pattern

1979 McCall's Pattern
No. 6889
A 1979 pattern...filled with doll house furniture and accessories....this is truly a wonderful pattern...and has never been used..... With help of husband, I hope to remedy that soon...I really like this little furniture..

Album Cover Pattern

This is not vintage pattern as was made in 1998...

An assortment of album cover patterns....I especially like the jeans pocket one...

Avon Christmas Ornaments Pattern

This pattern has no date I can find..however, I think it's from the early eighties..
It's never been opened..maybe this year I can get an early start on my ornaments..

10 Kitchen Items Pattern

A 1981 Simplicity pattern....
with goodies to complete your kitchen

check out this back of package..everyone needs one of these chickens

1944 Bib-Wrap Around Apron Patterns

This is a 1944 McCall's pattern..for bib - type wrap_around type aprons. Don't you all just love these patterns... The apple iron on transfer is in unused condition.. it appears that one
pattern had started to be cut out.. but the rest of pattern pieces are untouched.

Bib and Half Aprons

A really sweet 1981 bib and half apron...this one I may actually use for a pattern...hhmmmm, these are really cute...

Cobblers,Bib and Half Apron Patterns

Simplicity Pattern No. 4492, with the size being small. ...original price being 39 cents. The rose iron on is still in package..and tho pattern envelope seems to have had some rough treatment.. only one pattern has been cut out..the others are in original condition...
I think they look like those from the 50's and 60's...
Doncha just love all those pockets.... hmmmmm for extra tiny embroudery scissors, thimbles,
a lovely enbroidered "everyday" hankie...???
And as an added bonus..there is also a potholder pattern..complete with it's own rose motif...