Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage Embroidery Patterns .... Vintage Things Thursday

Hello to's my favorite day I enjoy this day,and thanks to Suzanne,our lovely gets better with passing time. This week she's posting about 1913 Cripple Creek,Colorado Graduating Class. Their photo album, invitations,dance programs,etc. Suzanne doesn't know it, but that's my favorite part of Colorado,though I've not seen any part I didn't love.
Come join the fun and see all the vintage things that everyone will show and tell.
Click on ColoradoLady to see all the lovely participants. Don't be late..the party is starting now...
The first set of patterns is an early McCalls Embroidery Transfer Kaumagraph #1534 and little pattern sold for 25 cents. It's apparently for babies clothing or little bibs,because the transfers are so small.
What can I say about mama chicken and her baby?? Love her apron with the hankie neatly folded in her pocket.
Next we have little Raggedy Ann..all ready to be embroidered or painted...I keep telling myself that I will get around to painting and woodburning some again. I used to love burning cutting boards,pizza peels (sp?), wooden spoons and utensils..anything I could get a pattern onto. Since my husband has been sick, it seems that with work and helping him,there's little time for anything else. But,I will get to it and my other crafting..I really miss it. Somehow..being surrounded with my paints,sewing supplies,laces, craft things I can't live without, it's somehow very soothing and comforting. Crafting takes away the everyday problems and I can just lose myself there. Hope you can find some use for these little patterns. I do love embroidering.. again,where does the time go?? Someday...back to normal and crafting.
 Have a most lovely and blessed day.. Happy,happy spring flowers to everyone..


  1. CC, I am sorry to hear that your husband is ill. Working with a needle and thread like in embroidery is a stress release for me. I pray he is well soon.
    I love Raggedy Ann. I just purchased a vintage doll pattern.

  2. You do so good in finding these vintage patterns of your Sunbonnet Sue. I always enjoy your blog.

  3. Oh my. This post brings back memories of my favorite dolls...raggedy Ann and Andy! I loved the button eyes off of those dolls that my grandmother made me when I was five.

  4. What wonderful finds! Love the Raggedy Ann. Hope your husband recovers soon,

  5. Those are cute transfers. My favorites are the kitties.

  6. Hope you hubby gets well quickly & nothing serious.

    Love the little patterns, Mother had them ... moments to remember.

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  7. How very sweet these transfers are.

  8. I always enjoy seeing the vintage transfers that you share with us. The Raggedy Ann is too cute!
    I was sorry to read that your husband is sick. It's hard to get to the crafting when other things need your attention but I do hope you get some time for yourself (I can relate to this, my husband has ALS).
    Take care,

  9. Love the Raggedy Ann!! That is so cute! have a great collection of vintage patterns, I love seeing them! Have a great VTT!

  10. A wonderful collection of old them all! Happy Vintage Thursday!

  11. I just love these old patterns. Hope your hubby is better soon.


  12. How very sweet! I like woodburning too - I just tried it out and it's fun.

  13. Hey Girlfriend, So when are we going to do that commercial about Oil of Olay - lol So, sorry to hear about the hubby. Sometimes they can be worse then children when their sick. So the more you baby him the quicker he'll get better right? Hmmm, so when are you going to teach me all this neat stuff. I've got to make time to come back here & browse! Hey stop over by me, I got something for ya! WOO HOO - Have a great day! Dang, McCalls I haven't heard that name in years.

  14. Hello friend. Sorry to hear your husband is sick;hope it's not too serious. Mother has some of these transfers also. I agree with you about crafting relieving stress. When I am crocheting, the world just fades away!

  15. Hi CC - I'm sorry to hear your Other Half has been ill, I hope he's on the mend now!

    I love these vintage patterns - I used to embroider back in The Day and rather wish I had the time now. My embroidery seems to have found its outlet in bookbinding!

    Hugs, Susie

  16. Those are so cute! I love the kitties! Be well and happy VTT!

  17. May the Lord bless your husband with good health! I love the little hen, thanks for sharing. I've got to get my post up! Went to the Raleigh flea market Saturday and found something we both love!! I'm just being a tease, aren't I?? LOL

  18. Good morning. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and staying to be a follower. So Nice to meet you. It has been so amazing to meet all these great folks with shared interests. It really makes my day start off so nicely, when I check my blog and comments and then go visiting everyone else. It is my little mini-mini vacation each day. By the way, I have seen so many participants in Vintage Thingie Thursday that I am trying it out next week as well. Thanks.

  19. What sweet vintage patterns.
    I love the rooster and ann.

  20. Dear CC, I am so pleased to hear from you today. I love the vntage patterns. I have some day of the week dish towels I am trying to finish embroidering. I am so slow. sigh.

    I have missed you because my visiting has suffered so badly. A very busy month and it doens't seem to end. That's my life and I love it. I will fit my visiting in when I can. I do care about my blogging friends so much.

    I didn't know your hubby has been ill. He is in my prayers right now.
    I pray he will have his health improve asap.

    I am sharing my finished quilt on Pink Saturday. Not the one I am working on now. I finished the top of this many years ago. It only needs a binding and it turned out so pretty. It has a Sun Bonnet Sue on it. It is an old fashioned sampler quilt.

    Wishing you a lovely day.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  21. Wonderful embroideries (once again! :)

    I love the McCall's package with some of the embroideries actually done in needle and thread! Cute, cute designs!

    Hope DH feels better soon.

  22. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my blog! I love all of your patterns, they are all so cute! I hope you husband gets well soon. Take Care!

  23. sorry to hear about your hubby not feeling well. Hope he recovers in record time.

    I love these olden patterns...reminds me of my mother. She was so crafty and could do anything she wanted to do. I, on the other hand, couldn't sew my way out of a paper bag. So, I LOVE ETSY shops!! :)

  24. I love her! She is soooo sweet, I'm printing her off now, maybe for my next project.
    Hope your husband feels better.

  25. Sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he recovers soon so you can get back to your crafting. I went thru that with my husband.
    Love seeing the patterens, they bring back so many memories.

  26. I also enjoy woodburning. Did it way back when and need to pull it out again and have some fun. Hope your husband gets better soon.

  27. Oh I love them!!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  28. Hi CC, Thank you for your visit. I hope your husband fells better soon. Julian

  29. Such quaint designs I remember them!

  30. Hello CC...thank you for inviting me to your blog here, and thank you for coming to my blog and following! I knew I'd love this blog when I saw SunBonnet all time favorite. I've made many applique of her, and was looking over all my patterns of her and wanting to do some embroidery of her. My Book I use is The Sunbonnet Family of Quilt Patterns by Dolores A. Hinson.

    THEN, your first two patterns were the adorable HEN, oh my! and a Raggedy doll which I've made dozens of them! So I can tell we will be good friends!!!

    I will add your husband to my prayer list.

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  32. The little animals in the first photo are so adorable!!!


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