Friday, August 15, 2008

Flannel "Granny" Gowns and Shorty PJ's

A 1973 McCall's pattern...No. 3880...originally selling for $1.00.
It's a size large..and would be so cute in soft flannel..and the shorty pj's being done in a summerweight fabric...
This pattern has been used..but is in wonderful condition...
Note*..I remember well slumber parties and shorty pj's..and also remember, when I grew up and visited mama or granny..I would always borrow one of their long granny flannel nightgowns to snuggle in. I still have 2 of mama's put safely away.. One is a gown I bought her many,many years ago....granny flannel growns are what she always requested for her birthdays..


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