Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Blocks

As you can see with these enlarged photos of the quilt blocks... Sue has been done as I've never seen her... as a sweet little bitty bitty girl, full of adventure, fun and sweetness and giggles... can you be still,??? look at these photos ??? can you picture her playing with Hannah, with May, and Molly ??? can you hear them giggle ?? are they jumping rope ?? playing hopscotch ?? are they playing red rover, red rover, can you come over ????
As you can see...I believe there is some Sue in most of us's why we like to cut out felt and fabric to craft and's why we have paints and glue and paper and ..and...and...
Thank you Dose..for bringing our girl to life as you have done...I know you love her like I do.. it's why she's done so beautifully......

To markrt, to market
to buy a fat pig ?????
more likely goodies for mother to make pie

our lovely little Sue...dressed so sweet for the tea party

to the dance... swing your partners ???? a lovely waltz ???????
will her dance card be filled ?? Andy ?? Bill ???

Sue petting goosey...
goosey, goosey gander...
where do you wander ????


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