Sunday, August 17, 2008

Embroidery on Gingham

Issued by the Educational Bureau of Coats & Clark Inc,
Coats & Clark "O.N.T." Threads
Red Heart Yarns
Milwards Needles
Copyright 1960 Coats & Clark Inc.


is made in 2 parts....the first stitch slants upward from left to right, as shown, (the position of the needle depends on spacing).... the second stitch, crossing the first, is made from right to left, as shown. Be sure to have all the first stitches slant in the same direction throughout the design. When possible, make a row of first stitches and the cross them.


may be worked in zig zag rows as may also be worked as a running stitch, straight as shown, or in a diagonal direction.




A whole area may be lightened by crossing all the dark checks with white floss, while another area may be darened by by crossing all the white checks with dark floss..( a shade darker than the darkest gingham color).....


  1. MMMMmm. The gingham embroidery designs make my mouth water. I have been looking for patterns. I just finished my first gingham apron with a heart embroidered on the bib. I want to do more! I also enjoy Swedish weaving a.k.a. Huck embroidery.

  2. I tried chicken scratch or gingham embroidery recently for an apron. I have been on the lookout for patterns, but I have found just a heart and star. Yours look very interesting!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Thanks Lorilee for your comments.. I also love what I call gingham stitch/chicken scratch..and hope to have more patterns posted soon..

  5. Hi Patty..
    You're most welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.. I wish I could get this Embroidery on Gingham just a bit larger and more readable.. I'm working on it..

  6. Lorilee, ..Thanks for visiting my blog..I love aprons of all sorts and would love to see your heart apron..

  7. CC,
    I hope to get photos taken of my apron soon. I am back at work preparing for a new school year, and it has been rainy here. I want to send it in to the "Tie One On" Gingham Love challenge. Hopefully, I will get to it this weekend!


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